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Copyrights and Why Scientology Hates Arnaldo Lerma

Harry S. Truman (GIVE 'EM HELL, HARRY) U. S. President

[webmaster's note 2/25/2002. This is an old, but popular page. Most of the content of this page has been included in the FAQ section]

A frequent Question on the website is:

I've seen some pretty hateful claims and comments by Scientologists about you. Damn, man, what did you do to piss those poor people off?

I gave this follow-up answer on 5/4/2000:

I am an ex member now considered an 'enemy' of scientology because my activities and statements interfere with the continued extraction of money from the targets of this scam.

The Scientology program is optimized to extract money. One of the scientology program's subroutines tells the adherents to demonize their enemies, this is a pattern of conduct for fanatic extremist groups.

Hubbard, the author of the mind Control program called Scientology, says  "who would attack the most ethical group on the planet?""only criminals attack us"

I had been posting court records to the net including the Criminal Indictment in Spain {inducement to Suicide, Simulation of a Felony, etc)
[ look for Spain ]

Also see Richard Leiby's article in the Washington post that ran on Christmas day 1994

If that were not enough, in August 1995
I posted their previously secret story of XENU and the infestations of body thetans.

They did not like that.

The Fishman document that I posted circled the world many times and is still available on the net.

for another Washington Post article describing the raid on my home one Saturday morning [link to CNN newspiece from 1995 ]which was conducted by Warren McShane, Helena Kobrin, and other SCIENTOLOGISTS.

In mid 70's a fellow named Louie Pagliaro threatened to take OTIII to the media, he was a card dealer in Las Vegas. Soon after he was found in his apartment in a garbage bag "Chopped up in little pieces".

All I got was SUED, they spent 1.7 million suing me... then having lost their TRADE SECRET CLAIMS { A 'church with TRADE Secrets? ) they won a few minor counts for stuff that I had downloaded from the newsgroup, alt.religion.scientology, this was after running us out of money to litigate.

However, we won most of the case, their own filings claim they spent 1.7 million, yet they only tried to recover 500,000 they spent on the copyright part.. that they got a summary judgement on. So right here it could be accurately stated that we won 12/17th's of the case. That is MOST of the case, based on their own filings. They even had to pay the Washington Post's legal fees. Judge Brinkema, in response to their lengthy motions for $500,000 in litigation over the copyright part awarded them ZERO. Zilch.
I had to pay some court "costs' for transcripts etc. Insurance covered those.

In fact I was not required to pay a dime nor was I found guilty of copyright infringement FOR THE ACTUAL POSTING OF SECRET STORY OF XENU AND THE OT Levels to the NET!

So who WON the case? I did! I was the one driving around in a billboard truck with quotes from judge Brinkema's decision. They even tried to get the final opinion sealed!

Then, on Millennium Eve... I busted them for lying to journalists... that article went around the world.

They did not like that.

Scientology LIES

The poor Scientologists assigned to handle me and vilifying me are just running Hubbard's program...

I used to run it, and studied it for years, and have taken it apart at: and
And see my most recent missive, The Scientology Matrix

I also try to motivate others to join in the effort to expose their true nature.

They don't like that.

I have also exited a number of true believers in scientology, and not only made them ex-members, but turned them into warriors against Scientology .

They don't like that.

For all the above it is Scientology's intent to "if possible, destroy him utterly" they call this "FAIR GAME"

Having failed at litigating me to death, they have sent a number of fabricated reports to government authorities. In August 1999 two members of the FBI anti terrorist taskforce showed up at my home. They left with a complete understanding of the Scientology problem and later one said on phone "we think the anonymous report came from the church"

They have printed in leaflets or on the internet that I am a "copyright terrorist, religious bigot, neo-nazi, militia member, hate-mongering, dead-beat-dad, anti-Semite, etc."All of these things are just AS TRUE as their promise of having the one and only "Bridge to Total Freedom."

A fantasy of fabrication, showmanship and information warfare.. only the war is upon and for your mind.

They also have continuously attempted to interfere with my business, they have covertly spent a lot of money doing this.

Send me a check, say, for $1000 and say that you did so in a public forum, and you will be contacted by their dirty tricksters as Mr. Robert Minton has, have your children followed by Scientology Private Investigators to school, a dead cat left on your doorstep, and get set up for bogus criminal charges [ dismissed ], but still trying.

But if it wasn't for folks out there who understand what it is like taking these nutballs on, who helped financially in the past and present, Scientology would have silenced me.

They don't like that either

And that is what it is all about.



I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak

Arnaldo Lerma
POB 11
Sylvania GA, 30467

Tel: Use Email to get telephone #

Email Arnie Lerma ( I like to hear from you, please let me know if I can web or post your comments after 'anonymizing' the message,
also I appreciate knowing about broken links)

PS: Pardon the apparent disorganization of my website, it looks much like my desk

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This is the sort of war Scientology is waging: from the connecting the dots department....

My single biggest client used to be a music store on Wilson Blvd, ALL-STAR Music
He used to send me $400 a week of repair work which I would do in a day perhaps two per week Then he got an offer to buy his store, he just said 'they were 'two guys from Florida.' and it was a great offer that he could not refuse, so he sold them his business However, what is very odd, is that the shop closed up for a long time, then reopened months later as an ice-cream shop? I found him sometime later managing an Egghead. As if he signed an agreement not to reenter the music business. and he *still* wont talk about it the deal...

"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground." - David Icke

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