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Tommy Gorman Statement:

I finally woke up when my good girl friend Jennifer was raped by the number one top supervisor Golden Age of Tech, 11 year staff member, Gabriel Williams, at a Class V org from Mountain View California. I was on staff in HCO at the class V org in Mountain View California.

In July 2000 I joined staff , and about 4 months later in November 2000 I resigned from my post (job) but was not at all out of Scientology.

At that point I left staff. I was happy because I was not stuck going to the org on a train at 7am and coming home on a train at 7pm. I talked to staff at the Mountain View org who were there for a long time, like 20 years or more and the newer ones and any other ones. I wanted to see how happy they were, how they lived, how they acted, if they had any family, if they had a life other than working for Scientology, and if they had any money.

After I found those answers, I decided to leave staff. I did not want to end up like them.

I knew my Scientology Policy, and I did not finish my Staff status 0, 1, and II in the required amount of time, on purpose, so per the policies I would not be qualified and therefore they could not say I was “blowing” (leaving staff.) I resigned just to make sure I was not labeled a “blow” and an evil person – an “SP”. The new policy volumes do not have the Policy for resigning staff… little David Miscavige the asthmatic dwarf took that policy out of the Green volumes, but luckily for me my father had the old HCOPL from the 70’s and I used that as my loophole to leave.

There is a lot more to this but I don’t want to go on for too long about this part.

It was around 2001, beginning in May when I decided to go see my friend Jennifer Stewart, because she was still on staff at the Mountain View Org. My mother asked “Tommy, have you talked to your friend Jennifer lately?” I said “No”. I thought about it and thought, hey I should call her. I called her home and her mother picked up the telephone and I asked if Jennifer was there. She said no, she is at Gabriel Williams’ home. Jennifer’s mother told me she would call Jennifer and tell her to call me.

Later that day I got a call from Jennifer. I was happy to be on the phone with my bud. I said, hey, can you come over tomorrow? And she said, I have to ask Gabriel, (who was also her boss at Mountain View Org). I said, no, you need to ask your mom and dad, NOT Gabriel.

Jennifer said, NO, I have to ask Gabriel. So I said fine, ask him NOW. I heard Gabriel say “uhmm”, so I started to talk very loud and said, “Let Jennifer come over Gabriel.” Then Jennifer said, “Wow, Gabriel said I can come over!”

The next day I picked up Jennifer at BART ( Bay Area Rapid Transit ) at 4pm. Jennifer looked a lot heavier, and not the same happy girl I knew. She was wearing a turtleneck. The day was kind of warm and I was confused because Jennifer had told me many times before she does not wear turtlenecks, because she hates them.

I gave Jennifer a hug and she jumped back, and I felt confused.. We then talked for hours in my car. I was joking with her about something and tapped her leg and she again recoiled from a touch.

At one point I started to talk about Gabriel a lot, and then Jennifer threw up. I continued to discuss Gabriel because I knew something was very wrong.

Whenever Gabriel’s name came up she was say everything was fine, everything was great, over and over again. I thought this was very weird. It was as if she were in a trance.

I finally started yelling at her, to tell me what was going on, and I asked her if anyone had hurt her.

Then she started to cry, very hard, for a very long time, and kept talking but I could not understand what she was saying. I asked her what happened, but she said, that she could not tell me.

I asked if she was wearing her turtleneck because she was trying to hide something. I finally got her to let me look under the neck area of the turtleneck. Jennifer had some mark on her neck. When I looked at it closely later on, I saw that she had a right hand mark on her neck when I was looking at her on my left side. She had a thumbprint on her neck on my right side and a couple of finger marks.

I asked Jennifer if I could see her arm, and then saw a mark on her arm, she told me she also had a mark on her leg. Jennifer said, “No one will believe me, and Gabriel will kill me and my whole family.”

I spent the rest of that night trying to comfort Jennifer. I asked whether Gabriel did this, she said “yes.” She finally admitted that Gabriel had raped her. It was clear to me that Gabriel had threatened Jennifer’s life and had raped her and choked her.

Gabriel was a Scientology staff member at the org in Mountain View, and because of "high production" as reflected by his "statistics," meant that he made Scientology a lot of money. Because of this he was considered by Scientology policy, written by L Ron Hubbard, to be "above the law." This policy is called the “Kha Khan” Policy.

I knew the policy. And I knew that it would be a problem to report this to Scientology because they would protect him, because of his worth to Scientology, and that is exactly what they did.

L Ron Hubbard’s policy states that SP’s (enemies of Scientology) always spread false and alarming rumors about upstats, (high income producers). Hubbard directs staff to investigate any individual who reports or tells, on an “upstat”.

L Ron Hubbard did not care what his staff members did as long as they were “upstats” (helped make money) for Scientology and implies that staff can get away with murder in a blink of the eye, and not to bother him with details. (See the “Simon Bolivar Policy” – “Leadership” by L Ron Hubbard)

I told my father about this that night, more about this later.

I also knew, that per L Ron Hubbard’s policy directives, that the ‘criminal mind’ accuses others of what he himself is doing. Per Hubbard’s policy, criminals who have crimes will attack anyone who tries to expose them. Hubbard tells Scientology staff that the materials on the web discrediting scientology are produced by criminals. “Only criminals attack us,” said Hubbard.

The next Morning

I called Jennifer’s father Mike who is also a Scientologist. I told him that he had to come over to my house right away because I had something very important to tell him and it needed to be in person. Mike came over and I told him that Jennifer’s life had been threatened and that Jennifer had been raped by Gabriel. The next few hours were very hectic. Jennifer’s father was mad, very sad, and everything else.

I told Mike that we needed to call the police. Mike knew that if we did report this to the police, that he would be “declared an SP” – thrown out of Scientology and labeled with the stigma of “enemy”, and that a goldenrod colored paper would be published and sent to all his friends, and he knew that he would never be able to find out the big secrets of “OT” – the super levels at the top of Hubbard’s Bridge to Total Freedom, if he called the police without calling Scientology first, because he would be deemed guilty of starting a bad publicity situation for Scientology, which interferes with Scientology’s expansion.

Mike was terrified of being labeled as an “SP,” just as every other Scientologist in the world is. Mike wanted to call a man at the Mountain View Scientology Organization, the man he trusted the most, named Charlie Rocha, FSC – (FSC means Flag Service Consultant which means salesman for Scientology services sold in Clearwater, Florida.)

Charlie had told Mike that he thought something was going on with Gabriel. I then told Mike that we needed to get Jennifer’s little sister Azalea out of the “church” right now. Azalea was at the Mountain View Scientology Organization at the time we were speaking. Mike and I both thought that if Gabriel found out that Jennifer went to the police, he might then take Azalea.

In Scientology there is NO GOD.

Hubbard actually ‘reveals’ on the ‘advanced level’ called OT3, that God and the devil are implanted ideas and are not real. “Scientologists do not worship” Heber Jentszch 'President' of Scientology.

Mike asked Charlie to keep Azalea in his office until we got there.

On that same day, I called Jeff Quiros, the Scientology Office of Special Affairs, - called OSA, his job title is called DSA – Director of Special Affairs. (OSA is the renamed version of the banned by Federal court order organization called the Guardian’s Office whose executives went to prison after a 1977 Grand Jury Indictment)

I called him because I knew him all my life, since I was 4 years old, I grew up in scientology, and at this time I trusted Jeff Quiros. I told Jeff what happened and he told me “It was not his hat since it occurred in Mountain View, not San Francisco. ” (‘hat’ is how scientologists refer to job description) Jeff said that he knew the guy that was the DSA in Mountain View Org, Mark Warlick and that he will take care of it. I said “Jeff, we need to call the police.” He said, “No. No, don’t call the cops, it will be a huge PR ( Public Relations) flap, we have to protect the Church of Scientology., because it is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. “

Ed Note: “Greatest good for greatest number of dynamics”, refers to Hubbard’s formula for calculating what is the right thing to do.. rather than bury you with Scientology’s twisted Orwellian dogma, in summary, it boils down, to a way to coerce, via linguistic trickery, an adherent of Scientology to do whatever is best for Scientology.

Saving Azalea

Mike and I went to the Mountain View Scientology Org where Azalea was. Mike called Charlie, telling him that we were there, and Azalea snuck out the back door, jumped in our car, and we drove back to San Francisco together.

Mike and I decided that we should put his daughters in hiding. Mike called Mark Warlick, the OSA DSA for Mountain View and Los Gatos. Mark Warlick told Mike, Jennifer and Azalea's father, not to call the cops, "because social services will take Jennifer away since she is only 16, and then the police will give Jennifer to the psychiatrists who will get her and drug her up."

Mike was extremely afraid of psychiatrists because L Ron Hubbard repeats over and over again that they are the the most evil beings in the whole universe and the cause of all society’s problems. Hubbard states that they are biggest, worst, “SPs” (suppressive people – bad people) in the entire universe! Just one dose of psychiatric medication (SSRI’s, anti-depressants etc) will make a person an “Illegal Pre-clear” and thus ineligible for any Scientology “auditing” and unable to go up “the Bridge to Total Freedom”.

According to Scientology, psychiatric drugs “mash a persons mental image pictures together, making them impossible to audit” using Scientology methods. This means that they are then doomed, because Scientology is the only way out, it is the only chance for mankind.

Of course, I later found out that Hubbard himself had an anti-psychotic medication in his own bloodstream when he died, which means Hubbard was, in fact, an illegal pre-clear.

Later on Mike, the father, spoke to the OSA DSA Mark Warlick who told him that Jennifer was not raped and that she was promiscuous. He was then contacted by Dennis Feeney who is an OT7 ( at the top of Hubbard’s bridge to spiritual enlightenment ) a Class VI auditor and is one of the biggest, most “upstat” (makes money for Scientology) “Field Staff Members.” This was one of their big “OTs”.

Dennis told Mike that Jennifer was a “promiscuous slut”

Over a year went by and Scientology did nothing to Gabriel. Mark, the Scientology DSA Mountain View, made sure that Mike did not call the police, so Gabriel was still free! When Jennifer came to me in May 2001, she was going to turn 17 in a few weeks. Jennifer was brutally raped and choked for 9 months by Gabriel Williams.

At the instant Jennifer turned 18, she and I went to see a criminal lawyer and then to the police in May 2002. It took about a year before the San Jose police went down to Florida to arrest Gabriel Williams. Scientology let Gabriel move to Florida, protected him from going to jail and just hoped it would all go away. To make it possible for the police to arrest Gabriel I had to some how figure out where he was, and step one was how to get Gabriel’s unlisted telephone number.

I told Gabriels best friend that I needed to get his number because we wanted to put this 'behind us.' I then talked to Gabriel William’s fiancé, Suzanne, and told her I was going to get married to Jennifer and I just wanted to get this into the past. To do this I would need to talk to Gabriel by telephone.

I then set up a time with Suzanne that Jennifer would call their home, and Gabriel would talk to Jennifer. The detective had me do this. The detective was on the telephone when Jennifer called Gabriel the next day and he recorded it.

Gabriel, during that call, said that he was evil for what he did.

There was a lot more, but we don’t need to go into it now. It was enough for the detective to then go pick up Gabriel.

Jennifer and I got married on May 24th 2003, while the criminal case was going on. The detective and DA ( District Attorney) came over that day and 1 minute after they left the doorbell rang.

It was Jeff Quiros, Scientology’s OSA from San Francisco.

Jeff Quiros was asking “How much will it take Tommy, to make this over with?” Scientology did not want this to go to court.

I told Jeff Quiros that I wanted little David Miscavige to publicly say he was sorry for Jennifer being RAPED, and that I wanted David Miscavige removed as the head of Scientology.

I asked Jeff Quiros,”Do you know how it is to not be able to have sex with your wife because she freaks out and thinks Gabriel is raping her??”

She wakes up in the middle of the night thinking she is being strangled and choked by Gabriel Williams.

Jeff Quiros left 4 hours later.

Months later, the day before Gabriel’s sentencing hearing, Jeff Quiros was at my older sister’s Karate School, waiting for her to be done with class. She called me, and I went down there. I talked with Jeff Quiros and he stressed that he really did not want me and Jennifer to go to the news or newspapers. I told him that we will never, ever sign a gag order

Later in this conversation Jeff Quiros told me that Jennifer was never raped and that she was promiscuious and that she is a whore and that “I don’t believe her” “She’s a whore”

I told him that my mom was right about you Jeffrey, you go back to your senior (boss) and tell them that it is all your fault when I go to the newspapers.

When Gabriel Williams was being sentenced, a Scientology OSA lady named Darlene from Los Gatos was there.

Gabriel Williams went to jail for about 1 year and we were really disappointed because the DA convinced her to accept a plea bargain because Gabriel plead guilty to two felonies. Jennifer was told that Gabriel would goto prison for sure. He never admitted to rape but pleaded guilty to sexual battery and sodomy.

The DA told us that sexual battery is just a step below rape and that this was a great deal, because he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Then the judge sentenced him to 3 years in prison, and then suspended the prison time, because it was his “first offense.”

Gabriel brainwashed Jennifer using Scientology techniques and polices so that she would do what he said. One example, he made Jennifer tell her best friend and favorite cousin “everything is great, everything is fine, I love him and I like being with him” He would drill her on this while he was raping her, and would choke her, and hit her leg with his leg when she would mess up repeating:

“Everything is great, everything is fine, I love him and I like being with him”

Until she got it and then said everything will be ok.

At that point Jennifer thought he would never stop raping her.

So she did it, and told her best friend what he wanted her to say.

Jennifer has been going to a therapist for years now and is slowly recovering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Therapy has helped her more than any of Scientology’s “Auditing” could ever do at $1,000 an hour, while telling them all your deepest secrets so $cientology can then blackmail you in the future with their favorite private investigator, Eugene Ingram, while they slander good peoples names and even make stuff up, and then spread it to all your friends and family.

They will use the information in your folders for any embarrassment to try to humiliate you into silence.

That is what happened to Jennifer, plus being fair gamed, tricked, lied to, sued or destroyed..

Look at our police reports on this website on what has happened to us and our good friend and attorney Ford Greene of San Anselmo, California.

There is a lot more to this story about everything above.

Tommy Gorman

Go up one directory to browse .pdf files


See the NY POST, Sunday Oct 2, 2005


Outraged? Please write your congressmen and senators, ask them to support public hearings so ex-members and those gagged by litigation may be heard.

If not now, When? If not you, who? Do it now.

Update: A DMCA demand by Scientology's lawyers has removed evidence of Gabriel Williams involvement in Scientology:

Reporters googling Williams name will not find any information on him due
to the Church's DMCA of Kristie's site. 

For those looking for information on Gabriel Williams, here's his completion list

Gabriel Williams BASIC STUDY MANUAL 96 Source 05/01/95
Gabriel Williams PURIFICATION RUNDOWN  97 Source 08/01/95
Gabriel Williams OBJECTIVE AUDITING 97 Source 08/01/95
Gabriel Williams STUDENT HAT 97 Source 08/01/95
Gabriel Williams SCIENTOLOGY DRUG RUNDOWN 98 Source 11/01/95
Gabriel Williams TRS AND OBJECTIVES CO-AUDIT COURSE  98 Source 11/01/95
Gabriel Williams SCIENTOLOGY DRUG RUNDOWN CO-AUDIT COURSE 98 Source 11/01/95
Gabriel Williams HUBBARD KEY TO LIFE COURSE 100 Source 04/01/96
Gabriel Williams METHOD ONE WORD CLEARING 101 Source 07/01/96
Gabriel Williams NEW HUBBARD PROFESSIONAL TR COURSE  102 Source 09/01/96
Gabriel Williams STUDY CERRTAINTY COURSE  117 Source 06/01/98
Gabriel Williams PTS/SP DETECTION, ROUTING AND HANDLING COURSE  117 Source 06/01/98
Gabriel Williams HUBBARD DIANETICS AUDITOR COURSE  118 Source 08/01/98
Gabriel Williams THE NEW HUBBARD PROFESSIONAL TR COURSE  120 Source 12/01/98
Gabriel Williams ARC STRAIGHTWIRE EXPANDED  122 Source 03/01/99
Gabriel Williams TRS CLAY TABLE PROCESSING DELIVERY COURSE  122 Source 03/01/99

Also, I hope other critics mirror this site while the Church's deceitful and perjurious DMCA request
is being taken care of.


The EP of scientology is: I mocked up my own enemies. 
-- Ladybird

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