Scientology's Questionable Policies on Rape and Public Relations

Compiled for Lermanet
October 2, 2005 by a graduate of
Scientology Staff Status 0, 1 & 2

Although attention is often focused on Scientology's harassment of former members and of critics, it is people still inside the cult who continue to suffer the most. In particular, devout, faithful Scientologists of charitable spirit are the ones least capable of communicating, much less doing, anything about the harmful disregard for reality embodied in L. Ron Hubbard's priorities and policies. One of these harmful priorities is to treat bad public relations for Scientology as the most significant component of Scientologist rape.

Through a remarkable series of events, great personal courage and adequate outside support, ex-member Tom Gorman was able to publicly relate his experiences with Scientology. While Gorman's personal experience is surely unique, it would have been much more typical if the criminal behavior in Scientology he described had NOT come to light. That is because Scientology "ethics" defines the reporting of criminal behavior to the authorities as a "suppressive act" and a "high crime." Because of this suppressive policy, not only are Hubbardists more subject to criminal acts and less likely to report them than non-Hubbardists, "upstat" (productive) Scientologists have an incentive to criminal conduct that non-Scientologists do not.

According to official policy, Scientology endorses only wholesome healthy sex (in silence, to avoid painful "engrams"). Despite this, deviant forceful sex is mentioned repeatedly in Hubbard's writings in ways that directly or indirectly justify individual components from which rape may arise. Because these components can be used individually by experienced and productive Scientologists to deal with perceived unpleasantness, it is not particularly surprising that they occasionally fall into place in a sequence that could be regarded as rape.

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard was first and foremost a writer. One literary device Hubbard used to impart instructions for potentially anti-social activity is contained in The Burglary Hat -- Don't ever let anyone DO THIS! The general proviso on conduct that could bring Scientology into disrepute is that if Scientologists are convicted of or otherwise publicly exposed engaging in rape or any other sort of criminal behavior without Scientology's support, they will face immediate expulsion. In Scientology policy, priority is repeatedly placed on the avoidance not of the criminal act itself, but on public discovery of the same. The distinction is that Hubbard's idea of crime and punishment varies with that of accepted society. Scientology policy effectively counters recognition of this fact by simultaneously advocating relatively legitimate social anti-crime programs.

Hubbard's organizations systematically confuse the issue of their own mistakes and their own misguidance. They do this on a preventive basis by vigorously and habitually castigating their adversaries for the very anti-social acts Scientologists are most capable of and likely to be caught for. Hubbardist organizations regularly use founder Hubbard's PR policies to accomplish these preemptive accusations. (Sample hate literature against psychiatrists available from CCHR, a Hubbardist organization that claims not to be part of Scientology.)

In general, Hubbard's policies paint a rosy picture of a powerful prosperous cult helping mankind. This is not a reflection of reality, but a manipulation of the consumer's psyche. Public perception of Scientology is influenced by generally branding anything good SCIENTOLOGY and anything bad PSYCHOTIC. Faced with this artificial dichotomy, even a critical journalist may have difficulty recognizing the trademark of a psychotic cult.

Policies relevant to rape and public relations include:

One way Hubbard indirectly promoted harmful sex was to suggest that adherents simply retaliate with a refined version of the enemy's own formula, which Hubbard stated in advance contained violence and sex. It follows from this, then, that if the "psychs" used sex against society in general, Scientology, as a segment of society, is justified in using sex against the constantly changing faces of the psychs. Hubbard has suggested this retaliatory tactic both as an economical measure and to appeal to adherents' pride in being able to outwit an adversary. It should again be stressed this is not a direct reference to rape. The quotations cited are taken from policies directing the use of sordid sex stories in the press to discredit opponents. These particular quotations are being used to demonstrate debilitation of social morals among certain Scientology personnel when dealing with dissent.

HCO Bulletin of 26 August 1982
Pain and Sex

In the "Pain and Sex" HCO Bulletin of 26 August 1982, L. Ron Hubbard blamed the "psychs" for inventing pain and sex to degrade humanity. Hubbard used the word "psychs" to create a mental link in the readers' minds between psychiatrist and psychosis, but "psych" has also been applied to any of Scientology's invisible or nebulous enemies.

Pain and sex were the INVENTED tools of degradation. ...

Under the false data of the psychs [...] both pain and sex are gaining ground in this society and ... may very soon make the land a true jungle of crime. ...

And the stocks-in-trade of psychs are PAIN and SEX.

They are the most used tools in the campaign against beings in furthering the general goal of those creatures whose sole ambition is destruction. The universe does not happen to be either destructive or chaotic except as such obsessed creeps make it. ... The universe only seems that way to a being because such loathsome psychotics make it seem so. They destroyed every great civilization to date and are hard at work on this one. The one thing they can't stand is the light of truth so, despite their objections, one must turn it on them. Only in its glare do their lies wither. It is the potent weapon they can't fend off.

These facts may not be very palatable. But they could clean up some mysteries for you.

HCO Bulletin of April 26, 1982
The Criminal Mind and the Psychs

In "The Criminal Mind and the Psychs" HCO Bulletin of April 26, 1982, Hubbard hinted at a weakness in society and in the justice system that the experienced Scientologist who reads between the lines could exploit:

Anything that a criminal seeks to obtain can be obtained without crime if one is bright enough. [emphasis added] Criminals, as police can tell you, are usually very, very stupid. The things they do and clues they leave around are hallmarks of very low IQ. The "bright" criminal is found only in fiction. Now and then a Hitler comes along and begins a myth that the highly positioned are criminal -- but Hitler (and Napoleon and all their ilk) were stupid beyond belief. Hitler destroyed himself and Germany didn't he? And Napoleon destroyed himself and France. So not even the highly placed criminals are bright. Had they really been bright they could have accomplished a successful reign without crime.

Hubbard does not specifically berate Hitler, Napolean and the "psychs" for having engaged in criminal conduct to begin with. They are guilty of having a "criminal mind" by which they "destroyed" themselves. If they would have been successful criminals, according to Hubbard, they would have had a regime without [discovered and publicized] crime. The overthrow of the dictators was not due to crime itself, but due to it being discovered and publicized. This caused bad public relations, which then served as incentive for overthrow. This is the primary practical reason Scientology so desperately avoids bad public relations.

While "destruction" in the above quotation is used in the literal sense, in the figurative context of Scientology where living beings survive for all eternity, being "destroyed" more often refers to a sudden loss of public admiration. While Scientology has been characterized as unnaturally greedy for power and wealth, the theoretical purpose of power and wealth is to generate admiration. As the basic Scientology handbook, "The Creation of Human Ability" states, "the particle of admiration is best of all." The practical reason for admiration being superior to power and wealth is that if Scientology were to lose its power and wealth, people would do everything they could to restore those things as long as they admired Scientology highly enough.

Creation of Human Ability

One step in decriminalizing rape is to view it as something other than as a criminal act. According to Hubbard's "Creation of Human Ability," compelling another's admiration may be viewed an evolutionary step on the path to "Knowingness" As an example of the "Know to Sex Scale" (an unstated play on words), Hubbard "humorously" related a parable of how one being tortured will "admire his torturer":

The tiger compelled the admiration of the monkey by pinning him down and eating him up. It can be observed that the eating of living flesh or live cells delivers a kind of admiration to the taste, and it can be observed that under torture, duress of all kinds, the tortured one will suddenly, if degradedly, admire his torturer.

Hubbard then went on to say something even better than pain evolved in mankind's alleged path to "Knowingness."

The acquisition of admiration by pain, by eating ... was later succeeded by a better communications system which would prevent eating on such a rigorous scale. This thing was sex, which is an interchange of condensed admiration particles ...

HCO Bulletin of April 11, 1982
Sec-Checking Implants

An implant is an enforced command or series of commands installed in the reactive mind below the awareness level of the individual to cause him to react or behave in a prearranged way without his "knowing it."

There are several methods of implanting.

IMPOSED SILENCE: [emphasis added] The simplest and most common implant -- and its lightest but not least deadly form -- is the command to withhold. Implants could be said to be "methods of preventing knowledge or communication" and this can extend to the point of the person himself denying himself the data. The commonest "imposed silence" is probably the threatened child -- an "if you tell, you will be punished." Or simply ordering him not to tell. This tends to occlude his own memory and can be classified as an implant.


PAIN - DRUG - HYPNOSIS: Using administered pain, drugs and hypnotism the psychiatrist, psychologist and other criminals such as CIA or other government agents, seek to cause victims to become robots and commit crimes or act in an irrational way. "PDH" is the psychiatrists' gift to the police state. PDH is not very effective but it is very damaging to the person.

BRAINWASHING: This is a wrong use term to describe implanting by deprivation and physical and mental duress. It is said to be based on the Pavlov dog experiments (but was not developed by Pavlov). The theory is that when a victim is subjected to enough punishment, he will forget his former allegiances and can be "re-educated" politically. Despite the usual advertising lies of psychiatry and psychology (criminals seldom tell the truth) the workability of "brainwashing" is laughable. Dianetics can undo "brainwashing" rather rapidly when detected. To call the remedy for brainwashing "brainwashing" merely shows public ignorance of what "brainwashing" is.

Creation of Human Ability


The scale of Desire-Enforce-Inhibit is repeated over and over in that order as we go down the tone scale ... [...] Another list can be used with considerable effectiveness, and this is the Know to Mystery scale. One would then have the preclear waste, accept, and desire, in that order, the following items in this order: MYSTERIES, PROBLEMS, SEX, EATING, SYMBOLS, EFFORT, EMOTION, VISION, HEARING, and THOUGHT. [...] By running pain with the DEI scale one will discover that the thetan actually desires pain: any sensation is better than no sensation.

Creation of Human Ability


From acceptance we get a ten-star process. Whatever else you may do with a Preclear, he must be brought to accept the physical universe and his own and other bodies, all in every kind of condition. The way out is the way through. In Eastern practices, the goal was abandonment, desertion. Scientology's main difference from Eastern practices is this: it accepts to free. And it frees. That which one cannot accept chains one. For instance, revulsion to sex inclines at last to slavery to sex. [emphasis added] A ruler's motto could be 'make them resist', and his people would become enslaved. In 1870 we find capitalists resisting Marx. In 1933 we find Marx the basic text of U.S. government. Resistance and restraint are the barbed-wire of this concentration camp. Accept the barbed-wire and there is no camp.

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

Perversion can have other aspects. In one society examined, these aberrations had multiplied so far that a principal mystic cult had sprung up which contended that all mental illness came from sex; this, of course, gave further impetus to aberrations on the second dynamic (sex), as such a cultic belief must have been originated by an individual who had severe aberrations across the second dynamic; this belief that sex was the only source of human aberration and travail, naturally attracted as its practitioners individuals who had similar aberrative patterns. And so the cult further enforced existing aberrative factors in the society, since all their activity was leveled at making sex something ogreish and dreadful by labeling it the society's primary source of illness. The prophet of this god was Manichaeus, a Persian of the third century, who taught that all things about the body, especially sex, were evil; the cult of Manichaeus carried on well into the Dark Ages and then vanished, to trouble Man no more.

HCO Policy Letter of 3 March 1966

It is interesting that a review of faltering orgs that got into trouble in their areas each one had a bad sex entanglement high on staff. A Review of actions of orgs and attacks over the last 15 years makes it stand out sharply that an org which is mixed up sexually in the higher echelons will not be effective, will have low statistics and can't defend itself on the public front. Such are not attacked for loose sexual relations. They are just too decayed to do a good job of defense or follow policy. So they become subject to attack. The last UK attack was easily rebuffed and so are many attacks. But where an org is caved in by bad sexual messes, it doesn't seem to be able to defend itself on the general front. We don't often get such situations as a sex-mess org but where we do, they get into severe trouble on other counts. Sex, obsessive and promiscuous, is a blood brother of psychosis.

As usual, Hubbard first resorts to blaming the "psychs" for asocial sex, and predicts serious trouble for Scientology Org[anization]s that permit this behavior.

Note the sex stress of Freud, the sex orgies in institutions between patients and attendants and psychiatrists. Note the book (early '50s, U.S.) by Psychiatrist FREDA FROHMM REICHMANN, where she tries to get her fellow psychiatrists to leave their patients alone. It is a text trying to make them ethical in their practices. It reveals a sordid picture. This is given as an indicator. I know only 4 orgs in all the 16 years before this writing that collapsed or came near collapse at one period in the history of each. And each one was sex crazy. (LA 1950, Melbourne early 60s, Johannesburg 60s, Washington 62 on. Each of these got into severe trouble. LA 50 collapsed, Melbourne collapsed, Johannesburg nearly collapsed, DC is being saved only by strenuous effort.) So we have an indicator that when an org in the upper strata starts tolerating sexual promiscuity you can expect serious trouble of other kinds just ahead within the next year or two.

According to Hubbard, the way to detect "sexual promiscuity" is to be ever alert for low production statistics. With policies like this "upstat" personnel won't have anything as worldly as promiscuity to worry about:

Watch in low statistic orgs that don't recover easily for heavy sexual promiscuity and get the sex loops out of it quick, particularly out of its upper executive level. For I promise you that that org will absorb thousands of man-hours of work to rebuild if sexual misconduct is let go on.

Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter of August 14, 1963

We do not care if Scientologists communicate to the press but if they do there are certain points to keep in mind. Certain vested interests, mainly the American Medical Association, a private healing monopoly, wish to do all possible harm to the Scientology movement over the world in order to protect their huge medical-psychiatric income and desired monopoly which runs into the tens of billions annually. In their congresses they complain that we and people like us cost them 1.1 billion dollars a year that they don't receive. Their sole interest is income. Reference: Minutes of various AMA conferences. Almost all our bad publicity and attacks are authored by two men, one named Keaton, the AMA press man, and one named Field, their head of "investigation". These men flood bad tales about Scientology into press, magazines, radio, TV. Their sole interest is a medical psychiatric monopoly for the AMA. [...]
The reporter who comes to you, all smiles and withholds, "wanting a story", has an AMA instigated release in his pocket. He is there to trick you into supporting his pre-conceived story. The story he will write has already been outlined by a sub-editor from old clippings and AMA releases. He probably knows as well as you do that you are decent and effective.

He has no power whatever to alter the pre-conceived story he has been ordered to write. If he were audited or otherwise totally convinced of the great value of Scientology he would still write the same critical story. If he didn't he would probably get sacked. So the time you spend trying to convince him of your decency and effectiveness is wasted time.

He wants a story. The only ways to handle him are to eject him or to give him a story that he thinks is a story. There are no half-way measures.

If he publishes outright lies sue his paper for libel if you like, but don't be afraid of what he will write. Central organization income usually rises during bad press campaigns. So he can't really harm you whatever he does or says. Your job minimum action is to refuse to be led into utterances that can be misconstrued. Contrary to what he may want to believe, press doesn't always mould public opinion. No bad product sells, no matter how much advertising it buys or how much good press it has. Bigger than press is word-of-mouth. If advertised products don't have good word-of-mouth they don't sell.

We have good word-of-mouth and will continue to have it as long as we give service.

So good service and being decent are superior to even good press. Be decent, then, and give good service and good press or bad press, we'll still make it. We prefer no press because it slows our word-of-mouth amongst the people. However, bad press is no catastrophe. So the reporter cannot really hurt you and is nobody to be feared. Pitied, rather-for if he does write what he really feels, he'll get sacked. That's what makes him sick and cynical. He may know you're decent and effective and yet he'll have to go write what he's told to write.

Even if you handed this policy letter to him and he said it wasn't true, he'd have to write stories that follow the points below. So actually he's on a spot. He'd have to sell out the human race if his editor told him to. But he would write a different story if he found one that fitted his pattern of requirements.
If you want to give him a story he will publish you have to know these rules, for they are the rules he follows.

  1. HARM (Blood, violence, damage, death, scandal)
  2. SEX
  3. MONEY
  5. ...

This is the formula on which modern newspapers operate. They don't publish any other kind of "news story". [emphasis added]


The best story you can hope for from modern press would have to have all the above elements. This sounds deadly for us. But it really isn't. All we have to know is their formula, release our own stories using it and be sure it isn't us to which they assign the blood, sex, money and names. Let it be somebody else's blood, sex, money and names.

Actually we are pretty dull on the first four points. We're too decent, we give too much service.

They [the enemy] have to imagine bad things [about Scientology] to get them in at all. So let's use their formula if we want press but with a more accurate viewpoint. [emphasis added]

First you should glance over some daily papers and satisfy yourself that the news formula above is factual to get some practice and to see how varied the resulting stories become. You will find you can determine where a story would be placed in a newspaper by the number of requirements and the magnitude of one or more of the requirements. And you will be able to predict how long any story will last by seeing how many requirements it fulfills and to what degree. And you'll be a news analyst.

[...] If you really want "good" press, get some element that fits all seven of the above requirements, plan an exact series of actions, do them in exact sequence and release a press story for each action. The press will love you.

Now, does it occur to you that it is this exact action (poorly done) that is being undertaken against us by the AMA.

Ah, you learn fast! But the difference is theirs is toward a sordid goal. This is an analysis of current press. It is released to help understand our press situation and our problems.

I am not condoning the current state of press. I am just giving you data about press and requiring that if you want press or have to handle press it will be successful in this current society only if handled with the above elements firmly understood. Using these Scientology FIVE data we could be front page 100 days out of every year.

HCO Bulletin of September 7, 1961
NEW FACTS OF LIFE, Security Checks

Our Security Checking has become absorbed into processing and is an integral part of processing, producing very spectacular gains when well done.

There is a new "not know" way of giving a Security Check. These are some data about it:

On your Not Know Version of Security Checking or on any "Security Check" being used for processing, do not use "this lifetime" or limit the check to this lifetime in any way.


Example: (Auditor has reached the rape question [Have you ever raped anyone?] on the form. He or she does not read the question yet.)

Auditor: What shouldn't be known about rape?

PC: Answers.

Auditor: Good. What should be forgotten about rape?

PC: Answers.

Auditor: All right. (Reads question from form.)

PC: Answers.

Auditor: What are you looking at?

PC: This picture that came up about this rape.

Auditor: Is it still there?

PC: Yes.

Auditor (as picture seems stuck or sticky): What is unknown about that picture? (Goes on asking such questions, does not permit PC to wander off from that one picture so long as Meter needle is reacting on questions about unknowingness in that picture.)

PC: (Runs incident.) (Usual time required 10 minutes more or less. Time is not measured, however, as PC runs on it so long as needle reacts.)

Auditor (needle no longer reacting on picture): All right now. Is there anything else about rape you'd like to tell me?

PC: Answers.

Auditor: (Looking at meter now reads question from form and notes needle reactions.)

The point here is that one flattens all pictures contacted with "unknown" etc questions and flattens all needle action on the Security Check question.

Do not leave a Sec Check question until

1. All needle action is gone from the question itself with sensitivity at 16, and

2. All needle action is gone from every incident contacted and run.

Note: This is a new way and a very effective one to run engrams, the most important development on engrams since 1950. [...]

From the testimony of L Ron Hubbard's Son: HERE
2 MR. LeCHER: Was your father preoccupied with sex?
3 MR. DeWOLFE: Very much so, yes.