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Painting below used to hang in Scientology's Sandcastle facility for "OTs" in Clearwater, by a
image of painting that used to hang in Scientology's Sandcastle facility for
"New OT8" Artist Michael Pattinson, who tells his story - View from the end of Ron's bridge

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Introduction by Mimi Jaffee - of long gone, Citizens Freedom Foundation

   "I believe it is very possible you were somehow tricked into this whole situation. Scientology preaches one thing but teaches another, including "moral relativism" [ which is the ] same as Marxism" - the ends justify the means, so anything goes so long as it benefits Scientology . It just seems people never learn by tragic experiences like Peoples temple. Scientology is probably worse in many respects." -

A Message for Sea Organization Staff

Freewinds painting done in 1990. Hung in the Sandcastle building in Clearwater until 1993, then returned it to Michael as it no longer was appropriate

Freewinds painting, by New OT8 Michael Pattinson, done in 1990 which hung in the Sandcastle building in Clearwater until 1993

In 1995, I was sued by Scientology for posting Scientology's Secrets to the internet. One of these secrets, called OT III, was described by L Ron Hubbard, as The Wall of Fire.

A secret of such amazing import that anyone who read it would die of pneumonia. Mike Allen at the New York Times wrote:

"In the purloined scripture, Scientologists warn that unauthorized readers can die of pneumonia. No epidemic has been reported. -"

What was important to Scientology is not what this grand secret was, but the fact of it continuing to be a secret. The fact of the secret induces current members to create in their minds [ mock up ] something terrible enough so that they are willing to continue to be members of scientology in spite of mistreatment by Scientology.

Also important, is that the story of Xenu was in itself a ruse, a contrived litigation tar pit of trade secret claims and copyright, but it is no more than a ruse, please have the courage to read on:

The ex-members of Scientology, once they recover, (which some do) and once they do a core dump and tell about all they witnessed, (some do) have a demonstrated mastery, a competence, of a sorely needed quality in today’s society.

Hubbard built a black box.

Inside, one can no longer see the outside world, without viewing it through specially designed filters.(tm) and (c)

What one DOES see are glowing mock-ups, the promise of a state of Operating Thetan - always, maybe after the next secret expensive level... The expense is part of the scam, because despite what they say, they do not want people actually finishing "the bridge to total freedom" or else you end up with New OT8 Michael Pattinsons...

Michael was still trying to get rid of Body Thetans, by auditing with the e-meter, even after he left.

We spoke and I explained what I had found about the E-meter's Dc current, and what a Nobel prize winner and Nobel committee judge had discovered about electricity’s effect upon the body, and I told him, emphatically


Some six weeks later, Michael reported that the apparancy of Body Thetans - had vanished. All his BTs were gone. Making me feel they were but a perceptual artifact invoked by many hundreds of hours of running current through the body with the e-meter.

The glowing images of total freedom, the endless arcane nomenclature, the promise of "OT", the lies, the half truths, the implied evidence of efficacy (apparency of group agreement creating a re-enforcing of the false-glowing-in-the-dark-black box-promised-future-realities - all help keep the scientologists inside Ron's black box.

Where they can be controlled and turned into willing slaves, while thinking they are going free... always paying more and more, while enticing others to enter Hubbard's black box for the 10% sales commission...

Every scientologist that escapes and tells his story, in effect turns on a flashlite, a point of light, that helps light the path out.

Philosophizing Hubbard's deceit is too easy - for those outside the box, compared to trying to figure out what the hell is going on when all one sees is what one has been told by Hubbard, in policy and 'standard tech', eerily glowing, in the blackness inside Hubbard's black prison box for well meaning minds, called Scientology.

And that's the Truman show...

What works in Scientology? Electricity WORKS!

What gains do people feel they get in Scientology?

I was fond of "The Power processes"

What is, What isn't
Tell me a source, tell me a no source,
and Tell me an existing condition

These were invented by John McMaster, Clear #1 not by Hubbard.. but even the Power processes... pale in comparison to the gain from stepping out of an airplane door for the first time, placing one's foot on the wheel, and hanging onto the wingstrut.. as the air blows by at 150 mph..and the engine is roaring a few feet in front of you, while matchbox cars crawl about slowly on the surface a mile below you, and the jump master says, ok, let go!

During that next split second, as you consider telling your fingers to 'let go' , you will accomplish more "case gain," than everything in Scientology..Period.

There is more gain to be had jumping out of an airplane than from anything in Scientology.

Arnie Lerma, Skydiving with doug sayer (spelling) and freind, Ridgely Maryland, approximately 1980, Arnie is on left in red and black

And I did that 225 times... (Pelican land drop zone, Ridgely Maryland)

But life itself does that, living life provides "gain".

However, Scientologists live artifical lives..sort of as Hubbard's or now David Miscavige's Body Thetans in the real cluster forming incident called Scientology, and get no real gains, even if they have become convinced they have...If a 17 year old, joins scientology, and stays in for 20 years.. when he leaves, at 37 years of age, guess what? He is emotionally immature... they don't evolve...they are still 17! Its like a stasis..they do not mature with the passing of time, aging gracefully as a fine wine.

And if you want training and auditing, I suggest you meditate.The lectures I have received from folks 'out there' while I meditate have taught me more than anything else, and the "auditing" - or whatever it is... mind melding of consciouness two way wordless guided tours... the help available from spirits, angels, God, Allah, Jesus or Yahway, (whatever you conceptually wish to describe it as, as words do not do it justice), who really do care about us, (and want their freinds set free from Ron's Black box..) makes scientology "auditing" appear as what it truly is.. an utter and complete waste of time, even if it were free...

This was a long explanation, but what do we get from getting people out of scientology? We have a group of individuals have become Houdini's of all mind traps.. folks who won't be fooled again. People who can deprogram , People who can spring mental traps.. We create, by freeing someone of scientology, a being who has the ability to break the strongest slave chains of all.

Those forged of lies.

What is Scientology?

Slave chains forged of lies
are stronger than fine steel

And those enslaved see
neither shackle nor lock.

The mission must be,
in order to set them free:
show them how their
chains were made

and where lies hid the key..

by Arnie Lerma

The Real Wall of Fire is Leaving Scientology,
Click here if you want to breach the real wall of fire!


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