Letters to editors of Life Magazine, were published on December 8, 1968 after a lengthy expose, A growing cult reaches dangerously into the mind - Scientology was published. This article was so concise about the nature of Scientology, that L Ron Hubbard wrote a letter himself, and subsequently issued an Executive Directive to his staff in order to disseminate discrediting information to Scientologists.

Vol. 65, No. 23 December 6, 1968



"Scientology -- a Growing Cult Reaches Dangerously into the Mind" (Nov. 15) is the most frightening article or story I ever read! Poe should wither away in his grave.

North Hollywood, Calif.


Alan Levy entered Scientology ("A True-Life Nightmare") with the concealed intention of writing a suppressive (or exposing) story afterward. He won­ders why he got to feeling guiltier and guiltier and developed headaches. I think I would have felt mighty uncomfortable in his shoes too. Is there any religion in which deceit and lying go without consequence?

Dallas, Texas


Give me a man any day anytime who thinks as his psyche allows, feels, fears, hates, loves, reacts -- in other words, a man with a personality -- over a sublime idiot who doesn't even know why he is happy except that he has reached a state of mind that excuses him from all problems, complexities and joys of living..

Atlanta, Ga.


I was involved with Dianetics back in 1951 in Los Angeles. After I saw trusting, innocent people fall for Hubbard's game, I came home and burned my auditor's diploma. On general principles, I don't object strenuously to con men. But where others' minds and lives are hurt, I must draw the line.

Pasadena, Calif.


If Mr. Levy can explain clearly what his psychiatrist meant by "ego-destruction," I will be happy to explain Scientology to him.

New York, N.Y.


I am wondering which of you editors lost a puppet (in the form of a son) and failed to realize that you had gained a man (in the form of a Scientologist).

Los Angeles, Calif.


There must be some law that can stop this cult. We have a son who has completely alienated himself from us because we won't concur with their ideas.

Pomona, Calif.


Those attacking Scientology run mental institutions. They make millions out of it. They advocate brutal, murderous actions against the insane. They are terrified of losing the avalanches of money gouged out of governments. They see Scientology taking it all away with kind, effective measures. There is no question in their minds but that Scientology works. That's why they are attacking it.

A thousand other philosophies and religions arise every year with no outcry from the madmen in charge. The hundreds of thousands of victims of the enemy, as in all fascist actions, cannot complain. They cannot even talk. They're dead.

New York, N.Y.

The document below originally came from one of the training 'hat' packs of one of the convicted Scientology felons in US vs. Mary Sue Hubbard criminal case. Henning Heldt. It was amongst the seized documents from the 1977 FBI Raid of scientology - an image of this document for Scientology's "its all lies" crowd is HERE, it outlines how Scientology demonizes all its enemies as "Nazis' - which they also try to do the webmaster of this site, a continuing pattern of accusing others of their own innate, evil, character. Another pattern of conduct is that of calling anything they don't want to have to explain to current true believers, as 'a forgery'..which is what they called the OTIII materials, prior to my posting them as the Fishman Documents to the net which became RTC vs Lerma, Richard Leiby, The Washington Post, Marc Fisher et all.

LRH ED 63 WW 6 US Date 12 December 1968 Staffs Only
Not for public Issue


It is interesting that "Life" Magazine in the US has been a violent foe of Dianetics and Scn for 18 years.
Their connection to the enemy is not yet established. But it certainly exists.
In their letters to the editor in their made a very fatal error. They published and letter I never wrote them, which makes them guilty of forgery, doesn't it.

In England the heads of the largest newspaper chain are also members of a UK World Federation of Mental Health confederate board of directors.
This is an old intelligence trick -- to own or control a press chain in an enemy country.
It was done by German agents, for, instance, to keep Spain out of the war.
Earlier the "Saturday Evening Post" published an article full of quotes never made. It has gone downhill as a magazine over the years. WFMH connected publishers often do. So there's another one.
So some of the US magazine and newspaper chains are controlled by the WFMH.
They keep a continual flow of anti-Scientology handouts going to all magazines and governments.
The Intelligence, espionage pattern is very plain here. In the "Life" article, a psychotic is pushed into an org to get no case gain, his identity secret, to get discreditable data and he then writes an article. But he is already a mental patient.
Our Documents and files are often found in enemy hands. And now and then at SH, (emphasis added: Saint Hill) or an org we find a lock smashed or a window broken.
Local Agents WFMH has confederates (we call, "Black Hats") in every country and many states with sub-chapters in most US cities.
These are always named "National" and have "Mental Health" in their name at nation or state level.
There is a "National Institute of Mental Health" in Washington DC that is US government. The only one in the world really connected to a government. It does WFMH printing for it at US expense:
All the rest of the "National" groups are phonies. They are only private groups, following orders from overseas.
In every US community, almost, local branch groups (such as Pasendena [sic] Mental Health etc as a sample) belong to the private state "National" Group.
These small town groups are advertised as "local housewives" etc. But in fact are often composed of ex institution inmates, brainwashed, ready to stir it up as the "public" for WFMH. There is even one in East Grinstead.
These local groups may be what give orgs trouble with Councils etc.


They always have "mental health" in their name or "mental hygiene" as unchanged from an older form they use.
These groups secretly shoot down chiropractors, churches, any Western culture or advance or healing action.

The standard propaganda line is

(a) everyone is insane
(b) psychiatrists should be next to every world leader treating them weekly.
(c) Anyone should be subject to seizure as insane without process as law (a "Siberia" bill they seek to get passed and which once almost did pass the US congress.)
(d) Scientology breaks up families.
(e) Scientology prevents people from coming to their psychiatrist to seek real help.
(f) There are not enough psychiatrists or "facilities."
(g) All boundaries should be destroyed
(h) All constitutions should be destroyed. (i) Any current campaign they may have to get something destroyed for a big Western take over.

They are currently shipping insane people out for "community care." They drive them hopelessly insane in an institution and then push them out into the community to make trouble.

Every major assassin has

(1) been a member of WFMH before the assassination and
(2) been defended by a member of WFMH after the act-if still alive.

Even the press (that of it not owned by WFMH and some that is!) has begun to establish that the attacks on Scn smell to high heaven.
A conspiracy formed at the WFMH Congress in London in August 1968 resulted in similtaneous identical political channel attacks on Scn in several countries.
The "Life" Article was crudely timed to be part of this.
The "letters to the Editor" also contain a typically enemy colour and campaign note such as a disconnected family named "Fridkin."
It would be wise to use police re WFMH if quarters are broken into, etc. But this is not foolproof as psychiatrists are group training California police not to break up riots
At staff level you need not make any profession of smashing WFMH as we have it going hot at the top and they are ducking.
But is answering questions about such articles you can say what you please.
And every branch of every rightest group would be delighted to know these US "mental health' groups are controlled by a foreign group which has Communists on its board of directors.
Chiropractors etc would also be delighted to know who has been shooting.
The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association and such are members of the main world group and are just pawns.
WFMH is also incorporated in Delaware with a board different from its advertised board.

At least one member of the Delaware board is a Communist, I believe, at least the name is the same as one hit by the Congress on American activities committee.
The thing to realize about all this is that the acts of this group are often criminal in nature and they can be hit for it.
It's really a wild organisation. They are called "Mental Sealing" but their literature talks only of world domination and seldom about any cases.
They make big crashing mistakes such as saying they are part of the UN when they are not.
Such as committing crimes of burglary.
Such as murdering mental patients and calling it treatment.
They just make big mistakes.
They were founded by a psychotic named Clifford Beers and carry on the tradition. So, would you like to run an organisation composed of psychotics and psychiatrists? Be nearly impossible.
So they are very frail indeed so can be obliterated successfully.
But the biggest mistake of all was hitting Dianetics and Scientology from under cover for 18 years. We weren't even in their line of country.
The public in effect takes little heed of articles or press. Hardly anybody read the "Life" article. Who reads a dead mag.
But the "letter from me" which I didn't write is typical of WFMH Forgery.
It is interesting that WFMH says publicly there is "no diffe­rence between right and wrong" and "psychiatrists are the only enlightened people who know this."
By traditional law, sanity is defined as the "ability to tell right from wrong."
Enough said?