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Dear Scientology Staff Member,

N.B.: This document contains no references to "advanced materials", OT levels, etc

In the introductory lectures and books, as a new Scientologist you learned about ‘the confusion and the stable datum.” With demonstrations and examples, you understood that by selecting one item, say, washing the casserole, you’d no longer be overwhelmed by your messy kitchen. By returning one vendor’s phone call, your mountain of office paperwork was no longer unconfrontable.

After some auditing, you gained the end result of Life Repair, “knowledge of truth and the way to personal freedom.” Following this, numerous technologies were studied and utilized in dealing with life situations and understanding others. (Thetan-mind-body, reactive mind, barriers to study, conditions formulas, communication formula, definition of a problem, overt/motivator sequence, ARC triangle, service facsimile, etc.) Many of these technologies are quite ancient, but were never before presented to you in such bite-sized applicability.

A few years down the road, you maybe are a staff member, and believe you have bettered your life and others by applying all these technologies. You also have the subjective reality of having removed personal barriers through auditing, feeling lighter, less inhibited, and more in the driver seat of your own life.

At the same time, however, you’re becoming marginally aware of confusion at the periphery of your world. It could start simply enough, such as a person you know and like who got expelled. “Well they must have done something to pull it in.” Or a new bulletin that changes the tech you had studied, understood, and applied. “Well, that pile of unreleased LRH papers will continue perfecting the tech.”

All the data of Scientology are at your disposal to explain, justify, and make excuses for virtually anything. The tech has been proven to work, and saving the planet is not some nice thing to do, but a “deadly serious” activity. “It isn’t perfect, it’s simply workable. So there may be casualties, but it’s all we’ve got.”

Hearing about a death at the Fort Harrison, seeing an org executive throw a staff against a wall, chancing to read about a mother begging for a word from her son, family-time cancelled again, your senior screaming that you have an evil purpose, permission to see a dentist denied, and who was supposed to be watching the kids when they ended up on the roof? These represent some of the confusion building like storm clouds on your horizon, being kept at bay by your stable data. You already have experienced many more examples that all is not well, but the computations that served so well to solve your earlier confusions when you first got there, are now simply allowing you to not have to look.

All the data that once set you free are now the tools of enslavement. That is how computations work, as explained in Anatomy of A Service Fac. You no longer have to look, because you already know. Just put a datum there: “natter,” or “out-ethics,” or “the only technology” or “the greatest good” or thousands of other tools that originally were supposedly meant to make life better now allow you to participate in nightmarish oppression with a simple label to replace your own observation.

Yes, this tech known as Scientology has helped you, and you’ve used it to help others. That was then. This is now. Life moves along, inevitably. What was once up becomes down. What was liberating yesterday is imprisoning today. You have ample evidence around you, if you please just look without placing a stable datum there as substitute for looking.

This doesn’t make you wrong for having been a Scientologist. In fact you were right, your purposes were good, and you did help others. But look around, because “the times, they are a changing.”

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