Most recent kilfile additions

kill file settings to make usenet group alt.religion.scientology readable and to remove scientoogy disinformation and spam

Lermanet's current KILLFILE settings for
alt.religion.scientology newsgroup April 6 2005

reminder - Scientology is a fraud disguised as a 'religion'

(I dont differentiate between spam, scientology operatives,
and drivel - if it's a waste fo time I kill file it, 
try these kill file settings while, once a week, try to turn off your KILL filters and take a look...not all of scientology dis-info artists are listed here

Action: DELETE

Truth Seeker
Baby Bro
Barbara Schwarz
Larry T.
The Department of Defense
Mark Rathbun deRothchild's homosexual husband Garry Scarff
Imaginary Mark Rathbun deRothchild's homosexual husband Garry Scarff
coach dan
Babblin'schizo Boob Schwarz'imaginary husband Mark Rathbun deRothchild
Leonardo Been
Imaginary gay Schwarz curse Mark Rathbun de Rothschild

Additions April 10 - April 14th, 2005

Schizophrenic Barbara Bossell-Schwarz' favorite stalking target... Garry Scarff
Garry Scarff's schizophrenic stalker B. Bossell Schwarz
The Kearsley Curse
Schizophrenic Bossell Schwarz' favorite stalking target... Garry Scarff
The Episcopalian Gay Curse
brick in the wall

May 20th additions (overdue updating this...)
Larry T. < NO SPAM>
jommycross@ 127.1
Larry T. < no spam>
Truth Seeker
Larry T. < no spam>
Larry T. < No Spam Larry@Toomajan.maybe>
Susan Cohen 
Author: Viper 

 June 1st - The Tom Cruise Scientology Saga seems to be bringing out the did Rick Ross's excellent appearance on Fox O'Reilly, I also was on O'Reilly back in 2000...

Author: Requiscant In Pace 
Author: DRKDOVE70 
Author: Dane Metcalfe 
Author: Chadwick Stone© 
Author: Giox 
Author: Why is Scarff allowed to take over "and" abuse "and" spam ARS? 
Author: Analytical Publications 
Author: Earthlink terrorist Garry Scarff is lying as usually 
Author: Very lovable thetan 
Author: I'm a Josh Groban music fan 
Author: ikka 
Author: nobody    (turn this one on and off sometimes there is good data )

Additions June 20th - Apparantly in some cases Scientology is using throw away nicknames for 15 postings and then  discarding them. The other clue to look for is for the x-no-archive bit to be set to not archive some postings

Author: Partout 
Author: ikka 
Author: Caswell 
Author: LLL 
Author: Garry Scarff is violating California penal codes 
Author: Build a better world 
Author: Garry Scarff stole 70 of the Positive Action Fund 
Author: From all the newsgroups in the world I had to walk in this one 
Author: From all the newsgroups in the world I had to walk in this one 
Author: Bounty Hunter 
Author: What were Garry Scarff's blood sex crimes the old CAN was writing about? 
Author: Cruising the avenues in my red convertable 
Author: Myself 
Author: The lovely Catalina 

Additions July 20th

Have a great week on Alt.religion.scientology

 Have a great week on the newsgroup folks
 See editorial and new stuff (great radio shows) on main index page
 Arnie Lerma

For a MUCH longer explanation read the links from this page

From the page linked above, "my own "trust matrix" of SOME of the folks I consider reliable, and happened to see in my newgroup files - Ida Camburn, Barbara Graham Roger Gonnet, Joe Cisar, Chip Gallo, Z-blade, Ed, Fiesty, Chris Lethiser, Dave Bird, Kim Palmer, Mark Plummer, Tory / Magoo, Michael Gormez, Dave Touretzky, Zenon, Karin Spaink, Andreas (, Gerry Armstrong, Valerie E., Jeff Jacobsen, Kristi Whachter, Tilman, Lagniappe, ewsnead, idenics, Eldonbraun,Phil Scott, PeteJohnsonNews, TAM Thomas j best, Peter Widmer, Frederick L Rice, Cerridwen, Chuck beatty, Heffer, PTS 2, skipper, batchild, rickross, Tanya Durni, Rev Norle Enturbulata, Mike O'Connor, Android Cat, Peter Golembe, Orkeltatte, exscio

L Ron Hubbard insane says His Wife - image of newspaper clipping

Full article text HERE

Scientology's overall tactics to "handle the newsgroup" can be basically summed up by Hubbard own words "JUST BE NOISY, ITS VERY ODD AT FIRST AND MAKES FANTASTIC SENSE AND WORKS"