I just can't believe the amount of paranoia that has been created around Katie Holmes and all the efforts OSA are putting in to trying to make sure that she is not going to find out about the real truth about scientology. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are making themselves international fools and the more Tom Cruise tries to promote "his success in life is a result of scientology" -- the more the world's public will blame Scientology for his weird behaviors because TC is just a blind, ignorant and deluded fool! The only way he can turn his movie career around would be to quit scientology, but he's in a catch 22 because that would backfire even worse on him. He's being treated like any Sea Org member; he doesn't even have the Internet in his house! He can afford everything he wants and whatever he points at, but he can not look at the Internet? Why? Because he's being told from the top of the criminal "church" and by DM (David Miscavige) that he better NOT look, because he will go to ethics and he will not be able to continue up the bridge and get the rest of the "OT levels" and his "case" will be stalled.

That is what every Sea Org member is told and why they are so uninformed, deluded and brainwashed, that they don't even want to look at the Internet or accept any help, even when offered. Everyone is afraid to find out, as it just means more interrogations, leading to security checks and being taken off post and possibly be sent to the RPF, where all "disaffected" Sea Org members have "a last chance to redeem themselves".

Well, it's too bad they can't send Tom Cruise to the RPF, but it's just a matter of time how long he can keep his fake TRs going and pretend that "the world one day will accept Scientology". He's so deeply into the mess that he can not ever leave Scientology because then OSA and the rest of DMs money-motivated criminals would pull out his dirty laundry from his "confidential" auditing files and expose his secrets to the world. He does not want all the newspapers to find out what his secrets are! That is the tactic that is being used, and if OSA can not sabotage a dissident's life by exposing their bad past, they "pay them off" to shut up.

That is exactly what I think DM did to the IRS. He didn't "handle them", like he boasted about to all of us on the inside. Scientology investigated, blackmailed and threatened individual IRS members of the Government thoroughly, to the point they had to give in, it seems to me now. You should hear the story insiders are given, compared to the story on the Internet. That is the "IRS Victory???" O'Boy, I just can't wait to see what will happen when this comes back and bites DM and his staff in the ass. The IRS will be back! They are just waiting for the right moment, like many others of us!

How many wives will Tom Cruise go through before he finds one that can "accept" Scientology? I would like to know what Nicole was told to shut her up when they got divorced. And who were the real Sea Org parents of their 2 adopted Sea Org kids? There are many buried lies.