Scientology caught lying again - from NASA's website LINK Question #26 - Scientology and Our Glossary

"I just finished viewing the Scientology Freedom Medal of Valor award ceremony where they trumpeted Tom Cruise's education efforts. One of the things they took credit for was the Glossary of Terms on your website. I found it hard to believe that scientology education techniques could teach anything to the people at NASA. Is there any truth to the claims in the video?"

"Neither Tom Cruise nor scientology had anything to do with the glossary. That's all ours."

A video clip of Hubbard caught LYING....

Hubbard caught LYING - LINK- !!

Above watch the founder of the Fraud of Scientology tell BBC interviewers that he only had two wives...
This is a small Real Media file, snippet of the 1968 Secret Lives Video which you can find on XENUTV.COM

Now, here are court documents proving that Hubbard had THREE wives - Exclusive to Exposing the KING of CONs:

Hard docs like this are useful to wake up scientologists, by showing them documents of sufficient quantity and quality to show that the man they seek to emulate, was not a 'great' man.. that of course is a lie too. He may have been the worlds greatest, most ruthless, CON...

Recent additions, - new documents at LERMANET.COM Exposing the CON include proof of Hubbards prior two marriages and proof he was a bigamist, and proof he did not pay child support... Hubbard was a dead beat dad.

The new document is here,it's fun read and more fun to quote, scientologists will be told that it is all lies too.. but if you USE it, it might just wake up the scientologists that try to spin this in some way... or depopularize this writer.

Proof Hubbard was a dead beat dad LINK

Spread this one around, it was just put up a day or two ago and the scientologists cannot deal with it...and have not crafted false documents yet to deal with it!!

That since the entry of the final decree herein plaintiff is informed and believes that the defendant has promoted a cult called “Dianetics”; has authored a best selling book called “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health”, published May (1?) 1950; and has substantial interest in the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, which has operated a school or clinic in Chicago, Illinois; New York City; Los angles; Honolulu; Wichita, Kansas; Seattle, Washington; and elsewhere; that said defendant and said foundation did over one million dollars in business during the year 1950, and owns valuable property and assets; that said defendant and said foundation operate in the State of California, under the name of “The Hubbard Dianetics research Foundation of California, Inc.” a California corporation, and in the state of Kansas under the name of the Hubbard Dianetic Foundation, Inc., a corporation, 211 West Douglas avenue, Wichita 2, Kansas; and that said foundation and said corporations are the alter ego of the defendant.

That plaintiff made no attempt to collect any children’s support money from the defendant until he was financially able to pay it. That her first request to the defendant that he pay was made by plaintiff’s counsel to defendant by letter dated March 4, 1951, which brought no response.

That plaintiff then learned for the first time, and upon information and belief alleges the fact to be, that the defendant bigamously married one Sara Northrup Hubbard on August 10, 1946, at Chestertown, Maryland, and that they lived together as husband and wife, and he supported her until on or about February 24, 1951, when they separated in the State of California.

That the plaintiff is informed and believes that said bigamous marriage was terminated by a decree of the District Court of the State of Kansas in and for Sedgewick County, Judge William C. Kandt, presiding, in cause NO. A – 36 594 entitled “Sara Northrup Hubbard, plaintiff, vs Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, defendant”; that the decree was granted to the defendant on June 12, 1951, as an “emergency” upon his claim that he had to go see his sick father in Bremerton, Washington. That said defendant has not visited his father and not been in the State of Washington at any time during 1951, as plaintiff is informed and believes.

That plaintiff has received no support from defendant for herself or her two children since he deserted them in the month of September, 1945
. That since the entry of her decree of divorce herein the plaintiff has never received from defendant any check or checks and has never returned any to him uncashed. "

And then his 2nd wife did not like him much either...

And his third wife went to US federal Prison

And Scientologists are told that this is all lies...???

L. Ron Hubbard's laughable "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" defines homosexuality as a “sexual perversion." Scientologist Ruth Minshull elaborated on the cult’s views in a 1972 book in which she wrote:

"Homosexuals don't practice love; 1.1s can't. Their relationships consist of: 1) brief, sordid and impersonal meetings or 2) longer arrangements punctuated by dramatic tirades, discords, jealousies and frequent infidelity. It could hardly be otherwise since the tone is made up of suspicion and hate, producing a darling sweetness interspersed with petty peevishness. Their ‘love’ turns to deep contempt eventually.”- LINK to original commentary

Who is Arnie Lerma?

Gore Vidal on meeting L Ron Hubbard
"He exuded evil, malice, and stupidity"

End of April 27, 2007 update

More LIES....


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[updated 5/5/96]

I've posted the below information with no reaction from Scientologists. Finally, Cory Brennan posted a list of successful people who nevertheless had no college degrees. This of course missed the whole point of this post, that Hubbard LIED, claiming to have 3 degrees (one a PhD). I then asked Cory through a post and email to post Hubbard's *real* college education as she knows it, but there has been no response. Therefore, we have here unrefuted proof that L. Ron Hubbard blatantly and consistently lied about his educational background. This is my normal post, except I have added a quote from the Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper at the end to provide further information.

"L. Ron Hubbard, one of America's first nuclear physicists, ..." [inside jacket of All About Radiation]. When did he get his degree in nuclear physics? When did he study? Where did he get this degree?

"...L. Ron Hubbard was trained in mathematics, science and engineering at George Washington University, in government at Princeton and has a Doctor of Philosophy degree." [inside jacket of A History of Man] Same questions; where did he get this degree? When? When did he study for this?

"I was a Ph.D., Sequoia's University and therefore a perfectly valid doctor under the laws of the State of California." [HCOPL 14 Feb. 1966 "Doctor Title Abolished"]. In this HCOPL LRH says he does not want to be called "doctor" anymore. Sequoia University was a diploma mill. Was this for the Philosophy or Nuclear Physics degree? When did he study for this?

In Professional Auditor's Bulletin #82, "Scientology, Translator's Edition" 1 May, 1956, by "L. Ron Hubbard, Ph.D. C.E." we have the statement that Scientology "was organized by L. Ron Hubbard, an American, who has many degrees" (Tech. Bulletins, vol. 2, p.406). Let's say "many degrees" means 3, and from the heading we can infer that one of these degrees is a Ph.D. So we're talking a minimum of 5 1/2 years for the 3 B.A.'s or B.S.'s, and another 3 anyway for the Ph.D. Now I challenge all you Scientologists out there to tell me which 8 1/2 years Hubbard was in college. Andy, are you up to it? We know he went 2 years to George Washington University but never finished there. Where else did he go? When? What is the evidence?

I have some of the Shannon research, and he got Hubbard's transcripts from George Washington University. Here are the transcripts;

1930-31 1st semester

English 1/2, Rhetoric       C
General Chemistry 3/4       D
Mechanical Engineering 3/4  B
Analytical Geometry         F
Physical Education          C
First year German           E
Civil Engineering           B

2nd semester

English 1/2 Rhetoric        B
General Chemistry 3/4       D
Mechanical Engineering      C
Physical Education          A
First year German           F
Differential Calculus       F

1931-2  1st semester

Physics, dynamics of sound
and light                   E
Differential Calculus       D
Integral Calculus
Plane Anal. Geometry        D
English, short stories      B

2nd semester

Integral Calculus           D
English, Short Stories      B
Physics, electricity 
and magnetism               D
Nuclear Physics             F

The GPA comes to a D.

And this is the guy who got at least 2 Ph.D.'s??? Wow. Shannon says Hubbard was asked to leave after the second year due to poor grades.

below is from Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper, pages 162,163:

"In his Brief Biography, he said he had graduated from Columbian University and in Who's Who in the Southwest (the claim he supplied the data) he said he graduated in Civil Engineering from George Washington University. (He has sometimes used C.E. after his name.)..." "As for the Princeton School of Government that he says he attended, it was the Princeton School of *Military* Government, and he went there only three months in what was possibly a war service course. Hubbard also claims to have a Ph.D. from Sequoia University. Sequoia was originally called the College of Drugless Healing, and might have been called the College of Instant Learning, since it has been traced by the United Stated government to a residential dwelling in Los Angeles which operated through a post office box and delivered mail order doctorates without the formality of exams, or for that matter, of classroom attendance. In fact, Hubbard didn't even have to pay for that degree - it was an honorary degree for his work in Dianetics. A Harvard student discovered that Hubbard was on the staff of the school..."

"The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet not withstanding go out to meet it." Thucydides

Jeff Jacobsen cultxpt at PO Box 3541 Scottsdale AZ 85271 USA

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An excerpt from a 1968 Granada Video Production


Ex Member Vaughn Young on R2-45

THE LIE. "There are 8 million Scientologists worldwide".

FACT: The highest estimate by reliable sources would be approximately 80,000

FACT: New York City University survey finds 50,000 people claiming to scientologists in the United States


THE LIE: Dianetics is a science.

FACT: Dianetics, while claiming to be 'the new science of the human mind', is in fact only a science in the sense that astrology is a science. In fact, astrology has at least been put through independent scientific study and peer review. There has been no serious scholarly writing on Dianetics outside of some isolated articles in the 50's. The Scientology business, which owns the patents on Dianetics, steadfastly avoids independent research to the efficacy of Dianetics. L. Ron Hubbard's 'research' has yet to beforth coming, and by several accounts of those who knew him, non-existent. Dianetics is a quasi-hypno 'therapy', developed as a commercial product by Hubbard, who held no degrees from accredited institutions.

The Lie: Scientology is a religion, in the commonly understood sensethat Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, etc are religions.

THE FACT: Scientology is the result of L. Ron Hubbard's exploration of what he termed 'the religion angle' in the 50's, as a way to avoid goverment and peer scrutiny of the Dianetics business; the tax advantages of such a move were particularly attractive to Hubbard. At one point, after the 'religion angle' had been put into motion, Hubbard was ordering high profile members of the business to wear ministerial garb as a public relation stunt. Scientology, which prides itself on being a 'bona fide religion' per US court rulings, in fact is seen in many countries in Europe and througout the world as a commercial enterprise, or a 'sect' at best.Germany, having suffered greatly under totalitarian rule in the past,has wisely kept a watch on the Scientology business because of many parallels in the business' recruiting and ideological control methods and those of the nascent National Socialist (Nazi) Party in the1920-30's. Ironically, customers of the Scientology business make rather cynical comparisons between this scrutiny and the real oppression of German Jews and other legitimate religious minorities.

THE LIE: Scientology's scriptures and beliefs are presented truthfully and openly.

FACT: The Scientology business has gone to great trouble to prevent certain core beliefs from reaching potential customers; the first of these being Hubbard's story of Xenu, a galactic warlord who,75 million years ago, depopulated several worlds, froze their inhabitants and used Earth as a dumping ground for these aliens, destroying them with hydrogen bombs after burying them in volcanoes-leaving their 'thetans' (L. Ron Hubbard's attempt to trademark the concept of 'soul') to haunt humanity to this day.

THE LIE: Scientology is compatible with Christianity.

FACT: L. Ron Hubbard in church scripture, said "there is no Christ", that in fact Christ was a mental implant. In their agreement with the IRS, the Scientology business states that members are expected to seek their spiritual answers solely from Scientology. Scientologist spokesmen are on record as saying Scientology is (1) "not aturn-the-other-cheek religion" which puts it in direct opposition tothe teachings of Jesus.

(1) scientologist attorney Earle C Cooley to CNN August 1995


Transcript of TV4 UK with some images
"The evidence is clear and conclusive: Mr Hubbard is a charlatan and
worse as are his wife Mary Sue Hubbard (she has been convicted of criminal
offences in the United States in connection with Scientology and imprisoned) and
the clique at the top privy to the Cult's activities." - Justice Latey ***

Why Scientologists cannot be trusted

Pattern of Lying used to Smear Critics

Image from Hubbards Navy Record

"the above led to the reciept of a complaint against your vessel by mexican authorities'

Early service notes on L Ron Hubbard: It's interesting that he seems to have downplayed his service in the
USMC when he was applying to join the US Navy - maybe he didn't want the
USN recruiters to see the "Not to be re-enlisted" notation in his
service record boo. He did mention it to the War Dept in a letter of 1
Sept 1939, when he tried (and failed) to get into the US Army Air Corps.

"The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background and achievements. The writings and documents in evidence additionally reflect his egoism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile."
California Superior Court Judge Breckenridge on L. Ron Hubbard, 1984

Coming soon to a website near you, the volume in the "Ron" series which
Scientology will never dare publish: "Ron The War Hero", a warts-and-all
account of Hubbard's military career. Highlights include:

* Hubbard's multiple rejections by the US Armed Forces

* The letters of commendation sent to the US Navy - written by Hubbard

* Hubbard's forged service record

* Why Hubbard was pursued for debts and a missing Tommy gun

* Hubbard's non-existent career in "corvettes"

* The truth about the submarine battle that never was

* Hubbard's accidental attack on Mexico

* Hubbard's mysterious duodenal ulcer and his pleas for psychiatric

* L. Fletcher Prouty's claims disowned - by the man himself

* Previously unpublished photos of Hubbard's ships

* Scans of key documents from Hubbard's service record, plus
related background documents

As a taster, here's one of the early chapters. I'm about 50% of the way
through the whole work by now; there will be around 22 sections plus
scans and background documents (I estimate about 4-5Mb of data; 2.27Mb
so far).



If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice.

- The Joker, "Batman: The Killing Joke" (1989)

L. Ron Hubbard was commissioned into the Navy before the war ("A Brief
Biography of L. Ron Hubbard", 1960) or, alternatively, at its outbreak
as a lieutenant (junior grade) ("What Is Scientology?", 1992 ed). He
was ordered to the Philippines on the entry of the US into the war
("What Is Scientology?", 1978 edition). Alternatively, he was landed
from the USS Edsall on the north coast of Java on the same day as Japan
attacked Pearl Harbor. However, he was cut off near Surabaya by
invading Japanese forces in February 1942, and after a trek through the
jungle to the south coast, scrambled into a rubber raft and sailed
across the Timor Sea to within a hundred miles of the Australian coast
before being picked up by a friendly destroyer (Church of Scientology v.
Armstrong, 21 May 1984; also Dan Sherman, LRH Biographer, quoted in
Freedom magazine, Spring 1997).

As a further alternative, he first served in Australia where he
coordinated naval intelligence activities and was Senior Officer Present
Ashore ("L. Ron Hubbard - A Chronicle", 1990). He went to Java as a
counter-intelligence officer to organise relief for beleagured American
forces on Bataan ("Ron The Poet/Lyricist", 1996).

While escaping from the Japanese on Java, he suffered severe injuries
after being machine-gunned in the back (Church of Scientology v.
Armstrong, 21 May 1984). Alternatively, he fractured an ankle while
evading the Japanese ("Ron The Poet/Lyricist", 1996). He was flown home
in the Secretary of the Navy's private plane as the first US casualty
returned from the Far East ("A Brief Biography of L. Ron Hubbard", 1960;
also "Ron The Poet/Lyricist", 1996).

Another alternative states that during 1941-42 he served in Brisbane as
a mail officer manning the only anti-aircraft battery in Australia ("An
interview granted to the Australian Press on January 10th 1963 at Saint
Hill Manor ... by L. Ron Hubbard"). His posting ended when he was
relieved by fifteen officers of rank ("Mission into Time", 1973). As
yet another alternative, in 1941 he rewrote the Hydrographic Office
Publications for the US Navy (Hubbard, "Autobiographical notes for Peter
Tompkins", 6 June 1972).

Arriving back in the US in March 1942, the shortage of skilled officers
was such that he was ordered at once to the command of the former
British corvette, the Mist. He saw service for the remainder of that
year with British and American anti-submarine vessels in the North
Atlantic ("A Brief Biography of L. Ron Hubbard", 1960). He rose to
command the Fourth British Corvette Squadron ("A Short Biography of L.
Ron Hubbard", The Auditor magazine, issue 63).

In 1943, he was transferred to the North Pacific where he was made
Commodore of Corvette Squadrons ("Facts About L. Ron Hubbard - Things
You Should Know", Flag Divisional Directive 69RA of 8 March 1974,
revised 7 April 1974). He fought and sunk one or, alternatively, two
enemy submarines off the Oregon coast in May 1943 ("L. Ron Hubbard - A
Chronicle", 1990; "Ron The Poet/Lyricist", 1996; "L. Ron Hubbard as a
Naval Officer", factsheet circulated by Church of Scientology of unknown
but recent date).

The following years, 1944-45, he worked as an instructor at the Small
Craft Training Center in San Pedro, California ("L. Ron Hubbard - A
Chronicle", 1990). He subsequently served with amphibious forces ("A
Report to Members of Parliament on Scientology", 1968) as Navigation
Officer aboard the USS Algol ("L. Ron Hubbard - A Chronicle", 1990).
Some of his adventures aboard the USS Algol were later made into a
Hollywood film, Mr Roberts, by his screenwriter friends ("A Brief
Biography of L. Ron Hubbard", 1960; also Hubbard, "Autobiographical
notes for Peter Tompkins", 6 June 1972). He later attended Princeton
University as a post-graduate ("A Report to Members of Parliament on
Scientology", 1968) or, alternatively, attended the US Navy's School of
Government at Princeton as a student ("Who's Who in the South and
Southwest", ca. 1963 - entry on Hubbard; also "L. Ron Hubbard - A
Chronicle", 1990). As a further alternative, he saw action aboard a
destroyer in the Aleutians in late 1944 (Jack Williamson, Wonder's
Child: My Life in Science Fiction, 1984).

Hubbard ended the war (in 1944 or, alternatively, 1945) crippled and
blinded after an unexploded shell, which had landed on the deck of his
ship and which he was throwing overboard, exploded in his face (letter
to Hubbard family, quoted by L. Ron Hubbard Jr in letter of 26 January
1973). Alternatively, he had suffered flash-burn injuries to his eyes
while serving as Gunnery Officer aboard the USS Edsall earlier in the
war, resulting in him being declared "legally blind" (Church of
Scientology v. Armstrong, 21 May 1984; also "Ron - Letters and
Journals", 1997). Yet another alternative is that he had been left lame
by shrapnel fragments in hip and back ("Ron - Letters and Journals",
1997). He was taken to Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in California where he
was treated for injured optic nerves and physical injuries to his hip
and back. He was assessed as having "no neurotic or psychotic
tendencies of any kind whatsoever" (Hubbard, "The Story of Dianetics &
Scientology", taped lecture of 1958).

Hubbard's long and heroic service took him to all five theatres of World
War II, for which he was rewarded with 21 medals and palms ("Facts About
L. Ron Hubbard - Things You Should Know", 1974). By applying his own
revolutionary mental therapies, which later became the basis of
Scientology, he recovered so fully that he was reclassified for full
combat duty. He spent a full year in Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in
California and was fully recovered by 1947 ("Research & Discovery
Series" vol. 1, 1980). Alternatively, his final post in the US Navy was
as Provost Marshall in Korea in 1945 ("A Report to Members of Parliament
on Scientology", 1968).

Hubbard was not a man who enjoyed war and had seen enough killing to
last him a lifetime ("What Is Scientology?", 1992 ed). He resigned his
commission rather than assist government research projects and instead
published, in 1948, his "original thesis" on his discoveries about the
mind (FSM magazine, vol. 1 no. 1, 1968).


Confused? The Church of Scientology certainly is. This improbable and
contradictory account was assembled from no less than twenty-one
different sources, nineteen of which were published by the Church of
Scientology itself. Scientology's own websites present no fewer than
three different versions of Hubbard's service career. 1

As this shows, Scientology has been chronically unable to present a
coherent picture of exactly what Hubbard did in the war. This is
remarkable, since every account credits Hubbard's experiences in the war
as being the catalyst for the development of his "science of the mind".
Considering the fundamental importance of this period to Scientology's
origins, it is most peculiar that the organisation has been unable to
settle on a consistent account.

It is not clear whether Hubbard actually wrote all of these biographical
accounts - the only ones indisputably attributable to him are "The Story
of Dianetics & Scientology" lecture, his "Autobiographical notes for
Peter Tompkins" and the "Interview granted to the Australian Press",
plus also probably the accounts cited by Thomas Moulton in Church of
Scientology v. Armstrong, 21 May 1984 and Jack Williamson in Wonder's
Child. The latter two have never been disowned (indeed, Moulton was
acting as a witness for Scientology). Although the Scientology books
and publications quoted are in most cases copyrighted to Hubbard, this
was standard practice in Scientology, even where someone else was
credited as the author.

There can, however, be little doubt that Hubbard approved most if not
all of them. All were published by the Church of Scientology. The
draconian penalties imposed for publishing unauthorised ("squirrel")
material on Scientology would have ensured that executives at the
highest levels would have had to approve their publication, probably
clearing them via Hubbard himself. He was certainly the original source
of the information. There was, quite simply, no other source - the US
Navy did not release his service record until the 1980s. The claim that
he received 21 medals definitely came from him, as shown by a letter
sent on his behalf in May 1974.

As the compilation of accounts above shows, Scientology (which means
Hubbard himself) was careless about consistency in published
biographical accounts. That did not really matter so long as people
could not access his service records, which the US Navy guarded
zealously from all enquirers. Without the benefit of those files,
Scandal of Scientology author Paulette Cooper, for instance, found
herself writing in 1971 that "he was severely injured in the war (and in
fact was in a lifeboat for many days, badly injuring his body and his
eyes in the hot Pacific sun)." She simply did not have any better

The passage of the Freedom of Information Act in 1973 (for which,
ironically, Scientology had campaigned) began to open the floodgates.
Although Hubbard's personnel record remained sealed until his death in
1986, other documents - such as his ships' log books and previously
classified Action Reports - became publicly available. An amateur
researcher, Michael Shannon, had by 1979 amassed "a mountain of material
which included some files that no one else had bothered to get copies of
- for example, the log books of the Navy ships that Hubbard had served
on, and his father's Navy service file". Copies of Shannon's documents
reached official Scientology archivist Gerry Armstrong.

The rosy picture of Hubbard's heroic wartime service ultimately was
shattered in the US courts. Gerry Armstrong had by this time been
declared "Suppressive" and expelled by Scientology for his insistence
that Hubbard's life story had been grossly misrepresented over the
years. He took with him a large number of highly sensitive documents,
including material from Hubbard's Navy and Veterans' Administration
files. He was subsequently taken to court by Scientology in a case that
came to trial in May 1984. A keystone of Armstrong's defence was his
contention that he was right about the incorrectness Hubbard's of
publicised life story. In defence, Scientology put Hubbard's sometime
second-in-command, former Lt. Thomas Moulton, in the witness stand to
testify on Hubbard's war years. The subsequent cross-examination proved
devastating for Scientology, which lost the case. Moulton's testimony
is reproduced in full elsewhere in this website.

The death of Hubbard in January 1986 finally enabled the public release
of his service record. British author Russell Miller apparently was the
first to obtain the full record and published a withering account of
Hubbard's naval career in his 1987 book, Bare-Faced Messiah. Another
British author, Jon Atack, published a slightly expanded account in A
Piece of Blue Sky (1992). This website aims to be the definitive
account, bringing together an online copy of the US Navy and Veterans'
Administration files plus a detailed analysis of Hubbard's career, his
subsequent claims, and related aspects.

* Title is with apologies to Gitta Sereny.

1 See "L. Ron Hubbard - A Chronicle" (
rono.htm); "Ron The Poet/Lyricist" (
ar1.htm); and biographical sketches from "What Is Scientology?", 1992
edition (

Hubbard's Navy War Record on line
See Ron the War Hero

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