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"...Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy... censorship. When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, 'This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,' the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives." --Robert A. Heinlein, -If This Goes On

My Doubt Formula,19 April 2003 by Michael Tilse

I have had my troubles over the years and I need you to read this sincere statement of opinion and belief written with trust in the creed of the Church and the philosophy written by L. Ron Hubbard:

I have been frozen in the midst of an uncertainty since the early 1990s. This acute doubt came about because I thought I had observed within the Church of Scientology a refusal to apply standard policies about justice that were written by the author L. Ron Hubbard. These observations occurred during an effort to put ethics in on a former employer and Church member who committed a crime and suppressive act against me. These events seemed so contrary to what I had studied when I was in the Sea Org and on various courses composed of L. Ron Hubbard’s policy writings that I became despondent and upset.

Being in this doubt condition I sought answers to how these things could have occurred and answers to questions about other events related to L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology that did not make sense to me.

I tried to resolve these questions and my condition of doubt over the years and I paid for and received over 25 intensives of Sec Checks, FPRD and PTS Rundown counseling at AOLA in trying handle any personal issues that were making it persist. I was also trying to get onto L. Ron Hubbard’s advanced counseling levels.

I have come to realize that I have never actually resolved the doubt condition and that all my Church counseling and training, including much of the KTL and Life Orientation Courses, was done while I was in an unhandled lower condition of doubt despite myself having tried sincerely to find out the answers. So I have addressed it.

In accord with working my way through the condition formula to resolve this, as L. Ron Hubbard set it down, I now have to inform both sides of my decision. Since my behavior over the years may have caused you upset or concern, out of my care for you I have to put it here in writing.

The first thing I must tell you is that I have decided who my friends are: My friends are any and all those who care for and love people and who sincerely act to help and support themselves and others. These are people of good will. These friends include many who study the applied philosophy written by the man L. Ron Hubbard and many who do not. My friends have good intentions toward other people and this results in their honesty, willingness to communicate, willingness to look for truth,a sense of fair play, a sense of right and wrong and a sense of justice. By my own personal creed, I truly wish you well. And I wish to continue communication with you, my friends.

I have had over 27 years of association with the philosophy written by the man L. Ron Hubbard. He called it Scientology and said it was an applied religious philosophy. Since October 1975 I have studied various aspects of this philosophy and tried to understand its nature and apply its lessons to my life. During that time I have had some significant positive experiences and life changing results from this study and application. During that time I have also applied this philosophy to others with happy results both for them and myself. I trust these experiences and results and I intend to continue with my study and application of this philosophy.

I have taken to heart many aspects of L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology philosophy. One aspect of this is that he said Truth is the exact time place form and event. A lie is an alteration or omission of the exact time place form and event. Another part I have taken as my own is that L. Ron Hubbard insisted that only his original writings compose the Scientology philosophy and that altered versions of his writings or the writings of others issued under his name must not be done and in fact must be rooted out and destroyed. That the sacred duty of every person who sets out to follow Hubbard’s philosophy is to make sure these writings are kept pure and unaltered.

From my personal acceptance of this philosophy I have applied the doubt formula to things I have been able to observe for myself.

The doubt I experienced was caused by individuals at six levels of the Church of Scientology structure refusing to apply the justice policies written by L. Ron Hubbard. One or two could have been explained as individual out-ethics. I could not believe that it would occur all the way up to RTC unless something was seriously wrong.

Such a possibility set up an extreme conflict within me. If such a simple thing as standard justice actions were being rejected, then perhaps it was only an indicator of far greater out-ethics, perhaps at the International or RTC level. Yet this was the Church I had been in for many years, had supported and that I hoped would deliver me onto my advanced counseling.

The actual activity of Bill Goode, AOLA, LA WISE Charter Committee, WISE INT, International Justice Chief for Reports and Reports Officer Religious Technology Center in my case was to refuse to apply L. Ron Hubbard’s justice policy letters. This was contrary to the written statements of the purpose of these organizations.

Further observation of intention and activities occurred when I wrote up questions I had about the events surrounding L. Ron Hubbard’s death. I had been in the audience at the Hollywood Palladium in January 1986 when David Miscavige of the RTC announced L. Ron Hubbard’s death. He said that L. Ron Hubbard had been in excellent health before his death, that he had gone as far in his philosophical researches as he could with a body and that he had walked over to his bed, lay down and discarded the body so he could do further research without it. Other things were said by Pat Broker, LRH’s aide at the time of his death and he was not contradicted by David Miscavige. Others also spoke, creating the impression through specific statements that LRH had gone on to higher spiritual levels and had left the church in the hands of Pat Broker and Annie Broker and David Miscavige. There was an issue of KSW news that came out shortly after this event which put many of these statements in writing for Scientologists. It included an image of the supposed Flag Order LRH wrote.

Then later I read an issue from David Miscavige which discredited Pat Broker as having been involved in out-ethics and which canceled the purported last Flag Order LRH wrote that appointed Pat and Annie Broker “Loyal Officers”. This raised questions in my mind because whereas before I had been somewhat comfortable with the explanations given at the Palladium event in 1986, I felt that I didn’t know what was true and what was false now that Pat Broker had been discredited. For a long time I had suppressed this uncertainty, but the other events described above awakened this problem in me and I felt I had to resolve it if I was to be honest and straight and fully committed to progress in Scientology. I was back on the LOC in March 1997 when I wrote this:

*Begin letter*

Norman Starkey,
Trustee, LRH Estate
Care of: Author Services International
1710 Ivar Street
Hollywood, CA 90028

Dear Mr. Starkey,

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Michael Leonard Tilse. I have been a Scientologist since October 1975. My case state is Clear and I am a Sponsor of the IAS. I am currently on the Hubbard Life Orientation Course at the Advanced Organization Los Angeles.

While doing the Repair of Past Ethics Conditions on my first dynamic, I have realized that I have some questions that I need to get answered regarding Ron's passing. I have had these questions for a while and by not getting them answered I have had a barrier to my own progress up the bridge.

Some of my attention has stuck in this area and I have also been afraid to address my questions to anyone in the Church for fear that I would be considered disaffected. So it has created a problem for me. But as I am sure you understand, the LOC has a way of ensuring the confront of problems heretofore studiously avoided.

I discussed my need to clear up these questions for myself with my course supervisor, David Berman. He suggested that you would be the person who could best answer my questions or direct me to the correct publications. Hence this letter. It would help me greatly if you would assist me in getting this resolved.

The essential reason I have these questions is that the existing account, (That I am aware of.), of Ron's passing does not make complete sense to me. I was at the event held on January 26,1986 at the Palladium in Hollywood where Ron's passing was announced. David Miscavige, yourself, Mr. Cooley and Pat and Annie Broker spoke there, among others. Shortly thereafter there was an issue of KSW News, (If I recall correctly.), which covered what was presented at the event, including the "Admiral" Flag Order. I also attended an event at LA Org. where Jeannie Bogvad spoke, giving some more information.

It was my understanding from these events that Ron had deliberately departed this life at 8:00pm on January 24, 1986. It was made clear, at least to me, that he knew he was going and planned to go and did so at a specific time. It was also clear that it was not because of illness or accident, but because he had to go to continue his research that could not be done while holding onto a mest body.

Some time after that, the "Admiral" Flag Order was withdrawn or canceled and there was an issue of some kind that Pat Broker had been involved in an unethical situation. This gives rise to my first question:

1. If the "Admiral" Flag Order was written by Pat Broker to aggrandize himself, and not written by Ron, then to my knowledge Ron did not write or speak any direct communication to Scientologists coincident with the time of his passing. This is just impossible for me to believe. One thing that I observed about Ron is that he was always in communication with Scientologists. I just cannot understand that if he knew he would be going, why he would not have issued a "Ron's Journal" or a written message for all Scientologists that assisted us to understand. Such a communication would be in his writing or in his voice so that there would be no doubt. So these two datum don't align: Ron knowing he was leaving and doing it at cause and deliberately and there being no personal message from him for Scientologists.

To my understanding, two things could be the case here: There WAS a communication from Ron at the time of his passing, but I missed it somehow or there was no communication because something happened other than what has been reported. So I need to be directed to that communication if it exists and I need to know the actual events and circumstances. My other questions involve what I need to know about the actual events and circumstances given that what Pat Broker presented is evidently not true.

2. The specifics of Ron's passing:
A. When was the first communication that Ron was dying or going to leave?
i. This would be the specific comm that indicated his passing would occur within hours days or weeks, not his general messages as to him not always being here on guard and the like.
ii. What was the communication?
iii. Who was it directed to and what happened then?
B. Where was he when he died?
C. What was the exact time of his death?
D. What was the actual cause of his death as listed on the death certificate?
E. Did his body fail or did he deliberately leave?
F. Who was physically there with him at the time he died?
G. Were others called by Ron to be there with him at the time he died?
i. Who was called?
ii. How long before he died were they called?
H. How long before he died did he indicate he knew that he was going to leave January 24, 1986?
I. Who signed the death certificate?
J. Why was there no autopsy?
K. Were you there at the time of his death?
L. Did he leave any personal message for his family in the hours or days before his death?
M. Is there any possibility that Ron was murdered?
N. Is there anything about the circumstances of Ron's death that is or would be embarrassing to the Church?
O. Is there anything about the circumstances of Ron's death that is in conflict with the public record and position of the Church or Ron's writings?

I have further questions that are specific to what Pat Broker and Ray Mithoff said at the Palladium event.

3. Questions related to Pat Broker's presentation.
A. What was true and what was false about Pat Broker's comments?
B. What was the out-ethics situation that Pat Broker was involved in?
C. Was the presentation of the supposed OT X "date" true or a fabrication by him?
D. What about the supposed "leaving the body" instructions of OT XV?
E. Was Pat Broker a "plant"?
F. How was it that Pat Broker was believed about the "Admiral" F.O. and the other things he said until after the event?

4. Related to LRH's materials.
A. Given that Pat Broker was supposedly not authorized to access LRH's materials, did he do anything to harm them or alter them or destroy them?
B. Are we sure that ALL of LRH's OT materials were recovered?
C. Who has custody of LRH's upper OT materials and research now?
D. Is it evident from the materials we have that they are complete? How would we know if they are not?
E. Did Pat Broker or other persons make or receive originals or copies of LRH's materials?

5. Misc. questions.
A. I have seen no photos of Ron from 1985 or 1986.
i. Are there pictures of Ron toward the end of his life, at the Creston ranch?
ii. Why haven't they been published?
iii. Did he look strange or different or very old?
B. Will photos from this time of Ron's life ever be published?
C. Was "Excalibur" ever recovered intact? Will it ever be published?
D. Where can I get the true story of what happened to Quentin Hubbard?

As you can probably tell, the whole thing with Pat Broker has brought up a lot of questions with me, which I have not been able to answer. While I understand the theological- Scientological truth that Ron had finished his work and moved on, that does not replace for me the desire to know the exact facts of his passing.

I hope you will take this letter and the questions in it in the sincere manner that I am offering it. Having had these questions for 10 years and feeling that I haven't been told what really happened nor that I can even seek to find out without being thought less of, I have come to the point where I have to get the answers so I can move onward in life and up the Bridge. I would really appreciate your help.
Michael Leonard Tilse
Student, AOLA - Sponsor IAS

*End letter*

You reading this may feel that I was being disrespectful. Yet I felt then and feel now that the death of L. Ron Hubbard is an event comparable to the death of Buddha or Jesus Christ and the actual truth of it, the actual Time, Place Form and Event MUST be known and not become a myth or legend. Truth is the truth. I also felt that honest and candid answers to these questions would go a long way toward restoring my confidence in the Church Management, so shaken by the other events I had experienced.

The only response I have ever received from the Church in answer to these questions, despite having submitted them on the proper lines and 4 to 5 other times to Ethics, C/Ss and several orgs, is when the very nervous LRH Host AOLA, Heather, told me LRH had died of natural causes. She would give me no other information.

Shortly after I sent this letter, I was ordered to Sec Checks at AOLA.

These questions came from my own thought, my own attempts to understand Hubbard’s death and events in the Church. They did not come from someone else, or from something I had read. The 10 intensives of Sec Checks I received from Felix Hackenberg at AOLA proved that I had no evil intentions in asking them nor had I been implanted this lifetime nor was I a “plant” in the Church. The questions were asked sincerely to resolve problems *I* was having, not to be destructive of the Church. At the end of the Sec Checks, I still wanted the actual true answers to these questions.

Since I had never received any actual responsive answer since 1997 when I first submitted it, in January 2003 I began to search for the answers to the above questions. In nearly 6 years, despite repeated requests, no answers had come from the Church.

I have given a lot of thought to what I now have to tell you. Finally, I decided that no matter how mad or upset you might be with me because of this communication, as a true friend I must tell you now, rather than have you upset and mad at me in the future for not telling now.

I found on the Internet World Wide Web scanned images and typed text that purported to be the death certificate and the coroner’s investigation report and the results of the toxicology screen of LRH’s blood taken from his body after his death.

I found these documents very disturbing. In fact, if these were true, then David Miscavige and Pat Broker and Ray Mithoff and the others had blatantly LIED to me at the Palladium event in January 1986. LRH’s death was not at all what they had described. And within the contents of these documents were very suspicious events.

I felt that I had to verify for myself the veracity of these specific documents. In February 2003 I traveled to San Luis Obispo California and visited the County Clerk’s office. There I viewed and received a certified copy of the Death Certificate of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

I then traveled to the Sheriff’s department of San Luis Obispo County and went to the Detective and Coroner’s department. The Detectives also do Coroner’s investigations. I received copies from their own files of the 1986 Coroner’s investigation and the toxicology report that related to LRH’s death.

They were better copies than what I had found on the web, but were otherwise the same documents.

This shocking information caused me to seek other information. Since it is second hand, I will not share it but it consists of various transcripts of testimony and depositions under oath in various court cases, including challenges to LRH’s will and trust documents brought by hundreds of former Scientologists. Had I known the contents of the documents in 1986 I believe I would myself have joined such lawsuits. It is reported that the Church of Scientology settled these suits by paying out millions and millions of dollars and getting in return “gag agreements” that prevent those who it paid money to from saying anything about the issues in the suits.

It is now quite clear to me by the Church’s subsequent behavior that by asking Mr. Starkey my questions I missed many large withholds. The events that occurred at Ron’s death were concealed from Scientologists and even the Coroner’s investigator appears to have been misdirected about the content of the Will LRH supposedly signed about seven days after the stroke and the day before he died.

Other information I have found is very disturbing: Books authored by L. Ron Hubbard and now being published supposedly as “new editions” by L. Ron Hubbard Library have been altered from the original text. In some cases, entire chapters are deleted and others added. In most cases various wording is being changed or paragraphs deleted. There are many many reports of changes to tapes and tape transcripts. Deletions and alterations in word sequence are examples. These changes can only be detected by listening word for word and comparing the original reel-to-reel tapes with the newly issued versions.

You are familiar with the revisions being made to HCOBs even 14 or more years after LRH’s death. This ongoing changing of the technology does not seem correct to me.

Some folks may say that by looking at information on the internet I expose myself to entheta and risk ruining my case with upper level material. I would have to agree that there is some risk. However I have no interest in reading the supposed “upper level material” until I am ready and I can discover for myself if the Church is off the rails just by obtaining publicly available documents such as the coroner’s report and death certificate and realizing I was lied to.

And I have verified for myself that alterations are being made to the actual writings of L. Ron Hubbard.

In just the 1998 edition of “Introduction to Scientology Ethics” authored by the “L. Ron Hubbard Library”,

(“L. Ron Hubbard Library is also known as “Church of Spiritual Technology”, which was founded in 1982 by one “scientologist”, two tax attorneys and Meade Emory, a former assistant commissioner of the IRS. In 1982 when CST was founded, the IRS was still named a suppressive group. Meade Emory, a founder, was a former member of the IRS and per HCOPL 29 June 1968, “Enrollment in Suppressive Groups”, “Such persons may not be employed by orgs or offices and if found employed in any center that mission charter will be canceled”. How can it be then that he founded what is now the highest level organization, even above RTC, in Scientology?),

In 1 hour of examination I have discovered the deletion of two LRH essays, (that are in the 1974 edition),”The purpose of Ethics” and “Safeguarding Technology” and the addition of over 480 words to the essay “Rewards and Penalties”.

In the 1988 Edition of “A New Slant On Life” (Authored by the L. Ron Hubbard Library”) I compared against the 1975 printing of “Scientology A New Slant On Life” by L. Ron Hubbard, I find that the following nine chapters are omitted: “The Reason Why”; “The Conditions of Existence”; “Myths of the Mind”; “The Man Who Succeeds”; “On the Death of Consciousness”; “Accent on Ability”; “Freedom vs. Entrapment”; “The Human Mind”; and “Communication”. There were also twelve other chapters added. This is alteration and deletion on a large scale. Even though the added chapters seem to be from L. Ron Hubbard’s other writings this is still major alteration. And deletion can not be justified.

There is much, much more to all this. What I have put down here is only a tiny bit of the picture. There are many long time members, highly trained and audited, and former top executives who are exposing the exact time place form and event of these FACTS. I am fully willing to speak to anyone on what I know and where to look. In fact, the prohibition of LOOKING, fear of being expelled, of losing the “upper levels” kept me from finding out what I had to know for many years. Prohibition of communication is a kind of implant.

Because I now know that even the so called “tech” being delivered by the so called “Scientology Religion” is not the actual pure and unaltered writings of L. Ron Hubbard I can tell you that the “Scientology Religion” is not the Scientology applied religious philosophy L. Ron Hubbard authored. I was cleverly defrauded by wording designed to confuse me into believing they are the same thing. They are not the same. Look for the words “Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard”. That is not the same as the words: “By L. Ron Hubbard.” Because of this fraud, any and all documents, bonds, agreements or waivers that I may have agreed or signed with regard to any aspect of the Church of Scientology, the “Scientology Religion” or any associated group were obtained by fraud and are thus invalid.

ALL the monies I paid into these so called “Scientology” organizations or the International Association of Scientologists were given by me only because I was led to believe I was supporting, protecting and paying for pure and unaltered Scientology applied religious philosophy as authored by L. Ron Hubbard and that these organizations were ethical and legitimate in all their aspects. All these monies were obtained by fraud because NONE of these organizations has delivered pure and unaltered Scientology applied religious philosophy nor are all their activities ethical or even legal. Further, the various organizations of the “Scientology Religion” are deeply involved in numerous lawsuits and trials around the world due to the criminal and unethical acts of their own members, staff and executives. And IAS monies are being used to pay to defend the perpetrators of these crimes.

So I have had to make that distinction. The “Scientology Religion” composed of Orgs, Missions, Advanced Orgs, Flag, the Freewinds ship, RTC, Church of Spiritual Technology, etc., is NOT composed of and is NOT FORWARDING the pure and unaltered Scientology applied religious philosophy as authored by L. Ron Hubbard. They are doing something else.

All this has shaken my stable data of the “Church”. My new stable data is the writings and editions and tapes issued as authored by Ron before he died.

I’m sorry that this may all be upsetting. It probably is. But I have to tell you all this so I am honest and straight with you.

I also urge you to not take my word for it. Do your own investigation. Insist on KSW for yourself. Compare books, tapes and HCOBs word for word and discover what has been changed. If you find something has been changed since Ron’s death, ask to see the directions for the changes as Ron wrote them, in his actual handwriting. It is not entheta or disloyal to ask to see the actual source, it is only KSW.

Do as I did and obtain the actual information about Ron’s death, the suspect will, the challenges that were made. Do not accept my word or the Churches word, find and read the actual documents, form your own questions. Compare it to what you have actually seen and experienced being in and around the “Church”.

Find out for yourself how many, what percentage, of people who have made it onto the “upper levels” are either dying of cancer, dropping off the bridge or leaving the “Scientology Religion” altogether. Then make your own conclusions.

You may ask, “What about my wins?”. I have this to say: What real results one gets and which draws us onward is the real unchanged L. Ron Hubbard tech that is still there, that is still delivered by people of good will, which seeps through the alterations. I have had many wins with real L. Ron Hubbard writings and tech. That is my stable data.

There are people and staff still within the Church who are still trying to deliver pure L. Ron Hubbard. They are hampered or stopped by the pervasive alterations.

I believe that the lower level courses, VM program and auditing are being kept fairly straight as a way to continue to draw new people into the Church as an income source. But alterations in the technical bulletins and training of auditors have resulted in many problems with upper level auditing. I don’t think an unaltered upper bridge that actually delivers the promised EPs is there any more.

And for many years I and others have been hammered repeatedly about all manner of “attacks” and impending chaos in order to pry ever more money out of our parishioner pockets.

One only has to read the felony indictments of Flag in the Lisa McPherson case, read about the missing caretaker logs and the condition of Lisa at the time of her death to know that the 17 day “Introspection Rundown” isolation watch that ended with her death was very, very, very far from any correct LRH technology, yet it took place at the “Mecca of Technical Perfection” and it is being vigorously defended by CSI, RTC and OSA and IAS money. My monies are being spent to evade the consequences of what is to me an absolutely CRIMINAL act done by staff and executives of Flag. And it outrages me.

Ron wrote in HCOB 14 September 1971R Issue V, Revised 3 February 1975, Solo C/S Series 1R, Solo Auditors Rights: “Integrity is a hallmark of Dianetics and Scientology”. The actions of the “Scientology Religion” that have been kept from the view of its members have nothing of integrity in them.

I do not believe that a “Scientology Religion” which alters source materials, lies to its members and evades responsibility for it’s criminal acts by abusing the legal system should be supported.

I do believe that the actual true unaltered Scientology applied religious philosophy as authored by L. Ron Hubbard should be supported and helped.

Another portion of the doubt formula is to view my own intentions and activities. I have. I find my stats miserable and there are many things about myself I wish were different. But I also now can see that I was not delivered in auditing and on courses the tech as Ron wrote it. Not one course or auditing action I received since the late 80’s was untarnished by out-tech, alterations, or evaluation and invalidation by church staff. And I was PTS to the suppression of an off the rails church which was sec checking me for missing it’s withholds. It is so strange that I believe that at the end some sort of “Reverse Auditing” was being done.

So I in consulting my own experiences and observations have been able to establish that where I have fallen down is by letting myself be convinced against my own knowingness and understanding that the “Scientology Religion” was the same thing as Scientology. And being fooled into supporting it and by duress of losing my future keeping myself from examining the actual time place form and event of the most critical incident, Ron’s death. Once I began to pull the strings on that event, the whole fabric of illusion created by the RTC, CSI, CST and OSA began to unravel. The fraud and deceit was revealed.

So I befriend all persons of good will regardless of their affiliation with any “church”. I befriend L. Ron Hubbard and accept his Legacy of the Tech.

I have no desire to be in conflict with or an enemy of the “Scientology Religion”. I do demand returned to me all the monies defrauded of me. I know that those who manufacture the feeling that I am a threat may, contrary to all LRH wrote to us about the confidentiality of our confessional records, ethics records and such like, cull my P.C. folders and other confidential records for “juicy” items, supposed crimes or overts or things that would make you think less of me, and use them to Black PR me or “Dead Agent” me or destroy my life and future. To the degree they do this you know that they have no actual regard for the sanctity of auditing but only a thirst for my destruction. They may wish to punish me for publishing this doubt formula. If they do it, it is just more fraud compounded upon what they have already done.

Thank you.

Michael Leonard Tilse

This essay is written as an exercise of freedom of speech and the exercise of my own spiritual beliefs. It is also copyright 2003 Michael Leonard Tilse, all rights reserved. It may be republished in it’s unaltered entirety with signature and copyright notice intact if you desire to pass it on by email or by printed copy. It may not be excerpted for any reason and expressly may not be copied or excerpted or passed on within any “Scientology” or “Scientology Religion” organization for any purpose or “procedure” of such an organization. This essay is written to individuals.

My demand for a refund from Scientology:


19 April 2003

*addresses deleted*

Dear Registered Agents, Churches and David Miscavige,

Michael Leonard Tilse hereby declares these true facts to all concerned:

My name is Michael Leonard Tilse.

I am over the age of 18.

The statements herein are of my own personal knowledge and research reading and I can testify competently thereto.

I first encountered the Church of Scientology in mid-October, 1975 at the so-called Church of Scientology San Francisco Organization, then on Mason Street.

On or about 13 January 2003 and thereafter I became aware of having been defrauded by the so called Church of Scientology, the Scientology Religion and various of its affiliates and organizations of its overall ecclesiastical and corporate structure, (the Church), in a number of ways as set forth in in this document.

Since October 1975 The Church has defrauded me by representing to me that it is the most ethical and law abiding group on the planet so as to secure my continued membership, contribution, support and monetary donations.

Whereas as revealed in sworn testimony I have now read from various court cases the actual truth is that at all times since at least October 1975 there have been members, staff members and executives of the Church, who have been involved in crimes as a matter of the normal operation of the Church. Examples are the the Church’s Guardian’s Office department members who pleaded guilty and agreed to all the crimes mentioned in the governments stipulation of evidence in the case of US vs. Mary Sue Hubbard, who then went to jail.

In 1976 when I was on staff at the Church, San Francisco, the Guardian’s Office staff at San Francisco Organization approached me to borrow a miniature “Minolta 16” camera from me so they could photograph documents when they did their breaking and entering capers. At the time I did not realize that this was actually criminal acts that were being planned. I have since read testimony of 70’s Church Guardian Office staff who relate the criminal operations of this group.

I have read accounts of the Church Office of Special Affairs using its operatives to impersonate Spanish policeman in an operation conducted to intimidate ex-scientologists in Spain.

I have read testimony of former staff of the Church Author Services, Inc., about David Miscavige as Chairman of the Board of Author Services, Inc., as head of this for-profit corporation, (in the 80’s), taking millions of dollars out of the nonprofit status Church of Scientology and Scientology Missions for the use and inurement of L. Ron Hubbard. One of these depositions was from Jesse Prince whom I had known while I was in the Church Sea Organization during 1977-1978.

I was never told these facts. I would never have joined or stayed in a group that I knew was engaged in such crimes.

When I was in the Church Sea Organization in 1978 I was ordered to destroy documents which I now realize were material evidence in Federal investigations as to the continued influence and intimate control of the Church of Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard when such control and influence was illegal due to the nonprofit status of the Church. I was not told that destroying these documents was a crime and that such control and influence were subjects of investigation even though there is testimony and recorded tapes from that time that show that executives within the Church at the time knew and discussed these exact facts.

I feel that my personal reputation and integrity has been blackened by having been ordered to commit this crime and my having done it because I was told at the time it was not unethical or a crime. Had I known it was a crime I never would have done it.

In 1975 and at all times thereafter the various “Churches of Scientology” I have associated with have defrauded me by falsely representing to me that the various files about me kept in the organizations such as “P.C.” folders, or “Confessional Formulary” files, “ethics files”, “student files” and staff applications and other Church records regarding me are confidential and are only used for internal Church purposes to deliver the elements of the Scientology applied religious philosophy.

I was specifically told this when, after doing the “Communication Course”, (Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist Course), in October 1975 in the San Francisco Church of Scientology on Mason Street, I was very upset after I had read articles in the “British Statesman” at San Francisco public library. These were articles about the Church which told of the Church of Scientology in England using the contents of staff applications and auditing sessions against ex-members.

When I brought these articles and the statements in them to the attention of Bill Steiner the then ethics officer of the San Francisco Church of Scientology as causing fears that I had had while doing the ”life History” section of the staff application form, specifically that this information could be used against me, He assured me that all of it was confidential and would never be used against me as a matter of Church policy and that the articles in the British Statesman were lies.

It was fundamental to my agreement to remain in the Church as a member at that time and after and then to join Church staff in February 1976 and after, that I was assured the information I was giving the Church in the staff application, other communications and in auditing sessions about my sex life, childhood wrongdoing, family members, etc., would NEVER be used against me.

It is part of the public policy of the Church that “auditing” or “P.C.” files are to be kept secret and confidential. These folders are even marked “confessional formulary.”

I now discover through reading sworn testimony that it is common practice and is even written in Church Guardian’s Office and Church Office of Special Affairs confidential and secret policy to search and extract or “cull” P.C. files and other files of individuals who are ex-members, for crimes or sexual events or any other embarrassing information and “buttons” that can then used to harass, intimidate and destroy the lives of those who have left the Church, testify in court to Church crimes and activities or those who are critics or reformers who speak out about Church abuses.

There is sworn testimony in court cases, such as the so-called “Wollersheim” case in which former members of the Church Guardian’s Office or the Church Office of Special Affairs have testified to the fact of the practice of using such confidential information to harass and intimidate ex-members and spread information to their families, friends and employers in order to destroy their lives and reputations. I believe that the actual written Church policies have also been entered into evidence in court cases.

Had I been told by the Church that such materials and information obtained from members had ever been used or would or could be used against anyone who had left the Church I would not have associated myself or remained associated with the Church nor given them any money for counseling or training.

I was defrauded by the false assurance of the Church in its policy and by its executives that the Church adhered to and delivered only the pure and unaltered Scientology applied religious philosophy as written by the man L. Ron Hubbard.

In my many years of taking Church courses I was required to read the L. Ron Hubbard written policy known as “Keeping Scientology Working” many times and I have been assured many times by this policy and by written Public Relations articles in magazines, bulletins, local announcements, and at group events by executives such as David Miscavige that the Church adhered to and delivered only the pure and unaltered works of L. Ron Hubbard.

Yet now I find that L. Ron Hubbard’s technical bulletins, books, tapes and policy are being reissued by the Church with deletions, additions and wording changes as many as 16 years after he has died, which changes cannot be traced back to any original verifiable L. Ron Hubbard handwritten directives for such changes.

I have personally verified deletions, additions and changes to several books which have been published by the Church publishing organization Bridge Publications as being copyrighted by the L. Ron Hubbard Library and which are sold in bookstores. These include the “Introduction to Scientology Ethics” book and the “New Slant on Life” book. These books are designed to confuse readers by including the words “L. Ron Hubbard” in the title and represent that they are “new” editions of similarly titled books actually authored by L. Ron Hubbard. These altered editions are then used by the Church to deliver training courses and counseling and other activities which are represented as being the pure Scientology applied religious philosophy as authored by L. Ron Hubbard.

There are many reports of other books, tapes and other writings by L. Ron Hubbard being issued after his death that contain additions, alterations and deletions as compared to the original published tapes, books and articles. These include changes in the technical application of the Scientology applied religious philosophy, something which L. Ron Hubbard specifically warned against.

This is a fraud on me as I was led to believe only pure L. Ron Hubbard writings and lectures would be delivered to me as a student and as a person receiving counseling and such confidence was the basis for my donations of funds for training, counseling and membership. Gaining my confidence and selling me on the basis of this promise of pure and unaltered technology and philosophy and then delivering to me an altered version with changes not traceable to actual works provably written by L. Ron Hubbard is complete fraud.

I would not have continued to support the Church or donated time, effort or money to it had I known it was delivering something else than pure and unaltered L. Ron Hubbard technology and writings.

I was defrauded when I was convinced to donate money to the Church International Association of Scientologists by being told the falsehood that the International Association of Scientologists and its money collecting organizations such as the West US IAS Membership Tour, the US IAS Members Trust or others, were solely established for and operated to “Unite, Support, Advance and Protect Scientology applied religious philosophy...” when the truth was quite different.

I was sold an IAS membership and pressured into further donations to the IAS on the basis it was to protect the scientology applied religious philosophy. Many “briefings” were given me in the sales efforts of IAS registrars such as Howard Becker, Bridgett Kelleher and Michael Roberts, in which stories of “attacks on Scientology” in countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and France were used to convince me that I had to urgently give them them money to “Protect Scientology”.

Such registrars as Howard Becker and Michael Roberts even came to my house uninvited and verbally “double-teamed” me, playing on my “buttons” of my desire to help and support my religious philosophy for hours until I was emotionally beaten into giving them more money for the IAS. I was made to feel guilty if I did not give them more money. I had to forcefully ask them to leave more than once. One time I had to flee my own house because they were putting so much manipulative emotional pressure on me.

I now know that in fact IAS monies have been used to defend church staff, executives and organizations from the consequences of their own criminal acts as in the so-called “Crusade” against the Larry Wollersheim Case, the David Mayo case and now currently the Lisa McPherson case.

I have now read testimony and reports that the so-called “attacks” in Spain, Germany and France were in fact caused by the unethical and criminal acts and the financial crimes of Church members, staff and executives and these so-called “attacks” were actually legitimate judicial investigations, inquiries, trials and lawsuits brought by Governments who had actual evidence, not some fabricated conspiracy.

Furthermore, the IAS is represented as the official membership organization of the Scientology Religion yet it was not created by L. Ron Hubbard, it was not authorized by L. Ron Hubbard, nor was the policy accepting it as the membership organization of the Church of Scientology written by L. Ron Hubbard. Even the whole issue type of this policy, known as a “Scientology Policy Directive” was never authorized by L. Ron Hubbard.

Protecting staff, executives and organizations from the consequence of their crimes is a false and fraudulent use of the monies I donated for the protection of the Scientology applied religious philosophy and had I known this money was going to be used in that way, I would never have donated it.

I have been convinced under the false pretenses above to donate of USD $31,867.00 to the IAS via various organizations such as the West US IAS Membership Tour and the US IAS Members Trust and by such registrars as Howard Becker and Michael Roberts and also Ted Bronson of the IAS office aboard the Church vessel known as the “Freewinds”. I would imagine that would thus be an International monetary crime since the ship was in the Caribbean at the time of that registration effort and my donation.

It is known to me that the Church organization known as CMO International ordered the IAS to refund money involved in another fraud and this demonstrates that the IAS and its associated organizations are in fact an inseparable part of the overall Church structure.

I hereby DEMAND full repayment of all monies and the value of all stock as credited to my IAS account with no delay or argument.

I was defrauded into contributing time, effort, support and monies to the Church by a false and clever wording of documents and promotion pieces designed to convince me that the “Scientology Religion” composed of these Churches was the same thing as the “Scientology applied religious philosophy” as authored by the man L. Ron Hubbard.

My continued membership in the Church has always been based on my desire to personally benefit and secure for others benefit from the Scientology applied religious philosophy as authored by the man L. Ron Hubbard. This personal desire has cleverly and fraudulently been diverted into support for and agreements signed with organizations of the Church “Scientology Religion” through being presented with documents and advertising containing clever and deceptive wording designed to convince me that they are the same thing. They are not. In fact the lawyers for the Church of Scientology have argued in court that the “Scientology Religion” has no legal obligation to adhere to any of the writings of L. Ron Hubbard.

My interest and participation in the Church has been in part to attain the promised spiritual awareness and abilities of the Scientology philosophy “upper levels” known as the “”OT levels”. These “OT Levels” are the basis for the promise of “Total Freedom” and “Immortality as a Spiritual Being” made in the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. The possibility of being denied access to these “OT Levels” is a matter of huge duress to me. I have been fraudulently induced into signing agreements, waivers and other documents with the Church, (Such as the Advanced Organization Los Angeles and the American Saint Hill Organization, the RTC and possibly others), under the duress of not being allowed access to these “OT Levels”. It was made clear to me by staff and executives and the documents themselves that if I did not enter into these agreements and sign these documents I would not be allowed access to these “OT Levels”.

Yet per testimony of people who have studied these “OT Level” documents, the “Scientology Religion” and its Churches are not delivering pure unaltered L. Ron Hubbard writings for these levels and thus they are factually NOT available within the Church. Thus all agreements I have made with any of these organizations and any documents I have signed of any kind with them are invalid due to this fraud and duress upon me.

I was defrauded of legally required minimum wages in the 2-1/2 years of work I did for various Churches as a staff member.

When I was a staff member in the Church I was told I was working for a charitable organization and later that I was in a religious fellowship, (The Sea Org). However, I was not told at any time during my tenure on staff that the Church actually was involved in crimes, was involving me in crimes and that it had its nonprofit status under review, such status had been revoked or that funds being collected by the Church were inuring to for-profit organizations, (Author Services, Inc.), and to individuals. Thus the so-called Churches should have in fact been paying me at least minimum wages for work.

Confidential parishioners donation records of mine have been sent to the IRS without my knowledge or agreement.

In 2000, (as I remember it), I was notified of an IRS audit of my taxes for 1998. In the course of collecting information about this I found that my 1999 parishioner’s statement from the Church Advanced Organization Los Angeles was in error with nonsensical computer generated characters that made the statement values incorrect. I was disturbed about this because the IRS was also requesting my 1999 returns and documents. I spoke to Marc Jefferson, the Director of Income at the Advanced Organization Los Angeles. When I told him he would have to give me a corrected statement to send to the IRS, he told me that the church had already provided the parishioners statement information to the IRS independently as part of its tax compliance program. It was clear he was not speaking of a 1099 form or a summary, but the actual detailed parishioner’s statement. I was outraged by this.

I was never told prior to this that the Church organizations had a practice of sending by unrevealed separate channels the information about my church donations to the IRS. I was never asked to agree to this and never would have agreed to this.

This practice of the Church makes them an agent of the IRS which is a violation of my privacy, a fraud upon me because I never would have agreed to this practice and possibly a violation of laws regarding government interference with religion.

In order to fraudulently induce me to continue my membership, support and money donations to the Church and the “Scientology Religion”, David Miscavige, Pat Broker, Ray Mithoff, Earle Cooley, Annie Broker, Norman Starkey and possibly others conspired to hide from me the actual events and circumstances of L. Ron Hubbard’s death. They did this by fabrication of a so-called “Acceptable Truth” which then became the LIE that that they individually and together told at the Hollywood Palladium event in January 1986 to assembled members of the Church, which audience included me personally.

The actual facts of L. Ron Hubbard’s death include that he had a stroke nearly 8 days before he died, that the attending physician, Dr. Denk, had informed the coroner’s investigator that L. Ron Hubbard had exhibited dysphraisia after the stroke, that he had Vistaril tranquilizer in his blood at his death and that 11-1/2 hours passed before anyone called the funeral home to report his death. And especially, suspiciously, that he supposedly had signed a new will on the day before his death.

Per testimony, there also appears to have been no effort on the part of these church corporation executives to inform Hubbard’s wife or children of his sickness and impending death, nor to allow them to attend the body, be involved with the investigation or attend the cremation of the body.

These facts which are alarming in the extreme to anyone who has been involved with Scientology for any length of time were carefully omitted from the fabricated story told at the Hollywood Palladium event in January 1986.

The continued conspiracy included fraudulently concealing from me and other Church members that there were many challenges filed to the last will of L. Ron Hubbard and the probate of his estate which the church then paid out millions of dollars to settle and obtain “gag agreements” from those challengers.

Had I been informed of the actual facts of L. Ron Hubbard’s death and its suspicious circumstances I would have personally supported independent investigation of it and challenge to the probate and probably would have joined the challenges myself. I certainly would not have accepted the story I had been told by these executives.

In 1997, when I did start asking Church executive and estate executor Norman Starkey questions about L. Ron Hubbard’s death I was refused answers to my specific questions and I was ordered to undergo counseling at my expense which attempted to find out the source of my questions. This was sold to me as part of my “OT Preps” and it was clear I would not be allowed on the “OT Levels” without this “handling”. This is intimidation and duress for trying to find out the truth.

Also under the duress of being denied my “OT Levels” if I did not sign, I was given a document and fraudulently induced to sign an agreement that I be subjected to the so-called “Introspection Rundown” if the Church decided it was the appropriate “Spiritual” procedure by its estimation and that this could include my being held isolated from family, friends or legal representation and that I could not rescind this legal agreement.

At the time I was being induced to sign this agreement, the Church withheld from me that at the Church organization known as Flag, Lisa McPherson had in 1995 been held against her will on the so-called “Introspection Rundown” for 17 days and had died while under the care of the Church staff and executives. Nor did they disclose to me that Flag was the subject of two felony indictments in this death. I would not have signed this agreement or donated further monies to the Church had I known the facts of this case.

I hereby declare that any agreement I may have signed or otherwise entered into that grants any Church organization, member, staff member or executive the right to subject me to any procedure or counseling, including the “Introspection Rundown”, is invalid, false, illegal and fraudulent and has no force nor may it be enforced upon me in any way.

I personally can testify that the Church Religious Technology Center has received stolen property and that I was told how the RTC then used it.

I personally can testify that the Church Advanced Organization, WISE, Church of Scientology International and the RTC knew that a crime had been committed against me by another member of the Church and all these organizations refused to follow the L. Ron Hubbard justice policies that I cited to remedy the situation. This is evidence that the Church in practice feels that it has no duty to follow the writings of L. Ron Hubbard but is instead following some other divergent writings.

I personally can testify that the Church Advanced Organization, American Saint Hill Organization and the Flag Service Organization have known of an actual crime against me by a member in good standing with these organizations, yet have not taken any effective steps that I know of to get this member to remedy his crime, but instead have questioned me as to my ethics and have threatened me with denial of access to the “OT Levels” and expulsion from the Church.

I can testify that I was told in “briefings” during the so-called “Wollersheim” trial that when the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) was created in 1984, millions of dollars were transferred from the Church of Scientology of California into the IAS by the ruse of the Church donating $2000.00 “Lifetime Memberships” for each staff member in the Church at the time so as to deplete the assets of the CSC and thus deny payment in the event of loss of lawsuits.

I can testify that this scheme of buying IAS memberships for staff members occurred when I was myself on staff in the Sea Org at Scientology Missions International, yet I was subsequently reguired to purchase an annual membership in the IAS, and later purchased a Lifetime membership even though it supposedly had been previously bought by Church of Scientology of California.

I can testify that while on staff at Scientology Missions International, I observed that the international statistics were being falsified.

In my experience in the Church since 1975 I have been told many times by the Church that critics of the Church tell only lies and distortions and that reading the comments of or communication with such critics or ex-scientologists can upset me and that the fact of my doing so can be used to deny me access to the “OT Levels” or even membership in the Church.

Because of this duress and fear of being denied attaining the promised spiritual awareness and ability of the “OT Levels”, that I was also told was only available within the Church, I kept myself from reading information that was critical of the Church. Instead because I had questions born of my own personal observations of the Church’s refusal to follow the writings of L. Ron Hubbard within the Church and because specifically I questioned the story that had been told about L. Ron Hubbard’s death, in 1997 I wrote to Norman Starkey, who is executor of L. Ron Hubbard’s estate, asking him questions so I could determine the true story of L. Ron Hubbard’s death, including asking what was on the death certificate and what the coroner had reported.

Between 1997 and 2003 the only answer I received from the Church was that L. Ron Hubbard had died of natural causes. This was not a responsive answer to my detailed and extensive questions. The Church had received from me many communications that it was important to my own peace of mind and continued participation in the Church that I have these questions honestly and responsively answered.

In January 2003, after almost six years of being denied within the Church answers that would resolve my personal doubts, I finally began to research using the Internet to find the answers to my questions.

Only after I had become convinced that I would never be answered and that I also would never be allowed access to the “OT Levels” because I kept asking these questions, did I then break from the prohibition of the Church against communication with information from critics or ex-scientologists. I began to read postings regarding facts of the death of L. Ron Hubbard and other reports and only then did I realize that I had been lied to by the Church.

I verified for myself that the postings were true and correct by obtaining official documents from the County of San Luis Obispo in California.

In further research on the Internet I came across various postings of court testimony, depositions, historical records, documents, official filings and personal writings having to do with the Church and its history and activities.

There are a number of these sworn testimony postings which confirm my own experiences within the Church and which are by people I had met or known of. Many of these ex-members had been in the Church as long or longer than myself.

Only after I read these various information sources did I become aware of the way in which the Church has defrauded me in many areas since 1975, as detailed in this document, by withholding from me the actual truth about its secret policies and activities and the actual truth about the various court cases and “attacks”. Had I not been prohibited from researching this information by the intimidation of the Church, I would long ago have sought out this information and severed my association with the Church and demanded my money back. The duress of never being allowed access to the “OT Levels” and the general intimidation of the Church against members finding out critical information about it is a fundamental part of the fraud it perpetrated upon me.

The Church in fact has paid refunds and repayments and court awards to many ex-Scientologists including Larry Wollersheim, Greg and Deborah Barnes, Loretta Miscavige, Virginia McClaughry, Tory Christman and others. Many of the points of fraud I have brought up in this document have been issues in litigation which the Church has lost.

I refuse to have my money held hostage in exchange for waivers or gag agreements. I will not sign any waiver of rights or “gag agreement” in order to get my own money which was, as detailed in this documents, swindled from me by fraud.

I cannot sign any promise not to sue or testify against the Church in the future because I cannot guess in what way the Church may harass me, intimidate me, commit criminal acts against me or otherwise create grounds for such prosecution or lawsuit against itself. An example would be using any information contained in counseling or auditing or P.C. files or other files in any way. Such an act would be completely against the law due to the promises which the Church made to me as to confidentiality of these files and I would therefor have to seek criminal prosecution and civil suit.

I will not sign any waivers because I cannot know at present if or when some future criminal prosecution or civil action against the Church may name me as a party along with the Church due to my long association with it. Also, it is part of my inalienable rights and my duty to speak out about criminal and fraudulent acts and thus I cannot sign any gag agreement that would prevent me from communication of what I know.

I will not sign any “gag agreement” because I am a writer and the memories, experiences and documents I have accumulated in my 27 years of association with the Church are a vital part of what I have to write about. Any such agreement would thus impair my future prospects as a writer, a further fraud.

It has been reported that the “Freewinds” ship, on which I spent 10 days doing Church activities, is contaminated with asbestos and thus I could have been exposed. It is conceivable that I may have a cause of action against the Church should I develop illness as a consequence.

In 1977 while working as staff for the Church on renovations of the Church “Complex” which had been the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, I was exposed to large amounts of asbestos containing dust from the sanding of asbestos content drywall “mud” that was being used in those renovations. I was also involved with removing piping and pipe insulation from the hospital laundry room as part of the renovations and was likely exposed to asbestos from the pipe insulation dust there and in the boiler room and from other renovation debris.

I was exposed to large quantities of dust at the Hollywood Guarantee Building when I participated in the demolition of the interior structures during it’s renovation while doing a Church required “amends” project. Since this was an old building, it is likely this dust was contaminated with everything from lead paint to asbestos.

Should I have or develop illness or injury related to these exposures I would have to initiate legal actions against the Church for damages.

I have read reports that the massive quantities of vitamins ingested by a person doing the Church “Purification Rundown” may cause liver and other cellular damage.

I was put on the “Purification Rundown” in 1979 while I was in the Sea Org at Cedars Estates Service Organization and I was on it for 60 days. During those 60 days I consumed the massive quantities, “megadoses”, of vitamins which I was told to take by the Case Supervisor of the Church New World Corps who was in charge of my progress.

In addition I again was on the Church “Purification Rundown” in the late 1980s, taking the vitamins I was directed to and doing the sauna and exercise as directed. This lasted approximately 2 weeks.

Should I have or develop adverse health effects from damage caused by the “Purification Rundown” I would also have to initiate legal action against the Church.

I am dissatisfied with the results of so-called training and counseling that I received within the Church as they deviated markedly in numerous ways from the actual writings of LRH.

I have experienced extreme upset and despondency over many of my experiences in the Church which the Church has refused to address in any satisfactory manner. These problems persist and make it difficult or impossible for me to obtain and hold a job or have much hope for my future.

I am quite upset and despondent over the one hundred ninety four thousand one hundred fifty dollars and nine cents which the Church has systematically defrauded me of. These thousands of dollars would have been my life savings and retirement funds. Instead I find myself with few assets, no medical insurance and hopelessness.

I do not wish to remain in conflict with the Church or any of its organizations. I do not nurse any desire to sue the Church or destroy it. I only wish to receive a repayment and refund of every penny I have ever given the various Church organizations including the IAS and then to go my separate way and live what remains of my life in quiet and personal pursuits.

In return for a full repayment and refund of all monies that I have given at any time to the Church, including the value of donated stocks as credited to my accounts and unpaid minimum wages from my years on staff and including so-called “freeloader debt” payments, I will sign a receipt, which the Church may use to demonstrate that it has repaired its fraudulent swindling of me since 1975. Such a receipt is the only document or agreement that I will sign.

Therefore, on the basis of continued fraud as detailed above since 1975, I hereby demand immediate full repayment and refund of all monies of whatsoever kind I have ever given or donated to any Churches of Scientology, Scientology Religion, International Association of Scientologists or associated groups in any form, including cash, checks, credit card charge, value of stocks donated as credited to my accounts, freeloader debt payments or value of labor performed as a staff member without payment of at least minimum wages, excepting only paid to me “service completion awards”, actually received staff pay, bookstore items and the $150.00 dollars which I paid for my lifetime membership in the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International, which membership organization is the only one ever authorized by L. Ron Hubbard, as I elect to keep that membership.

Refusal to pay me this demanded repayment and refund may not be done by omission or refusal to answer this demand letter. Your refusal to pay the full amount demanded by 2:00pm 1 May 2003 or your refusal to answer this demand letter within seven days of your receipt constitutes full agreement with and an acknowledgment of truth to every charge made in this letter and constitutes grounds for me to bring criminal prosecution charges and civil litigation against the Church, its members, staff and executives at every level on every point covered in this demand letter and others unnamed within it, for not only the the amounts demanded but interest, damages, interest on damages and punitive damages as well as criminal convictions, jail terms and fines.

I expressly reject as baseless and false any assertion by the Church that I owe them any money for any reason.

I hereby demand full and complete refund and repayment of the One hundred ninety four thousand one hundred fifty dollars and nine cents in cash, value of stocks, value of labor, credit card charges, personal checks or other valuable consideration that I have donated to, given to, or been charged by the Church or any of its affiliated organizations including the International Association of Scientologists or associated organizations in this continuous fraud and swindle since 1975.

My accounting for this is as follows:

Church San Francisco Organization $ 1,800.13

Church Sea Org / ASHO/ Estates $ 12,553.84

Church Sea Org / Scientology Missions Int. $ 2,819.35

Church Los Angeles Organization $ 5,517.12

Church Advanced Organization Los Angeles $ 112,994.98

Church American Saint Hill Organization $ 25,372.31

International Association of Scientologists $ 31,867.36

Church Flagship Service Organization $ 1,225.00

Total of demand for refund and repayment: $ 194,150.09

The Church is to deliver to me the full amount of USD $194,150.09 by Cashiers check or by deposit of this money into an account of my choosing by 2:00pm, 1 May 2003.

Upon the check being certified by a bank of my choosing as fully valid, or the deposit into my account is verified as cleared, I will sign a simple receipt for the money.

The representatives of the Church may wish to engage in negotiations regarding this demand by quoting “Policy”. Since it is known to me that the Church follows policy only at its whim, no such “Policy”, delays or other requirements will be accepted.

All communications between the Church and myself about this demand for repayment or refund, wording of the receipt to be signed or other matters will be completed by 2:00pm 1 May 2003. The Church will at that time or before pay me the demanded money in full as above with no delay or conditions.

Michael Leonard Tilse

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