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New Jan 23, 2007, a Letter from David Miscavige's Neice re Scientology destroying familys..LINK to Disconnection Cites.

Evil L Ron Hubbard and Mini-me David Miscavige

Above, david miscavige on the left with L Ron Hubbard on the right, parody based upon a time when David Miscavige was first in theSea Organization, in the "CMO" - Commodores Messenger Organization"... he had athsma, and was very short, and I have been informed that when he first arrived, he was given the nickname "The Asthmatic Dwarf" by his peers in the CMO. That he went on to best my oldfriend Pat Broeker and get the job running what I now describe as the empire of lies for profit, has earned him this parody image.. -
PS: David Miscavige is still short and still uses an inhaler.

"Shooting down enemies of Scientology has been like shooting ducks in a pond" David Miscavige 2001 IAS Event
After George Magazine did its' article on Germany and Scientology,David Miscavige flew east and met with John Kennedy,Jr. After the self-appointed cult leader left the meeting Kennedy thought and said:
"what a nasty piece of work he is."

"By the way, if you ever want to see a good portrayal of the runt-punk, watch Al Pachino's character in the movie "Scarface," who can't complete a sentence without three forms of the word "fuck." But perhaps the best example of life with DM is truly Kevin Spacey's abusive character in the movie "Swimming With Sharks," which takes place in Hollywood. Small world. But then so is DM. Robert Vaughn Young, who once held Mike Rinder's job as head PR man in Scientology wrote after he left Scientology: - Link to original HERE

NEW Nov 8th 2007 - A revealing interview of a high ranking insider originally appeared on - Hillsborough Community College radio station - 1250 AM - Listen to ex-member Larry Brennan interviewed by Tom Smith ( Tom is also an ex-member of scientology) - run time 55 minutes - 13 Meg WMF and 26 Meg .MP3-

Larry Brennan worked with Miscavige

A devastating interview with an insider, religious cloaking, corporate frauds, director perjury, disconnection, enforced abortions, slave camps and naziesque conduct. See links above.

LINK to image from a video of David Miscavige and Tom Cruise on board The Scientology boat The Freewinds on Tom's Birthday. The "Church" spent about $300,000 to have a party for Tom there. "Church" money at work! and note his 'height'..

Dear David Miscavige,

It was a day in perhaps 1972..

I went to your father's house outside of philadelphia


Gary and I were decked out in full sea org regalia

Galactic Federation symbol festooned upon our captains hats

brass chain lanyards draped across our chests.

White shirts with epaulettes to hold the brass chain.

During "THE REG CYCLE" to get money out of your dad. there was a noise from the backyard window I could see a kids face at my bottom right, pressed up to the screen, with hands on each side of his face to cut the glare so he might see who was in the living room with his dad.

I asked your dad what was that?
(scraping noise of hands and perhaps nose on window screen)

He said: Oh, that's my son david, he is playing in the back yard, I guess he wanted to see who was here"

David... What were you thinking when you held your hands up along side your face , to block the sunlight on the screen, so you could see inside?

Were Gary and I the first uniformed "Sea Org Officers" you had ever seen?

image of stage during scientology's millenium 'gala' (Also known as The man with no head fiasco) with LINK

Did you decide right then, that you wanted to be 'just like us"?

Arnie Lerma

Don Larson comments about David Miscavige from a 1987 BBC TV Show

Link to video by Don Larson, an ex exec in Scientology about David Miscavige - from BBC footage in 1987

"If David Miscavige can attend a deposition
dressed as Admiral Farragut,
then Kieth Henson should be able to attend
dressed as Bozo the Clown." Grady Ward

Here is Miscavige on Nightline, click image to view viideo

david miscavige on nightline

Author: "Jesse Prince" 
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 11:01:39 -0400
    This story is dedicated to all of the ruined families
and broken relationships caused by the criminal cult of
Scientology. Maybe some will understand a little better.

    If memory serves me right the year in question was 1985.
As an aside in all honesty I must say "achieving" the state
of clear did nothing to improve my memory like being set up.
Anyway, as I sat in my office at Golden Era Productions
wishing time would go by faster than it was, I got an urgent
phone call from Vicki Aznaran. Vicki was the Inspector
General of RTC, IG for short. She told me she had received
an urgent phone call from Miss Cabbage's wife Shelly.
Shelly told Vicki to make sure I was around the Gold Base
for the rest of the day as there was a major flap going on
that I needed to help handle.
This was just the kind of news I hated the most and the
terror stomach started to set in like rigamortis.

    After agonizing for a few hours I received a second
phone call to meet Miss Cabbage in the Qualifications
division of Gold. Dutifully I went to Qual and met with
Davey and he explained things to me. Davey said he had just
returned from Philadelphia in John Travolta's private plane
to get his father out of jail. Davey's father Ron Miss
Cabbage senior was arrested for raping a young woman who's
name escapes me now. Davey had been screaming and screaming
at his dad and old Ronnie looked very contrite when I saw

    Davey was not convinced his father had told him the
whole story of what had happened during the rape incident
and Davey felt he would not be able to handle the incident
without all of the facts. Davey wanted me to sec check
Ronnie and explore every nook and cranny of the crime.
Ronnie was out on bail (again paid for by deluded
brainwashed Scientologists). Davey told Marty Rathbun to get
in touch with Gene Ingram and make this whole thing go away
without a trace in Philly. I dutifully went in and did the
sec check on Davey's dad. I really do feel like telling the
details of what Ronnie had to say but my jury is still out
on telling  personal session information given to me in
confidence. I will say this, Ronnie confessed to the crime
and told me all of the gory details.

    At the same time a person who was my staff  (David Sike
Bush) did a sec check on Davey's mother Loretta who was also
brought in for the occasion. Davey wanted his mother sec
checked to get any other peripheral crimes discovered before
something else blew up. At the end of the sec check, both
mother and father were made to do lower conditions and they
were to get a Chaplin handling.

    I was present for the Chaplin handling and the Chaplin
was Davey himself. Davey sat his parents down and told them
they were to immediately divorce and Ron senior was joining
the Sea Org so that the Sea Org could protect him. Loretta
was visibly hurt and upset upon hearing the verdict and
accused her son Davey of being a little Hitler in front of
others present. The others being Ray Mithoff, Marty Rathbun
and Norman Starkey. Davey's response was to scream at his
mother until she just buried her face in her hands in grief.
Later Davey did tell her that he would make sure she was
very well taken care of. He planned to make sure his mother
was well taken care of through a Scientology company named
Real World computer software.

    Under a directive from Davey, Ray Mithoff personally
rounded up all the sec checking worksheets on Ronnie and
Loretta and destroyed them all.

    Marty and Gene Ingram went to Philly and "erased" the
incident from the system. To this day there is no record of
Ronnie raping anyone.

    The whole affair conclued with Ronnie signing his
billion year contract for the Sea Org and his youngest son
Davey welcoming him into the fold.

    Remember what Hubbard said, the GE is the family man.
There is no room in Scientology for family or family values.
There is only following the directives of a mediocre science
fiction writer gone mad.

Jesse Prince
The Lisa McPherson Trust
Jesse Prince in the Riverside Press HERE, 
more information on David Miscavige and the secretive base in hemet David Miscavige in Time Magazine ------- I was alerted to this incident 2 years ago by another source and told Rod Keller in philadelphia about it, he looked into it records are tough locate - this was before the records were computerized, however it was confirmed than David's dad was arrested in Philadelphia... and that somehow the case was made to go away... Arnie Lerma

July 2003 - a tidbit from Tory Christman: "Wow....I just recently met with one of the past Golden Era (the HQ in Hemet where David Miscavige is) Staff members who told me:
"David's Dad told me.......
"I know he's a Hitler. There's nothing I can do".

A posting by ex-member Gerry Armstrong re David Miscavige (28 July 2003)

We've put up a number of declarations and affidavits of Vicki and Richard Aznaran at

These include Vicki's Sell-Out declarations all executed for the cult on May 19, 1994. The Sell-Out declarations when compared to the Aznarans' prior testimony are very revelative of the cult's/Rinder's/ Miscavige's modus operandi with litigants or critics they are able to turn.

Some of these documents have not been webbed before that we know of. Wherever possible we've included images of the signature pages. For some of the documents all we had were webbed copies, so we had no way of checking the text and correcting errors.

If anyone has additional Aznaran declarations, affidavits or oral testimony, please let us know. Also if anyone has any hard copies of the documents for which we only have unverified web versions.

Both Rick and Vicki make some interesting sworn statements about Scientology cult boss David Miscavige, some of which I've excerpted:

David Miscavige, the Big Game Hunter!

At this meeting Mr. Miscavige said that something had to be done about "squirrels." "Squirrels" is a Scientology term for people who have left Scientology and offer an altered version of Scientology technology to the public. I personally heard Mr. Miscavige discuss getting their "field people" to go out and beat up squirrels. (In Scientology, field people are Scientologists not employed specifically by the Church.)

David Miscavige, the Archivist!
I was also instructed to destroy anything that would show the control of Mr. Starkey or Mr. Miscavige over Scientology.

David Miscavige, the On-Source Scientologist!

At this meeting, David Miscavige ordered that public Scientologists be organized and motivated to physically attack squirrels and disrupt their operations. This was stated to be pursuant to the standard guidelines of Scientology. Pursuant to such directives, efforts were undertaken to intimidate and disrupt these persons and their organizations.

David Miscavige, the Writer!

Mr. Miscavige ordered me to write an order assigning myself to the Rehabilitation Project Force. Mr. Miscavige told me that if I didn't he would write it and would fill it full of libelous statements about me. He said that because of his high position within the cult, his statements would be believed, and my standing and reputation within Scientology would be destroyed.

David Miscavige, the Warden!

I was guarded the whole time I was in the Rehabilitation Project Force. I was not allowed to go to the restroom alone. I was not allowed to shower alone. At night I was locked in a room that had heavy bunk beds with people sleeping in them and which were pulled in front of the doors. I repeatedly requested to be able to contact my husband by phone and letter,and this was denied.

David Miscavige, the Marriage Counselor!

During March, 1987 I asked David Miscavige that I be put in touch with my husband. Mr. Miscavige tried to make me believe that my husband did not want to communicate with me and had "written me off." As a result of these statements, I felt isolated from my husband and a sense of despair about ever seeing him again or continuing with our relationship.

David Miscavige, the Medico!

At that time I was lying under a tree on a hill, as I was sick with a fever and had been told that I could not see a doctor until Mr. Miscavige gave his permission. I had been sick for a week. The tin building where we slept was too hot during the day to sleep in and that was why I was sent to lie down under a tree.

David Miscavige, the Do-Gooder!

When I left "Happy Valley," I did not know where my husband was located. When one spouse leaves Scientology, it is the practice to get the other spouse to divorce them. I knew that Mr. Miscavige had been telling me that my husband "probably didn't care about me or want to hear from me." I knew that Mr. Miscavige would try to get Richard to leave me and would tell Richard that I was insane and that Richard needed to divorce me.

David Miscavige, the Matchmaker!

A little before noon on April 1, my husband arrived. He informed me that he had been up most of the night with Mr. Miscavige and others, telling him that I had gone insane and he should divorce me if he could not force me to return.

David Miscavige, the Heavy Weight!

In 1982, I witnessed David Miscavige (with a large male staff member there to back him up) physically attack three people who were incarcerated at Gilman Hot Springs. Mr. Miscavige made them stand there while he hit them in the face.

David Miscavige, the Knight in Shining Armor!

Mr. Miscavige told me on more than one occasion how he had physically attacked a female who was a fellow "Commodore's Messenger" in 1981. He said he beat her up and threw her off post.

David Miscavige, the Patron of the Arts!

On another occasion, Mr. Miscavige called me out of his office. He had a revolver in his hand, and stated he was very angry with the "Golden Era Musicians," as they had not handled some of the music on an album properly. He had a copy of the album cover in his hand. He spread open the album cover to show the pictures of the musicians. He said he would like to be able to shoot the musicians, but could not. So instead he was going to put a bullet in their heads in the picture. He then proceeded to shoot the picture, of each of them in the head.

David Miscavige, the Marksman!

On another occasion, Mr. Miscavige expressed fantasies about shooting Michael Flynn, an attorney who had claims against Scientology, with his rifle.

David Miscavige, the Holy Man!

The first time Mr. Miscavige told me he was going to "blow my head off," I had walked into his office by mistake. This was at Gilman Hot Springs, where I had just arrived to become part of the staff of Religious Technology Center. I was very shocked and did not know how to take it. The second time he told me he was going to blow my head off was when he thought I had sent up an unfavorable report on his wife and upset her. The last time he made such a statement was when he sent me to the rehabilitation Project Force. Even though he was not aiming the gun at my head when he said it, from the prior incidents that I had witnessed and the prior statements that he had made, I felt he was capable of, and indeed obsessed with, committing acts of physical violence against others.

David Miscavige, the Strategist!

Patrick Broeker and Ann Broeker were also senior trustees over Scientology in 1982 and for some time thereafter. Miscavige convinced the Broekers to turn over their trusteeships to him in order to avoid the IRS criminal investigation that was ongoing. This left Miscavige, Spurlock and Starkey as the trustees that could control Scientology.

David Miscavige, the People Person!
(Indeed, the Lenskes' (oops) People Person!

Mr. Spurlock and Mr. Starkey frequently issues orders to me concerning litigation and tax matters concerning RTC, CSI, CSC and other Scientology entities. Mr. Spurlock also set up the current corporate structure of Scientology. This includes the set up of RTC, CSI and CST. Mr. Spurlock set up these structures and, along with Miscavige and Starkey, chose the directors, trustees and officers.

David Miscavige, the Amicus Curiae!

In 1982 Norman Starkey and David Miscavige ordered me to get Dick Story of the Guardians Office World Wide to hire a private investigator named Dick Bast to compromise Judge Krentzman, who was the judge on a case against Scientology in Florida. Judge Krentzman had been giving Scientology unfavorable rulings in the case.

David Miscavige, the Ghostwriter!

From 1981 up until the time I left, Starkey, Spurlock and Miscavige closely supervised all litigation brought either for or against the various Scientology corporations. The settlement initiated by Scientology for all of the cases that Michael Flynn had brought against them was ordered by Miscavige, Starkey and Spurlock with no consultation with the various corporations who were sued, such as Church of Scientology of California. In fact, this settlement was considered top secret and the officers and directors of the various corporations who were supposedly settling with Mr. Flynn did not even know the specifics of the settlement. The various officers of the Scientology corporations know that they do not, in fact, make decisions about their respective corporations. They are told and understand that they sign what they are told to and that this is done in order to comply with the suppressive government requirements and avoid having to pay taxes to the suppressive IRS.

David Miscavige, the Oil Baron!

Additionally, Starkey and Miscavige bought into the oil venture (with their personal funds) in Oklahoma and were able to get much better deal for themselves due to putting Hubbard's and Scientology money into the venture.

David Miscavige, the Travel Agent!

One of the reasons why Scientology elects to manage its far-flung enterprises in this manner is to try to sheild its management from legal process. Front men are designated to hold figure-head posts, while the real management power is held by others outside the corporate structure. To this end, Scientology will go to extreme lengths to conceal upper management personnel from service of process, subpoenas and depositions. When alive L. Ron Hubbard was protected in this manner. In addition personnel have been driven around the city in covered vans to protect their identities and whereabouts. Moreover, when deemed necessary, personnel are sent out of this country in order to avoid legal process.

For example, in 1984 when the IRS was conducting criminal investigation against various Scientology entities, the personnel who had knowledge of criminal behavior as regards Scientology funds were hidden or sent away. Fran Harris, who was involved with Bridge Publications and Church and L. Ron Hubbard's funds, was sent to Denmark for a year. Mark Ingber, WDC member for Finance, was also sent to Denmark for a year. Wendel Reynolds, who had similar knowledge, was put away on the RPF in Happy Valley.

David Miscavige, the Houdini!

Miscavige, Starkey and Spurlock took great precautions with their travels, offices and residences so that they could not be found or served. Miscavige has been known to actually rent clandestine quarters away from any Scientology facility, paid for with Scientology funds, simply so that he could hide out from process servers.

David Miscavige, the Bypasser!

Miscavige took off for over two months and lived in Portland, Oregon in order to oversee and direct the attorneys for Scientology on a daily basis during the entire trial in the case of Julie Christofferson Titchbourne, which she had brought against Scientology. Mr. Spurlock also spent most of his days in Portland during the trial.

During the Wollersheim trial, Miscavige, Starkey and Spurlock supervised the attorneys representing CSC on a daily basis throughout the nearly three-month trial in Los Angeles.

Miscavige, Starkey and Spurlock stay briefed on a daily basis on all legal matters of any consequence involving any Scientology entity. All papers filed by the Scientology entities involved in the consolidated Scott/Wollersheim cases had to be sent via Spurlock and Miscavige for authorization before they could be filed.

David Miscavige, the Bystander!

I destroyed such information as it related to the involvement and control over Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard, Mr. Starkey and Mr. David Miscavige.

David Miscavige, the Byliner!

I was forced to assign myself to the RPF. I was told that if I did not write an issue assigning myself that David Miscavige would write it and it would be far far worse than anything I could ever imagine. In other words he would write anything he wished to and make it broadly known. One example of this is a case where a girl refused to conform as ordered to and the Scientologists wrote an issue stating that the girl was a lesbian and published it to all of her friends. She escaped them and sued for libel and slander. It turned out that it was completely false and the Scientologists paid her to drop her suit and be quiet. This was in the San Francisco area in 1982. I was informed of this by the cult member in the Office of Special Affairs who handled the lawsuit.

David Miscavige, the Trucker!

Miscavige told the meeting that Scientology organizations had not been aggressive enough in combatting squirrels (individuals who had broken with the Church of Scientology but were still using ideas similar to Scientology). These individuals and groups are on Scientology's list of enemies and subject to Scientology's "fair game" policy. "Fair game" is a policy (actually it is part of Hubbard's "scriptural" writings) which mandates that enemies of Scientology may be "deprived of property or injured by any means by any of Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued, lied to or destroyed." HCO Policy Letter October 18, 167.

In order to get an attack program activated, Miscavige told those at the meeting that they should take the lead from Hubbard's suggestions of violence and personal attacks against squirrels both as written in the fair game policy and in Professional Auditor's Bulletin No. 53 in which Hubbard said the way to treat a squirrel is to hurt him so hard that he "would have thought he had been hit by a Mack truck" and, Hubbard continued, "I don't mean thought-wise." That same Bulletin also encouraged destroying squirrels financially and personally, noting that:

"Each and every one of the squirrels of yesteryear have met disaster. The biggest squirrel in Great Britain, Derricke Ridgeway was recently to be found in bankruptcy court. I wonder how he got there? We wouldn't know anything about _that_, of course!" (Emphasis in original.)

David Miscavige, the Crime Fighter!

Miscavige's order to the assembled group was accepted and immediately put into action under the direction of McShane on behalf of RTC who directed Mike Rinder at the Office of Special Affairs U.S. under one of the Scientology organizations but I am not sure which at this time. Rinder did, in fact, immediately begin several actions against squirrel groups and I received reports of such completed actions. These actions included, but were not limited to burglaries, stealing records, and sending provocateurs to infiltrate squirrel events and to provoke fights. These activities were also directed against Bent Corydon, including break-ins at his office, physical attacks upon him, and the use of spies to infiltrate his group.

David Miscavige, the Judicial Advisor!
Q. And what did you tell the FBI about the first
judge on the Wollersheim case?
A. Well, supposedly he had a son who was 
homosexual, and there was some -- some operation with
the son's boyfriend, which was brought up to the Judge
in order to try to get rid of that Judge, if --
Q. Do you recall any more --
A. I believe that's what I told him, the drift of 
it, anyway.
Q. And what is the source of your information
concerning the first Judge on the Wollersheim case?
A. I believe David Miscavige.

David Miscavige, the Youth Counselor!

Before and during the trial in Wollersheim v Church of Scientology of California, MFTC and WOLLY ran a number of operations directed against Wollersheim, his counsel, and the Court. One of these operations was an attempt to put pressure on Bill Swearinger, the son of the trial judge in the Wollersheim case, based on his alleged homosexuality. The idea was to dig up, or manufacture (perhaps by setting the son up in a compromising sexual position with a minor boy), dirt on the son which could be used to pressure the Judge to rule favorably for Scientology, or else to get the Judge disqualified.

David Miscavige, the Channeler!

After Hubbard's death in 1986 Miscavige successfully ousted the Broekers from power and consolidated his position as the most powerful individual in Scientology.

David Miscavige was the Chairman of the Board of Author Services Inc., ("ASI") in 1984 and 1985. ASI was incorporated to be the funnel through which profits from Scientology were channelled to Hubbard and, therefore, it was very important within Scientology. Miscavige represented Hubbard in all aspects of controlling Scientology. He attended regular meetings with myself and other top officials of Scientology organizations to review the status of all Scientology's activities including its litigation and dirty tricks campaigns against Scientology's enemies.

David Miscavige, the Next Best Friend of Mankind!

Similarly, there could be no doubt that Miscavige meant that all types of attack be used, including physical attacks, defamation, and efforts to cause Corydon to go into bankruptcy. Miscavige had been known to personally use violence against recalcitrant followers: slapping, striking, and spitting them in the face. Also, economic pressure, preferably to force people to bankruptcy, was always high on the list of acceptable Scientology attacks against enemies.

David Miscavige, the Autograph Collector!

That during the period of my employment by the RTC I reported to David Miscavige, who was at that time Trustee of the corporation. Miscavige maintains absolute control over all officers and board members of this corporation, controlling these other members of the board of directors by fact of his possessing undated, signed resignations of each member, the holding of which gave and gives him complete control over each member of the board.

David Miscavige, the Next War Hero!

That also, to my certain knowledge, David Miscavige conceived, planned and ordered the implementation of the basic strategic and tactical actions of the church against those whom he considered to be causing legal or public relations conflicts against any church or against his personal and absolute control of Scientology. He also ordered the allocation of and made available funding for the financing of these actions, which included the declaring of those whom he considered to be his "enemies' as Suppressive Persons, the implementation of the policies known as "Fair Game" against these persons once so declared, the infiltration of private and governmental environments which he deemed hostile to his absolute control over Scientology, the organization of vigilante groups within the organizations of Scientology to be used against those individuals whom he deemed to be his enemies.

David Miscavige, the Historian!

I understand that Lynn Farny has submitted a declaration stating that Scientology complied with Judge Swearinger's order in the Wollersheim case to produce Wollersheim's pre-clear files. This is false. As I stated in my Fishman declaration, I personally culled and destroyed (shredded) from these files evidence which would help Wollersheim and hurt Scientology in the case. I was personally ordered to do so by David Miscavige, the head of Scientology, and Marty Rathbun. The culling and destruction took place at the Fountain Avenue building in Los Angeles. I was assisted in the document destruction by then Scientologist Jessie Prince.

David Miscavige, the Big Being!
When David Miscavige was one of the targets of an IRS CID investigation (there were several individuals targeted), he expressed great concern over having to go to jail. Due to his diminutive size, he was very concerned that he would be sexually harassed while in a jail with common criminals." At this time he devised several schemes to flee the country should the IRS decide to make arrests. Avoiding service of process is a tactic that Miscavige is well acquainted with.

David Miscavige, the Musical Chairman!

During the time I held the post of Chairman of the Board of RTC, David Miscavige held the post of Chairman of the Board of ASI. During this time, he maintained control of the executives at the top of Scientology's command channels, Marc Yager, CO CMO Int and head of the Watchdog Committee, Guillaume Lesevre, ED International, Ray Mithoff, Senior C/S International, myself as Inspector General and COB of RTC. Miscavige became head of RTC in March of 1987, at this point he moved Marc Yager and Ray Mithoff from their positions in CSI into RTC. He also moved Mark Rathbun, LRH Legal IC or Special Project L, and Greg Wilhere from their positions in ASI into RTC. I now see from the declarations of Marc Yager and Ray Mithoff, that Miscavige has now placed them back into CSI. This is but one small illustration of his ongoing control over the CSI corporation.

David Miscavige, the Economist!

Miscavige has, since 1981, been the decision maker over what lawsuits are filed by Scientology and how any lawsuits Scientology is engaged in are to be litigated. He does this without regard to the particular Scientology corporate entity (s) involved in the litigation. Miscavige has never allowed anyone else to make the final decisions concerning such matters. During my tenure as Inspector General of RTC, as well as the head of the 040 mission which took over the US Guardian's Office, as outlined in Miscavige's declaration, I attended many meetings and saw countless orders from Miscavige concerning Scientology's litigation. During all trials, Miscavige receives daily transcripts and issues orders directly to the attorneys, no matter which particular Scientology corporate entity has been chosen to bring the litigation or which entity has been sued. The heads of CSI would never be allowed to independently bring or initiate a lawsuit. During my tenure in RTC, Miscavige received a "legal daily report", of which I received a copy. This report contained summaries of everything that occurred on any of Scientology's lawsuits. Miscavige would issue orders and call meetings concerning these matters on a regular basis. Litigation is very costly and can result in severely adverse PR. Therefore, Miscavige was never willing for the decisions concerning it to be turned over to anyone else.

David Miscavige, the House Cleaner!

Kendrick Moxon, currently an attorney for Scientology in this very case, and a member of the Sea Organization, was a prominent participant in the criminal activities of the Guardian's Office. Prior to becoming an attorney at Scientology's expense, he was a Guardian's Office staff member in Washington, D.C. Moxon was involved in the Scientology conspiracy to infiltrate the U.S. government. This conspiracy was uncovered by the F.B.I. in 1977. Scientology then stipulated to their crimes which included Moxon's involvement in those crimes. Nine senior Scientologists, including Hubbards' wife, went to jail as a result of these criminal activities conducted by, and on behalf of, the Church of Scientology. I became familiar with certain documents, which are attached hereto, while being in charge of the 1981/82 040 mission to take over the USGO. Moxon was involved in the criminal activity, attempted cover-ups and obstruction of justice. The US government subsequently prosecuted 11 top officials of Scientology and named Moxon as an unindicted co-conspirator... This is but one small example to illustrate that Miscavige has not and will never offload the criminal element from Scientology's ranks. Miscavige is well aware of Moxon's status and maintains him as a high level legal staff in the Sea Organization.

David Miscavige, the Brave Heart!

Part of our security checking was so that we could be interrogated on how much we knew and so that the potential threat of our leaving could be analyzed by David Miscavige. Miscavige trusts few people and lives in constant fear that his crimes will become public and land him in jail as it has the cult's earlier leaders.

David Miscavige, the Sheriff!

Miscavige made it clear that he did not want us to stay in southern California but wanted us to go to Texas. He did not want us connecting up with any of our friends in southern California be they current or former scientologists.

David Miscavige, the Executive!

David Miscavige, the Chairman of the Board at Author's Services, Inc. had final say over what did or did not occur and constantly issued streams of orders concerning everything from personnel transfers to finances. Miscavige either directly or indirectly oversaw all major decisions and even minor ones if it were his whim.

David Miscavige, the Manager!

There is a basic tenet in scientology's ethics policies which state that if you fail to assign someone to the RPF and your boss feels you should have then you can be assigned to the RPF with them. In other words it is enforced from the top down. Miscavige as the senior person often assigned people for no other reason that whim. I saw him do this to others and he threatened me on several occasions. He considered such activities his "management style".

David Miscavige, the Family Man!

At the time of my wife's escape from Happy Valley I was called in by Miscavige and Mithoff and interrogated until four o'clock in the morning in an attempt to get me to break up with her.

David Miscavige, the Good Citizen!

Based on his statements to me David Miscavige particularly detested Bent Corydon an ex-Scientology "squirrel" who had defected in 1982. Corydon had previously come by the facility at Gilman Hot Springs and therefore was particularly annoying to David Miscavige. I was instructed by David Miscavige to brief the Deputy Sheriffs that Corydon had earlier been charged with attempted homicide with a motor vehicle. I was to convey that Corydon was a threat to our physical safety so that the Deputy Sheriffs would be responsive in the event that Corydon came again. Hopefully the Deputy Sheriffs would tend to believe our representations rather than visa versa. I was also specifically instructed that if I could I was to hurt Corydon physically if I could arrange for it to appear justified.

David Miscavige, the Next Humanitarian!

Later, Miscavige called me to his office where I was questioned as to my handling of Corydon's visit. Miscavige was enraged over the fact that the Deputy Sheriffs had not taken Corydon to jail nor had he been injured. Miscavige was yelling at me and threatening me with loss of my position and with ethics conditions for not having carried out Miscavige's instructions. The bottom line was that Miscavige wanted Corydon physically and mentally punished.Miscavige perceived Corydon's visits as "taunting" his (Miscavige's) authority.

Gerry Armstrong

The Beatings at Gold Base

"The beatings were very secretive through the 90's. It was in 2000 onwards where he was beating these guys more and more and it was a regular thing. In 2003-2004 I would assume there was at least a beating each day and some time multiple ones depending on how many meeting there were. The main guys that I saw DM (David Miscavige) hit over and over again at meetings were, Mike Rinder, Marc Yager, Gueilleme Leserve, Mark Ingber, Ray Mitoff and Rick Cruzen."-blownforgood

[I confirmed the above with two other ex Int staffers who saw the same. One of them said that David Miscavige's beating they'd witnessed from 1995 onwards to until 2005, and agree the beatings were way more frequent in the last couple years.]

Please, any other lurking ex Int staff who saw these petty beatings, please contact me or somehow share what you saw and confirm or offer your input.

Chuck Beatty

Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)

The Real Story - February 2006 update

Why the building has been parked and why it will not open on time!

Okay here goes nothin'. The money for this building was raised eons ago. At least 5 years ago without a doubt. Super Power and the CRRD (Cause Resurgence RunDown) have not been released and have been a pilot for OVER 20 YEARS! The pilot has been one big crap fest from the beggining. Both programs were being piloted at the Int Base since the early 80's. The CCRD - this is the one where you run around a friggin pole for hours at a time until you cannot run anymore. You rest, then run some more. This goes on for weeks! Well some of the Base Execs would assign people to the rundown if they were out ethics or just not getting shit done. Before you knew it there were tons of people running around a pole in the middle of the desert in 100 degree weather. Some pilot. Anyway now they have a huge palm tree as the "pole" and people still do the program when the bug on the Bridge or are a flat ball-bearing. Okay well this entire time the pilot has been going, there have been times (most of the 20 years) where no one was running the pilot and nothing was being done to codify what the hell the program was. Still not done to this day. This brings us to the new building. How can you train a building full of people on something that has not been worked out. There are no C/S issues, no Supervisor Courses, there are no Course packs, there are a bunch of photocopied issues that have been being copied for years over and over on what the program is and how to do it. This program also borderlines on a real world physical limitation as well. Can you imagine some overwight person running around a pole for 3 weeks 5 hours per day. You are going to see some serious legal issues come into play at this point. There are going to be injuries and someone will have to explain why you kept the person running day after day. Well with no materials in sight and no one working on them, DM had to pull the plug on the building being built. THIS IS WHY THEY STOPPED - NO OTHER REASON. They have nothing to "release" when it gets done - solution - DO NOT finish it.

Same things goes for Super Power - No courses, out tech - no C/S, Supe, Auditor or PC packs to speak of. Also just about every person who has done Super Power at the Int Base, Declared, Off-post, blown, deckie etc. HMMMM... Is this ready for all of Scn Public - maybe not. This is the best part. The Super Power pilot has been running for years - and I mean years. It was just last year that any of the perceptics drills were actually even really worked out. Last year!! What the hell were people doing for the first 19 years??? Who friggin' knows. Anyway so all of the sudden they have everything worked out now. After 19 years of pilot data and in one year they start over and complete all of the piloting.

DM keeps telling all of the Int Base staff that this is why the building does not open but who the hell can do the work. It is so damn confusing to the Base staff. DM continues to hold the marathon meetings while no one can figure out what the hell he is talking about and He usually ends up saying that he will have to do it himself. Which really makes it easy as he will just reject anything that anyone else on these items anyway.

That is why the building has not opened, and I seriously doubt that they will start delivery on these rundowns on time. Dave M. is racing against the clock to get it all done himself. Can he do it? I guess we will have to wait to find out.

Oh btw, DM has already threatened on a multitude of occasions Decalring the entire Int base. This is how it has gone from over 1000 staff to around 300. Threats on "getting rid of deadwood or DM leaves." But DM never ends up leaving so more and more poepl just keep getting offloaded.

Right now I am sure that the whole place will be being meter checked once a day until they smoke out the mole feeding me data. Good luck my guy has been there for the long haul and showing up with a clean needle on the new Mark VIII Ultra is a walk in the park. Mon Feb 13, 2006 1:04 pm Post subject: [Note] All the answers you ever wanted Subject description: I have someone on the inside who can get whatever data you want

All the current CofS Books are B.S. The current meter is being replaced by a new one. All lectures are being redone. All books are being redone. KTL & LOC are screwed up. Basically anything besides the Purif is B.S. and being redone - all by Dave M. himself because nobody else can get a product. Marc Yager, Mike Rinder, Ray Mitoff and Mark Ingber have been declared SPs for years - YES - you heard it here folks, but they still put on events like they are big shots!!!!! The next day they are at the forever undone berthing buildings, digging ditches!!!! Some crazy shit is happening and if the SCNs only knew half of the wackiness going on there now.

Thanks everybody for the welcome.

Here is some more stuff that I will tell you that will confirm and or solidify your speculations.

I saw another post about DM (David Miscavige) beating up on (mike rinder) Rinder. Well I have personally seen DM beat the living shit out of Rinder at least 10 times over the course of a year. That was only the times I saw it. I can tell you that there were proabably another 10X that behind closed doors. Other people that I have seen him punch/slap and or throw to the ground: Marc Yager, Mark Ingber, Ray Mitoff, Rick Cruzen, Jeff Hawkins, Jason Bennick, G. Leserve. One time a girl from the Film Area was told to run Yager down in her car - and she complied - she drove after him and to get out of the way he jumped over a wall and broke his friggin ankle!!! I kid you not. this actually happened. Any other questions? I would be glad to answer. BFG

Tue Feb 14, 2006 9:45 am: Marty did in fact blow mid-2004. He was "recovered" and ended up at the FLB Mill. He has since either gone very underground or blew again. The word on the street is that he blew again. Just so you know Marty has been the goto guy for DM for years. Marty was very involved in the 1993 IRS decision based on some "field work" he oversaw regarding digging up some very juicy smack on the IRS commisioner. Illegal wiretaps, B&E, you name went into getting this stuff. Marty knew about it all and after the 1993 ruling went off the deep end. He was sent on a "Sabatical" with Greg Wilhere to the Freewinds for about a year or so. When he hatched from that, he was back in the game again with a whole bunch of new tricks up his sleeves. I think it was about this time that the "pressure cooker" "3 guys behind the meter tech" came into play for interogations, I mean interviews. Anyway he was pretty much in there with DM up until 2004 when Marty starting loosing he edge - you know starting to not be able to just beat a confession out of someone and make situations disappear. Greg Wilhere became this guy and then bombed months later. Okay so that is Marty's story.

Warren (Warren McShane) has been screwing up for the past few years but still managing to hang in there. Okay, after Marty takes off warren is stuck with all of the OSA gustoppo action and the internal Int Base gustoppo. Warren also is made to divorce his wife of 30 years if he wants to stay in RTC. He does and stays. There are only about 10 people left in RTC and he is pretty much the only one that has to deal with all of the Int-Base bullshit. Anyway with all of the other head honchos in the crap and Marty blown, Everyone is taken off the RTC website and only Dave remains. Warren is probably reading this right now and trying to figure out what the hell he is going to do. By the way, that is the most screwed up things the people below DM deal with. The shit hits the fan at the Int Base and Dave is galavanting around with TC shooting movies and "being on the front lines" and when he comes back, he knows all he will hear about is bad news. So Warren is the guy who has to tell him about it and what the handling is. Anyway, it has gotten to the point where there is only bad news and flaps and I think Warren is just deep deep in the shit if not shoveling it right now. He is still at the Int-Base but not some big hot shot like he used to be. No more raiding houses and being Mr. Tough Guy. Hope this answers your questions.

Who's next?

How all bad media that airs getting re-edited for the base and spun into great stories that are shown to the whole crew and they clap at the end of.

Wed Feb 15, 2006 7:03 am Post subject: Beatings - The real deal Subject description: Why would anyone stand for this?

The reason that these guys take the beating is that their whole life has been invested in in what they do. DM controls every little aspect of that and they all know it. They also know what DM could have done with them. There are some people from the Int Base that have been shipped off to far away places never to be heard from again. Trying to fly back from some middle of nowhere country with not a dime to your name is not the easiest things to accomplish.

Anyway most of the times these beating occur is when these guys are supposed to tell DM what has been done to handle some thing or handle some flap. The problems start to surface and then people start getting whacked. Most of the time MY, GL and co have nothing to say which by itself, earns them a good beating most of the time! Now here is a good one. The is an actual quote from DM. He is talking to MY & GL about their "expansion speeches" for an event. The speeches suck as they always do and he tells them that "the only expansion either of them has caused - was with their dicks in each other's asshole!" This is an actual direct quote from DM!!! Since GL's wife left years ago and MY split up with his wife, MY & GL have been living with each other and the running joke has been that they are gay. They have been routinely questioned by DM if they are fucking each other.

"Those in possession of absolute power can not only prophesy and make their prophecies come true, but they can also lie and make their lies come true. Eric Hoffer (1902-83), U.S. philosopher. "The Passionate State of Mind", aph. 78 (1955)>

My Exit page for Scientologists and ex-members

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