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Creed J. Pearson

Part VI

“L Ron Hubbard – The Racist”

“How I Became Like a Nazi and How I Ceased to be One”

“The whole idea of a savior and the sacredness of things and so on, is about one and a quarter million years old. The earliest implant about Jesus and so forth is about one and a quarter million years old. Now you can say that’s very remarkable, very, very remarkable, because Jesus was supposed to be here about nineteen hundred and fifty seven years ago. And to find preclears with this implant one and a quarter million years old then rather tells us some odd tales. I’m not just gibbering you know? I mean, this is history the way you should have been taught it in school, if people had been honest.” - L Ron Hubbard 3 February 1958 The Phenomena of Entrapment in the Physical Universe

Which School? The Space Cadets? – Creed J. Pearson 29 September 2005

I came into Scientology in the late 1970’s in Washington DC. I was handed a booklet put out by the founding church in Washington DC of L. Ron Hubbard’s “Code of Honor”, which I have in storage and I will impart now from memory. It was the first thing I ever read in Scientology and is different than the code of honor published by the church today in that it described the old Germanic tribes at the time of the Roman Empire. Hubbard depicted the Germans of this day as nearly unaberrated, meaning that they were spiritually perfect and living in harmony with one another. He said that the Germans of this era viewed themselves as superior to other races and hence were. According to Hubbard it was not unusual for a German to challenge 100 Italians and win single handedly. He went on to say that the only way to defeat the German Nation was to convince them that they were not superior to other races. Once they agreed that they were not then they could be defeated. In the original Volunteer Minister Handbook he lamented the fact that Hitler declared war when the world around him was already giving him what he had asked for. There is no doubt that Hubbard was a racist and was proud to proclaim his new “science” of the mind as the first “Anglo-Saxon” development in the history of religious movements.

Hubbard was clever in how he got me to believe in a global conspiracy. He had two Gary Allan books from Concord Press in his bookstores. One was called “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” and the other was “Nixon, Man Behind the Mask.” Hubbard positioned Scientology as being the target of a well orchestrated Conspiracy (RJ67) and made it known that the Church of Scientology was on Nixon’s hit list and Kennedy’s and that the ‘bad guys” were after him. He reiterated his conspiratorial views with his final science fiction books, inferring that wealthy oil barons control earth. After reading the conspiracy books that Hubbard had in the bookstores (pulled out of Scientology bookstores in the 1980’s) I continued to expand my research to other authors and read many esoteric conspiracy books. Most of them targeted the wealthy Jewish banking families that worked with the Hapsburgs and others in power. They supposedly financed numerous wars and profited regardless of the winner.

Here is a Hubbard quote from page 287 of the old Volunteer Minister Handbook, “He finds a crummy politician like Hitler builds him a war machine, gets paid back out of the plunder of Europe before Hitler collapses.”

I began to believe that some events were planned well in advance and made my own conclusions about world events.

It was only after reading L Ron Hubbard that my viewpoint on the races of man began to be tested. Before that I did not have attention on any race and did not judge a book by its cover. I had friends of all shades and beliefs. Eventually, I began to think that the blond race was being short-changed. My quest to arrive at the facts and rid myself of this newly acquired upset became the biggest problem for me to try to “handle” in my Scientology “processing.” Here is my story of how I became hateful and how I finally came around 360 degrees and arrived at a friendship with all the races of earth.

Thanks to Hubbard, my imagination went wild with thoughts of a strong and fair race being destroyed by petty wars and the jealousies of others. I began to agree with Hubbard and looked upon the German race as the once proud and pure master race of earth that was losing its beauty and autonomy and was threatened with extinction, due to a recessive gene pool and clever manipulation by the Power elite. I researched and began to find flaws and omissions in the history books. For example, I looked for the medal count at the Berlin Olympics but it was nearly impossible to find. I could only manage to learn that Jesse Owens had won four gold medals. It took years for me to find the actual medal count and to learn that the Germans had won the most medals. This fact was almost erased from history, such was the fear that Germany would rise again. I also read about the firebombing and saturation bombing of Dresden with conflicting accounts as to how many had really died and why it was targeted. I read a bit of “Slaughterhouse Five” by Kurt Vonnegut and grieved over the loss of beauty and life in what had been Europe’s most charming city. My sixth grade teacher, Gertrude Gaitens had told us way back that the river was so hot from the napalm that people were actually boiled alive.

I began to look deeper and read about the Russians under Stalin and how Communism would have failed if not for American aid. I read of half the population of the Baltic Countries of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania starving to death after the war. Many who survived were taken from their families and shipped into Russia. All this was done in secret and revealed years later. I went to Germany and interviewed an officer who had escaped from East Germany by swimming down an ice filled Elbe river and learned the sad tale of his wife and his fellow soldiers, few of which were ever seen in Germany again. I began to resent Hollywood’s creation of the “dumb blond” and the creation of Einstein as the smartest man to ever live. Hubbard began this contempt for Einstein. He snidely called him “the great” Einstein.

On occasion I would speak of my theories to friends and family. I told others about little known facts concerning World War II and why the German people accepted the Nazi’s in the first place. I let others know of the inflation of one billion percent perpetrated upon the German people after World War I, of which even a billionaire would be penniless. I spoke of how the Germans had their country stolen from them as a result. I researched how Hitler was financed and I learned that wealthy people could buy their way out of Germany prior to the war. I also realized that it was primarily the white races that Hitler’s army attacked. I found it odd that war was not declared on both Germany and Russia after Poland was attacked by both armies simultaneously. It seemed that Russia was positioned to win on purpose. I learned that the history books were remiss in showing who made money after and during wars and tragedies. It made sense to follow the money flow. It made no sense to me that “the psyches” were the men behind Hitler. It made more sense to look behind them as well. So I did my best.

The Jews were rounded up and kept in concentration camps away from battle; I thought that perhaps the original intent was to keep them safe until after the war. This theory fell apart as I continued my research and interviewed displaced Poles. The holocaust was indeed real and so was the plight of innocent civilians in many countries. I learned of Hitler’s idiocy of bombing civilian targets, thus setting the stage for massive killing on both sides. Later he insured that German families were trapped in Germany and had any shot that dared to cross a border to safety. Hitler’s insisted that no one surrender and that all fight to the death.

So, I became like a Nazi convert concerned for the future of a race caught in a dwindling spiral. Of course, Hubbard instilled the dwindling spiral concept as well. According to him, we have been falling for a long time.

I related to the Germans and felt a part of this race. In fact, in Scientology “auditing” I began to tell tales of my life as a German youth last lifetime before and during World War II. I told of leaving my family at the train station in Dresden to fight in Moldavia. I cried when I “remembered” that they had burned to death just weeks before the end of the war. I told of a Jewish boy that I saved in Minsk that I met again this lifetime. I told of my injuries that I had received in 1944 that led to the amputation of my leg in my imagined last life. I told many tales of the 1930’s and 1940’s. I bought into the idea of reincarnation and believed that my images were real. I bought into the concept of Hubbard’s Galactic Confederation and the Science Fiction of EE “Doc” Smith. Essentially, the Nazi concepts are now Scientology realities. The names and uniforms have changed. But Scientology is the New Order, a tool of the end times, an offshoot of Satanic Cults and the Nazi brotherhood.

The church encouraged me to believe that the accounts were accurate, though now I believe that it was all of my own creation and was an illusion. They told me that Truth was “exact time, place, form, and event and inferred that I was telling the events just as they occurred by verifying these as “truths” on the e-meter and having me write “success stories.” In short, I was becoming brainwashed just like the numerous other “crazy” Scientologists that are still at war on other dynamics, struggling with their own conflicting conclusions or convinced that they were “reincarnated Scientologists.” With the help of Scientology I was convinced that my illusions were real and that something needed to be done about it. Now I know better.

There are many ways to view the events of life. I no longer view whites as “endangered.” I have learned that we all play the cards that we are dealt. My best friend in College was Jewish. Some of my best friends are today as well. I have no malice toward any race. There was a time when I was like Hubbard and saw others as a threat to my children’s gene pool. That is somewhat ironic now, as it is unlikely any of my children will bear offspring, as abortions are nearly mandatory in Scientology’s Sea Org and there is no time for living or raising a family, just “Clearing the Planet.”

I had bought into the attitude of Hubbard against the Red Russians, whom he called the non-Swedes. Reading Hubbard stirred hatred and conflict and made matters difficult. He was so full of contempt. His thinking is like a bigot of a bygone era where whites had all the privileges and non-whites were viewed as inferior. Thank God those days are gone.

I guess it was the broad generality concept of the new world order/one world government that I despise and now it looks like Scientology plans to be that order. They even have loads of platinum and food stored in bomb shelters so that they can take over earth after an atomic war. What psychopaths.

Now that I have freed myself from the lies of Scientology I no longer even think about bankers or worry about all that nonsense. It was all a result of Hubbard’s weird manipulations. I mean, come on, our bodies are all just a bunch of atoms anyway. Don’t you think they can be rearranged? The main thing is that we all create and share this earth. Let’s give up the fears of our ancestors, love one another, and build a better earth.

I love mankind and I am glad for the varieties of life around us. A variety of people and races makes life more interesting and provides more choices.

Any agreement with Hubbard on his racist views has ended for me. Scientology created my upsets. I have realized the origin of my contempt and have lived long enough to free myself of this madman’s malice.

For years I had been fighting shadows, failing to see the insanities of a madman.

Now that I know the reality I do not want my children to suffer a similar fate. I want my children out of the Cult. Please help me to wake them up.

My next chapter speaks to the Scientologists who have been manipulated to hate in other ways. I have friends and family that are still trapped and yet fail to see the similarities between Stalin, Hitler, and Hubbard.

For a great site that I have seen showing racist remarks of L. Ron Hubbard please read this link It is necessary to the understanding of the depth of Hubbard’s racist views.


Creed J. Pearson

Copyright 2005 Creed J. Pearson, III All Rights Reserved

These are the views of Creed Pearson and are posted at his request.

These pages can be copied or mirrored in full by Arnaldo Lerma, Tory Christman, Andreas Heldal-Lund, Gerry Armstrong, and Robert Dam or by anyone else who is a friend. It is for educational purposes and for purposes of discussion. These thoughts above are my opinions. I have tried to be as objective as possible. Your comments are welcome. If you are interested in reading any of my other works please let me know.

I would like to give special thanks to Arnaldo Lerma for being the first to post this doubt formula at

Copyright 2005, Creed J. Pearson, III, All Rights Reserved.

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