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"...Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy... censorship. When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, 'This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,' the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives." --Robert A. Heinlein, -If This Goes On

Discovering Scientology’s Greatest Secrets

Why I Was Silenced

Part IV

by Creed J. Pearson

Divide and Conquer

Normally it takes a war to lose a son. L Ron Hubbard figured out a way for me to lose mine without war. - Creed J. Pearson

"There are tremendous, almost unlimited methods of self-deception, almost unlimited methods of delusion. Man is probably richest in the numbers of ways he can make suckers out of his fellow man with lies. ...

— L. Ron Hubbard
London Congress on Dissemination & Help

In 1950, because of the popularity of Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard finally had the platform or playground to create his universe. So important was this event for him that Ron even renamed time. A new calendar was born with 1950 as year 0. This new time is called, “After Dianetics” (AD). In his world it was on par with man’s discovery of fire. This is so, because Ron’s world changed from being an effect to being cause or source. No longer would he have to worry about making a living. The interest generated from the sale of Dianetics made this change possible. He could carve a new playing field and blaze a new trail.

The purpose of having a playing field is spelled out in the book “Twelve against the Gods” by William Bolitho, who Ron recommended reading on a PDC tape. Bolitho also spoke of the adventurer and felt that both morals and the family were enemies to him:

“Adventure is the irreconcilable enemy of law; the adventurer must be unsocial, if not in the deepest sense antisocial, because he is essentially a free individualist. If he fails he is a mere criminal. One third of all criminals are nothing but failed adventurers. The adventurer is an individualist and an egoist, a truant from obligations. The moment one of these truants breaks loose, he has to fight the whole weight of things as they are; the laws and the infinite smothering aura that surrounds the laws that we call morals; the family, that is the microcosm and whiplash of society; and the dead weight of all the possessors, across whose interwoven rights the road to freedom lies.”

As Bolitho pointed out, morals and the family are the major targets of the antisocial personality. Hubbard found a way to destroy both.

The person who can stack a deck can normally win the game.

Sun Tzu wrote 25 centuries ago in “The Art of War,

” If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

The person making the rules will nearly always win the battle, provided he controls both sides of the game. Hubbard won because he created a different set of rules for himself, ones that you were unfamiliar with. His intent is clearly delineated in the Affirmations, as I have made clear in earlier chapters.

Divide and Conquer has long been known to be a successful military strategy. Unknown to his followers, L. Ron Hubbard applied this principle to use in a battle against the family man and against you.

Hubbard actually believed that his mind was far superior to our minds and that he controlled the minds of anyone in his space. If he could not control your mind then he got rid of you and he nullified your existence. He was clever in that he hid his intentions from you. On the other hand he required that you be audited so that he could know your intentions. Thus, he always controlled the game. He knew your side and his own. You only knew your intentions. So you were set up to lose and he to win. He knew what you had agreed to and had access to your thoughts in interviews, in sessions, at ethics, on course, on video cameras, and through reports. So his ability to control you was always big when you were in his space. He knew your sins, your secret thoughts and your weaknesses. If you started to go out of line he employed correction lists, cramming, word clearing, ethics, and rehabilitation to keep you on his path. The threat of losing your friends, and your family, and your life were made clear to you. Your universe was controlled.

His first step to conquer you was to divide the mind and convince you that you actually have two minds...Meanwhile, for him; L. Ron Hubbard knows that there is one mind, one soul, one purpose. His beliefs are superior to the ones that he gets you to believe in. His are focused and cleverly laid out but you are broken apart and ignorant. You agreed and were betrayed. He consulted his guardian and believed in her. By the end of the OT levels, any guardian angles that you may have believed in before Scientology have been cast out by you. You are left alone in conflict with yourself. You have no more spiritual friends, no family, and no God but Hubbard. Such is the path prepared for you.

This was achieved with Dianetics when he convinced his followers that we have a good mind (analytical mind) and a bad mind (reactive mind). According to Hubbard we must look into this reactive mind to purge ourselves of the evil that was done to us in the past and the evil that we did to others.

The problem with the concept of the reactive mind is this. According to Hubbard it is a mind out of control. A cat = a dog = a flower = anything else in this mind. It is like a scratched CD. One can’t quite put the data together. However, he convinces his followers that another plus he is bigger than the reactive mind (the bank of insane data) and that through Scientology the bank be erased. You cannot do it alone. So much for keeping your own council and making your own decisions. The moment you decide to get help and abandon your own council placing your trust in Scientology you have lost control and are at effect.

"If there ever was a devil, he invented it"
L Ron Hubbard About the Reactive Mind in Dianetics

He convinced us that any evil done to us and that any evil that we have done can only be undone if we abandon our own council and talk to an auditor about it in session. His whole focus is for you to look at evil purposes, crimes, mistakes, and bad thoughts. This method of going to a counselor is in direct conflict with his code of honor point, “Keep your own council and make your own decisions.” If you kept this code in you would never seek a counselor, meaning you would never do Scientology. An auditor is one that you normally keep council with as is an ethics officer and anyone else that has been trained to keep you on the road. Scientology is full of people that one is forced to keep council with. Just do a routing form sometime if you have any doubts. You will invariably wish that you had kept your own council. Your C/S (case supervisor) ensures that the maximum extraction of $$$ is obtained from you to the church. If you protest needless actions like I portrayed in Part I you will be security checked, given correction lists, or sent to ethics. So here is another inconsistency. One cannot be a Scientologist and keep his own council. Such ideas are incongruous to each other.

Hubbard says that you become what you resist. This is a dangerous concept to agree to. Once you have done so you know that you will eventually become evil. This belief helps destroy one’s concept of good and evil and breeds the idea that that there is no evil. According to Hubbard, there are just opposition players changing roles lifetime after lifetime or even within a lifetime.

L. Ron Hubbard had from 1950 to 1986 (36 years) to learn what would happen if he gave a lecture one day and the class audited the next day. He had time to learn that if he spoke about race car drivers on the Wednesday lecture that on the Thursday auditing session many Scientologists may recall being a race car driver. Over the years he was able to interject ideas into his lectures and see how his flock responded to them. These are called “set-ups.” The next chapter details how he was able to interject pornographic content and gore into his “scripture” to set one up to run-out the most bizarre of imaginary past life incidents. For now, let’s look at how he is making us evil and confused.

L Ron Hubbard worked on destroying the concept of good and evil by destroying the concept of destruction. He did this in the book. “Scientology, Fundamentals of Thought”. First he says that there is creation-destruction-creation. Then he convinces you that destruction is only an appearance. The real deal is that the cycle of action is create-counter create-create. Thus, all actions are creation and there is no such thing as destruction. He goes onto say that the final cycle is create-create-create. The end result is that the concept of destruction is gone. It is kind of like George Orwell’s 1984 when the concepts of right and wrong were obliterated.

To me evil is defined as thinking and acting irresponsibly based upon the creation of and agreement with bad thoughts. Opposed in perfect balance to this concept is L. Ron Hubbard’s view. Ron makes unwanted thoughts the very subjects that his followers are required to look for. This is the first step toward creating evil.

Scientology encourages, in fact requires, one to look into the made up reactive mind where bad thoughts are allegedly stored. This, over time begins to make one become evil, especially if one believes that he will become what he resists. For it is true that man is basically good, unless he has decided to be bad. It is up to him. Now, if he is looking at bad things all day long in session then it is likely that he will begin to believe that he himself is evil. He will try and resist this and then fear that he will become evil, because he is resisting it. Eventually you stop resisting and do in fact become evil. This all happens when one agrees to the concept that you become what you resist.

I have no intention to become a bad guy next lifetime just because I am a good guy this lifetime. I am not going to buy into that idea. Nor am I going to become evil this lifetime so that I can become good next lifetime. If you Scientologists haven’t examined the “agreed upon truth” of “you become what you resist,” then you had better change your mind and get rid of that idea. It was said by Hubbard to suck you in and make you become evil. It was also said to thwart your long term goals.

A better idea or belief to live by is “you become that which you decide to become.” That puts you in the driver’s seat. Any Scientologist that is reading this had better say that again. The new agreement is “We become whatever we decide to become.” Ok?

Actually, we are what we are as life is happening at the moment. That is the only thing that we ever are. We are the moment. You decide what to put there. Spoken another way, we create our thoughts and are responsible for the ideas of the moment. So we are better off if we don’t even think about evil and just decide not to create it, much less share its ugliness with another. That is the true definition of responsibility. That is why we keep bad ideas away from our children. It is the responsible thing to do. Again, LRH has it backwards.

It is totally irresponsible of a religious leader to encourage his followers to talk about and think about evil and at the same time doom them to become evil by the subliminal suggestion that you become what you resist. Virtually all good men resist and fight evil by their very nature. The best way for an evil person to trap a man is to use the man’s basic goodness against him. Getting one to accept the concept that you will fight yourself, ultimately become what you resist, and eventually lose the game is the best way to conquer. The man will fail on his own struggling within his own mind. His enemy can sit back with a gentle smile as you dwindle further and further down a new dwindling spiral, as a result of accepting these concepts which before never existed for you.

Now that war between your reactive mind and analytical mind has been so insidiously planted, agreed to, and set in motion, Hubbard turned his attention to the next target to be divided and conquered.

His next action was to separate out the body from the soul. He delineated separate entities for the body and the soul (thetan). He also came up with a third entity. It is the machine that runs the body. He called it the GE (genetic entity). He uses this concept of a third entity as the means to divide and conquer.

The “Introduction to Scientology” video was shown to me on my first day in Scientology. Ron spent virtually the entire video telling his listeners that all things are trying to survive. That was the common thread that he found for this universe. There were no exceptions.

However, for the seasoned Scientologist, another entirely opposite view is later presented. The Scientologist is told that the GE is trying to die and trying to kill everything around him.

Here is LRH from the 31 January 1956 lecture called GE Scientology:

“It knows it’s terrible and it loves it!”

“The GE dines upon death. That’s all a GE wants. The basic philosophy of the GE is to not survive. There is not much question about survival. The basic premise, the dynamic principle of the GE happens to be this: “If there is any other life form anywhere alive, I cannot be happy or live.”

“Well part of the processes that I had sorted out, put together in the line of havingness, consisted of sacrifices: Were dead bodies more acceptable than live bodies? And so forth. Not only were they more acceptable, they were the only things that were really acceptable to the GE.”

“Now listen, if the GE has nothing in mind but the obliteration of all life, what do you think his ambitions are in relationship to a thetan? Same thing. Same thing. All Right.”

So there you have Hubbard creating a new enemy condition against yourself. You are good and the lower grade being that runs the body is bent on killing itself and all those around him. Hubbard, of course is insane and illogical so in the next tape he contradicts himself again. In the above lecture he paints the GE as a murderer. In the next he paints him as a family man. This is how he positions a being who loves his family. It is diabolically clever.

Here is Hubbard from 10 December 1952 Tape Flows: Patterns of Interaction,

“The GE is a family man; the GE is lost without a family. It is very strange but homo sap is a family unit. The GE is built on that basis. It’s fascinating, fascinating. If you wanted to study the GE, you’d really get yourself some data about what could happen in this universe. It’s not important for you to know it, but a lot of your urges toward family and so forth are not thetan urges at all; they’re the GE. The GE can’t survive without the family unit. He is as dead as a mackerel if he isn’t a family unit, whereas your thetan is just as dead as a mackerel if he gets too mixed up in family units.”

Insert Picture of Family

Gee thanks Ron. You obliterated the concept of love and it only took a paragraph or two. It is a concept that we and our forefathers have preserved, nurtured, and encouraged since the dawn of man - all obliterated by a few strokes of your pen. The devil (Screwtape) would be proud.

When my children read this they will think that my GE has taken over my universe and that he is the thing that is trying to reach them. According to LRH, my GE cannot survive without the family unit. Yet according to Hubbard it also wants to kill everything in sight. Hum. Which one is it Ron? You can’t have it both ways. It can’t be protecting and destroying at the same time. Another dichotomy has been formed. Now, think about this. He said that the GE was trying to die. He also said that the GE could not survive without the family unit. Well, if the GE dies without the family unit and it wants to die, wouldn’t it be logical that the GE is trying to get rid of the family so that it could die? This information is again in direct conflict with itself. One must assume therefore that Hubbard is lying.

He makes the GE bad by saying it wants to die and take others down with it. If this is the case and in addition the GE is on self destruct, then all it has to do is shut down the heart and you’ll die. The goal of death would instantly be achieved. In direct opposition to this is the fact that the GE is keeping the heart going in spite of Hubbard’s claims that its goal is to kill, kill, and kill. So, it is obviously impossible to accept his flawed hypothesis. The function of the GE is clearly survival in direct opposition to Hubbard’s stated postulated intention of the GE. Such are opposed. Again, he has set-up the dichotomy to confuse you subconsciously... The end result of all of this is that you are at war with your GE and your analytical mind is at war with the reactive mind. You, the thetan (spirit) are at war with your own Genetic entity. Later, on the OT levels, Ron creates a battle between you and other thetans. One battles with pictures and with other spirits. The thetan battle is taught and waged on the OT levels. The devotee of Hubbard has battles going on all around him and he doesn’t even see them, but they are there, because he agreed to them and they were carefully laid in. Again, your own goodness is used by Hubbard against you.

By the time you are on the OT levels you are PTS Type III which per the technical dictionary says, “for the person sometimes has ghosts about him or demons and they are just more apparent SPs but imaginary as beings as well.” Most of these cases are institutionalized. No need to worry though. Scientology can practice medicine without a license, as it demonstrated so aptly in the Lisa McPherson case. So, if you really do go crazy on those OT levels your church is protected. It will find a way to get a gag order. Just in case it has created its own Baker Act to keep you from having any rights at all.

Insert Link.

In the previous chapter we exposed L Ron Hubbard’s conflicting views as to whether or not man was good or bad. Conflicting views are used to entrap or are a sign that the person doesn’t actually know and is trying to figure it all out. In either case Ron’s statements about man’s character are in conflict. As delineated in detail in Part III, here is a paraphrased listing:

1. All men are basically good.
2. 2 ½ % of the population is not good and is evil.
3. 20 % are potentially evil
4. 18 out of 19 people are super troublesome degraded beings
who are evil.
5. All of us are thieves. We all stole our bodies
as the entry-point into this universe.

As you can see, he is either trying to trick you or he doesn’t know. Here is the truth of the matter: “A man is basically good until and unless he decides to be bad”.

Put that one in your pipe and smoke it, as my mom used to say. Chalk it up as a truism. If it works for you then use it. If it doesn’t work then loose it.

Ok. So now we finally approach the tone scale. The tone scale became the key on converting our thinking to his world. It is a major tool of trickery, as you will soon see.

Here is L. Ron Hubbard’s complete sub-zero tone scale as taken from the technical dictionary. The sub-zero tone scale is the part below body death. Divide and Conquer is the tool used here as is misplacement of emotional tones and altered importance of such tones.

Sub Zero Scale

Body Death



Shame (being other bodies)



Regret (Responsibility as blame)

Controlling bodies

Protecting bodies

Owning bodies

Needing bodies

Worshipping bodies



Being Objects

Can’t Hide

Total Failure

According to Hubbard, Blame at - 1.0 is above regret at -1.3on the tone scale.

In reality, regret is the first feeling one gets when one realizes that he has made a mistake. It is the emotion that leads us to become better and more responsible. Blame on the other hand lays all the responsibility on the other person and is the furthest point away from taking responsibility. There is no way that Blame can be a higher emotion than regret. Yet, Hubbard misplaced these tones on his scale.

Protect, Worship, and Sacrifice are all forms of serving and are worthwhile goals, provided you are on the right side. Hubbard used the sub zero tone scale to get one to hate being a parent. Parenting requires the use of the sub zero scale.

A good parent protects her baby. She owns it as well and gives it her same last name. She gives and receives approval from her child. I spent endless hours with my children on playgrounds as they said, “Look at me daddy, look at me.” It was great. I loved it. You need them, worship them, sacrifice for them and hide bad thoughts and concepts from them. When you play with them you assume other identities for them. You can’t hide from them as you are part of them and they are part of you.

Hubbard covertly convinced people to believe that any such emotions are worse than death. The social world is a body world to a large extent. According to the American Heritage dictionary, a body is a number of persons, concepts, or things regarded collectively. It would thus be a microcosm of a social world. Anyone who feels that these emotions are below death is truly antisocial.

As one goes deeper into Scientology, this world of love has been replaced by the world of L. Ron Hubbard. Once you have agreed with him and made his ideas synonymous to your own, the sub-zero scale becomes an Extension of “Keeping Scientology Working.”

The “technology” of Scientology is a body of knowledge. So we will substitute the word “technology” for “body of knowledge” to make a point. Here is what Scientologists are doing:

Controlling the technology

Protecting the technology

Owning the technology

Needing the technology

Worshiping the technology

Sacrificing for the technology

Hiding the technology (in underground vaults to save it from nuclear war)

Being Scientology (Being a Scientologist)

Being Nothing (Not being a Scientologist)

Can’t Hide from Scientology (Getting Attacked)

Total Failure = totally controlled by Scientology. – A clear planet.

Per L Ron Hubbard’s technical dictionary, here is the definition of Hallucinatory cause:

“The thetan considers that he is actually being more cause (going down the sub-zero scale). This is the exact reverse of the reality of the situation. He is becoming more and more effect.”

Everyone doing Scientology is unknowingly going down the sub zero scale and is becoming more and more effect. They are becoming hallucinatory cause as opposed to real cause.

The truth of the matter is that they are all being Scientologists which is only one step away from not being a Scientologist, which is only one step away from getting attacked.

In regards to the tone scale, I have this to say. There is no such thing as higher or lower emotion. There is only the appropriate or inappropriate emotion for purposes of experience and communication. Because Scientologists are drilled on the tone scale, they go more and more out of communication with those not so drilled, for they do not realize that the purpose of the scale is designed to make one antisocial.

For the Scientologist, antisocial means anti-Scientology, it means opposing anything that opposes Scientology and anything that does not embrace Scientology.

Here is a quote from L. Ron Hubbard’s 1965 Keeping Scientology Working Bulletin that demonstrates this definition:

“We would rather see you dead than incapable”. Sounds like the GE talking doesn’t it? Or is it a suppressive person? At any rate, he wants you to be dead or be a capable Scientologist. There is no half minded approach. It is all or nothing. Personally, I say, “Shove it LRH.”

I tried my best to protect my children from evil when they were growing up. But I made a big mistake. I got them into Scientology.

The next chapter deals with Scientology and porno. My children are doomed to be subjected to porno and gore while studying the works of L Ron Hubbard. Such R rated and X rated materials are protected from scrutiny because they are part of Scientology’s “religious scripture.”

It is time for Congress to protect its citizens by repealing the religious status originally inappropriately and unconstitutionally bestowed upon the Church of Scientology by an unauthorized body – the IRS. I call upon them to do so.


Creed J. Pearson

End of Part IV

Next Chapter

Copyright 2005 Creed J. Pearson, III All Rights Reserved

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