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"...Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy... censorship. When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, 'This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,' the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives." --Robert A. Heinlein, -If This Goes On

Discovering Scientology's Greatest Secrets
and Why I was Silenced
Part V
By Creed J. Pearson

A Letter to Creed Pearson’s Son

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

To Tilian, Creed Pearson’s Son:

Imagine someone having such power over you that you believe everything that they have ever said. Imagine that the person wrote wonderful stories and lectured millions and was loved and respected by nearly all, including you. Imagine that you modeled your entire way of life around the wise words of this man and that he was the minister of a huge church and the creator of a new hope for man. Imagine he had written all about life, even how to wash a window and water a plant. Imagine he said that we were trapped and only he had found a way out. Imagine you believed every word he ever said and lived your life per his instructions. Imagine no one was permitted to question his wisdom and that his policies prevented any discussion of his ideas. Imagine that any disagreements that you had with his ideas were “corrected” with his technology. Imagine no other ideas were taught.

Imagine that someone in your family began to research this person’s past and found out that he was actually not what he promised to be at all, but was evil and a threat to mankind. Imagine that this someone obtained evidence and tried to tell you and others about it. He tried to warn as many people as possible. Imagine that his actions were discovered by those loyal to the false minister. Imagine that the church labeled the enlightened one “insane or suppressive” and prohibited all church members from having any communication with him. Imagine that a document prevented all members from talking to the enlightened one. Imagine that this included his family, friends, and all in his church around the globe. Imagine you believed the slanderous document and you also refused to talk to the enlightened one. Imagine that the enlightened one was your best friend. Imagine he was your father. Imagine he went away.

Imagine he wrote a letter and published it on the Internet and gave a copy to some other enlightened ones. Imagine this document began to circulate around. Imagine that people outside of the church started to read this letter and started to believe the enlightened one. Imagine that some inside the church also began to believe and the letter found its way to you. Imagine that this is the letter.

Imagine that you decide to think for yourself and begin to read the words. Imagine that you too become enlightened.

Thus we begin our analysis of this minister and his church, for this is the letter that you have just imagined and it has finally found its way to you.

The religion is Scientology. The false minister is L Ron Hubbard. The document mandating “shunning” is called a Suppressive Person Declare. The tale now begins at Chapter V. The other chapters are tediously detailed and quote specifics. In this one we will take a few more liberties and have a bit of fun as we mix metaphysical concepts and humor into our discussion of this deadly serious ‘religion.”

Part V

Conflict sells. If you don’t believe it watch MTV some time. The church leaders know this and until recently have played their cards well. Too bad for them the game has carried on too long. The scam has been exposed and the new ideas just don’t seem to be working these days. The church is crumbling. The heyday is over.

Scientology’s truths lead nowhere except to the next promised ability regained and to the next invoice, as its followers scurry along like stray mice running back into the fold.

No doubt Hubbard had unpublished notes of his experimentation as it related to mind control. This would be of value to any government. Chances are he had several books around for various people to find by mistake or on purpose.

I too can write such books of mind control. Depending on what I want you to know, that is what you will get. I will control you. Shall I demonstrate how easy it is?

Later. Let’s first see what Hubbard is up to in the spirit world. These are unsubstantiated rumors. So take it with a grain of salt, ok?

Evidently, Hubbard has met his match. His lies have worn him down. The gods have punished him for his crimes and now he is a slave, just like his followers on earth. He has found himself in the dark and alone. Few spirits wish to play with him. His power has waned.

Anyway, he is in a sort of detention area on some strange planet named Tegadact or something. I heard just the other day that Satan had lost all use for him. It seems like LRH wanted to go off and be the old Beast himself. The rumor is that he actually complained to Satan that there weren’t enough ashtrays for all those cigarettes that he brought with him. Can you imagine that? No doubt he misses those fifteen-year-old girls back on earth who were there at his every beck and call.

Well, in Hubbard’s defense, why not have a bunch of hot chicks around and become the god or devil of your own religion? After all, it’s been a while since anyone really tried to be a god.

Most of us realize that being a god is not all its cracked up to be. Gods are eventually resented and betrayed. Besides, it is a lot more fun to have lots of gods, not just one. We take turns, you know? We tend to kill off any who get too powerful, especially the ones that haven’t earned their wings yet. Take Tom Cruise for example; the media is having a field day with him. He put his foot in his mouth. He purportedly tried to be an expert in a field that he knew nothing about. His smile and charm failed to save him and he appeared a fool for the entire world’s amusement. Creed or Arnie Lerma wouldn’t mind having a few words with him, just to see how crazy he can really get. How about a national debate? Wouldn’t that be a riot? We could do it on ESPN as a sport. We could have the celebrity challenge. Bring it on. Place your bets. I’ll even write the screenplay if you like. It could go like this:

Tom: “Hubbard is good. All enemies of Hubbard are bad.” Vitamins are good. All drugs are bad. Scientology is good. All psyches are bad. I am good. All SPs are bad. I have it all figured out. Trust me. Suppressive people are bad. Real bad. It is not that we can’t talk to them; it is just that we don’t want to. We know all about them though. One can’t be the adverse effect of that which one knows about and we know all about them. Trust me”

Interviewer: “I understand.” “It is like the expression know thy enemy.” “Is that why Scientology tries to get your secrets, so it can know about you and not be the adverse effect of you?”

Tom: “No. It has nothing to do with that. It means if you know the technology nothing can hurt you. Trust me.”

Interviewer: “If nothing can hurt you, then why can’t an SP talk to you? He is unable to hurt you, right?” I mean, don’t you do an Internship on studying SPs? I mean, uh, when one has been declared, don’t you study his habits, and see for yourself what he is like?

Tom: “No we read about it all on the PTS/SP course. LRH says no one is allowed to talk to SPs. Ooops, I mean, we don’t want to talk to them. No one should talk to them. Trust me.”

Interviewer: “I see. So you have no specimens, no subjects. You don’t really get a chance to study them at all. The church issues a document and afterwards that person is totally shut off from all observation. It doesn’t sound very scientific to me.

Tom: “Just trust me. They are bad.”

Interviewer: “Let’s give Creed a chance to comment, shall we?”

Creed: “I do not trust Hubbard because he led his flock on a false path. I do not trust you, Tom, because you are too blind to see it. So you can stop all that “trust me” talk.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that an SP is a person that no longer is willing to be a Scientologist and by that decision alone such a person acts as a cancer to the group’s agreements and shared realities and must therefore be cast off, shunned so to speak?”

Tom: “I’ve got to get out of here man. He’s a space alien. He’s attacking me. It’s a war of the worlds. I am restimulated man. Help me. Help me.”

Interviewer: “Don’t go away folks. We’ll be right back.”

Place your bets. I dare you, Tom Cruise. Let’s see how good you are without a script. Creed calls you out. Do you have the guts to spar against truth? Unlike Hubbard, Creed will speak it. In this case, it hurts. Are you afraid of the big bad SP?? Are you afraid of the truth? Will your church let you off its leash again? Bring it on. Let’s rumble.

Hubbard’s trap was that he wanted to be the only one. Some among us woke up and became unwilling to have him be a god and dominate our space. We rejected him. Unfortunately, for him he now has few allies in the spirit world. His goddess was but an illusion and has left him. His soldiers of darkness still are here on earth. We keep them around as entertainment. Here is an example of such a comedian. Is it Tom’s best friend?

Creed Perasons photo of a cover of Scientology news after his doodles while thinkning about Scientology

In the early eighties Hubbard or someone close to him perverted the “scripture” to ensure that no one would go free using this technology. Policy letters, technical bulletins, tapes, and even definitions were altered. The end result is “Black Scientology.”

Throughout its history, the organization has dramatized its suppressive characteristics when dealing with its enemies. Just read any SP declare sometime. Invariably they are broad generality one sided attacks designed to obliterate and make nothing out of the person it is written about. After all, Hubbard knew that there were two Madison Avenue Sales techniques that people accepted. “Make nothing out of it” was one of them. It is kind of like calling the Japanese “Japs” or the Germans “Krauts” or the social world the “wog world” or an enemy “a suppressive person.” Degrade and conquer. That was Hubbard’s way.

The poor recipient of this broad generality attack (SP Declare) is left with no credibility and cannot articulate his position to a Scientology audience. Such a document is supposed to result from a fair trial. Yet, in Creed’s case, he wasn’t even shown the evidence, much less given the opportunity to show his point of view. They still have yet to show him his declare. Yet others read it daily and perhaps believe the lies therein. If so, they are fools that do not understand that there are two sides to every coin. Hubbard seldom applied the scientific method or even the basics of inductive and deductive reasoning. His followers instead rely upon the decrees of a corrupt few. Only a handful bother to question what is really going on.

What the organization is actually good at creating is enemies and hardship. It is best at teaching one how to lie, destroy, and act like an SP (suppressive person). That is Scientology’s workable technology. Unfortunately for them, the practice of legalized slander (SP DECLARES) will soon be illegal. The church will lose its religious classification and will be forced to pay massive punitive damages. They made the mistake of trying to get the best of both worlds. First, they brokered a deal to become a religion. Second they trademarked certain symbols to show that a standard would apply. Third, they copyrighted their “religious scripture.” Religious scripture cannot be copyrighted and trademarked, and yet remain free. Freedom of religion is supposed to mean the freedom to practice a religion any way one chooses. Freedom to practice Scientology outside the mother church in one’s own way is not permitted. Those that attempt to do so are labeled and shunned.

Steer into a possible future 100 years from now. In a Scientology world everyone will be posted on a gigantic intergalactic organizing board. We all wear uniforms and chant hip, hip, hooray to LRH. You will have no home to worship in. You share with nine others a dormitory. A white glove inspection requires a spotless quarters and an open door policy at all times. You own nothing and fit neatly into your slot on the organizing board. An SP declaration awaits you if you step out of line. It means “permanent removal from other group members.” One such as this can be tricked, sued, lied to, or destroyed, as per the “scripture.” This is the year 2105.

Now return to the present. Decide to get rid of Scientology’s evil practice of shunning. Imagine it gone forever in the year 2105 having disappeared by an act of Congress 100 years earlier without violence or cruelty. Imagine the religion stripped of its lies and a new and better one arising to take its place. Good. Thank you very much.

Even Martin Luther himself would have been thwarted if the church of his day had maneuvered like the Scientologists did in the early 1980’s. Yet criminals always make mistakes. They do it to tease us poor mortals. Unfortunately for them, some of us aren’t quite mortal, if you know what I mean. We can figure them out. In fact, that is what LRH had in mind in order to find his way back. Trust me. I know.

Copyrighting and trademarking a religion violates the tenants set down by our founding fathers. The attainment of these methods of control backfires on the church and gives our government the right to pierce the corporate veil or in this case pierce the religious veil. These are tools of corporations, not churches. In other words, the government can police the trademarks and copyrights of the church and if practices are found to be harmful to the general population, they can be stopped or perhaps more appropriately estopped.

Unfortunately for the Church, their corporate gurus have not only blown the religious cover but they have also intentionally skirted their responsibilities by violating the published copyrighted standards required of them to maintain their trademarks. They publish one thing and deliver another, to wit, steps required to be done before issuing an SP declare.

Your father willingly left the church and informed OSA representatives that he was no longer a member of the church. As such, the SP declare that they issued is on a person that was known to not adhere to Hubbard’s ethics policies. They have no right to issue such a document on a non-Scientologist. Doing so constitutes knowing and malicious intent to slander. In effect, they blew it. So afraid were they that the lies he found would spread like wildfire that they ignored his status and slandered a non-Scientologist. That is a big mistake. Your father and others can now attack and expose the Church and the church will lose. It is full of holes and there are not enough buckets to go around.

The disconnection policies and SP declares are tools of extortion and should be deemed illegal instruments, unprotected by scripture. Per Black’s Law Dictionary, continued extortion is racketeering. Scientology will lose its bogus classification as a church, a flimsy status shrouded in secrecy and one that Congress will soon turn its gaze toward. Once they get involved, justice will follow. One cannot hide behind the cloak of religion and spray bullets upon ones enemies. Even a smiling Tom Cruise or a fading John Travolta cannot defend such repugnant behavior. The church must soon answer to a higher power, one that will put an end to its Al Capone type tactics.

Nearly all of the Church’s court cases have tended to be long drawn out episodes that end with it being found guilty. The church managed in the early days to manipulate the hand of justice and hide incriminating facts with gag orders. Fortunately, recent opponents have stood up to the church and have turned down gag offers of millions of dollars. Now the church is reeling and its pathetic “confidential” OT levels have become the laughing stock of the Internet. These gag orders can be ordered “unsealed” and the lies of Hubbard can become public record for all to see. This will be a day of justice.

The ultimate goal of Scientology is that one remains trapped in a maze of contradictions and problems requiring more auditing to straighten out, as the registrars endlessly drain one’s bank account and lifeblood. Your father was addicted to the truth and to being fair and just. He was trapped by his own energy and his own need to know. Hubbard had no such addictions. His mind was selfish and his goals unspoken, except to himself. Fortunately, the 1947 Affirmations survived the purge and stand as a grim reminder of Hubbard’s true nature. The link is available for all to see on the Internet at the bottom of this letter. He captured his audience by giving them just what he wanted them to know and no more. He gave conflicting truths.

To be happy and alive you should keep your own council and make your own decisions. Unfortunately, you cannot do that as a Scientologist. An auditor, C/S, and ethics officer will insist that you are incapable of going free without them. Translated, that means you must pay to go free and means that your own council is insufficient. Keep your own council is in the Scientology Code of Honor. It only applies to Hubbard. No one else can keep his own. If you don’t believe me try it sometime. See if you can audit yourself without a C/S. Arrive late on course twice in a row and see if ethics is a personal thing. See if you can keep your own council. No way. Not in Scientology.

Life is not normally deadly serious. Deadly serious is not pleasant to be around. I have experienced it before. It is like the feeling one gets as he is caught running a red light. Oops. I did something wrong and now I must pay the price. Or it’s like tip towing over a minefield in the jungles of Vietnam with gooks right behind and bullets whizzing by your head. It really gets serious when half of your buddy’s brain goes three feet back of your head and you just noticed your arm was missing, you know? Now that’s dead serious.

Well, that is the mood of Scientology. It is a deadly serious activity. Ron says so in “Keeping Scientology Working.” Laughter and Mirth have no place in it, except in session, for a fee.

When he said look for the joker in the deck he meant himself. And yet, his flock used this policy to shoot down all men of mirth and cheerfulness that happened to have “restimulated” some petty soul. What a joke. That’s for sure.

Scientology is a spy operation. Cameras watch over Clearwater like the big brother in Orson Wells’ classic “1984”. “Friends” write knowledge reports daily. One’s most intimate thoughts are stored in vaults. You are being watched and recorded. You have no private thoughts. An auditor waits to extract more and more inner secrets and gain leverage on you and your dearest friends. Stay on that road and you will eventually be swallowed up. Better advice is to watch from a distance or do what your dad did and leave the cult. Or convince the church to put a sign on its front door that reads, “Welcome to the world that makes 1984 look like a pale shadow. Admission $1,000,000 and all your children.”

Scientology manipulates its members, involving them in endless conflict and incomplete cycles of action that the Church itself is creating in order to convince you that the psyches and other “enemies” are after them and to keep you in a lower condition and extract more money. In actual fact, the merchants of chaos are within the church. Each week one or more of these beggars tries to elicit more and more money for the good of the group with some kind of guilt trip played upon you if you do not help. They will involve you in their endless struggles and convince you that paying them is for your own good and the good of others. Ultimately, your own donations are used against you when you leave. Hubbard’s technology produces enemies and misguided souls. A few are helped in the beginning, but the end betrays them.

L Ron Hubbard said that all sickness stems from being connected to a suppressive person and that all sick people are Potential Trouble Sources (PTS). Wow! That’s making someone else responsible for your own condition, isn’t it?

Sickness is a great opportunity to create a new enemy. Why not? After all, each and every being real or imagined was a potential enemy to Ron. Why not get everyone else to fight imagined enemies. That way he is not the only one that is crazy.

Scientologists are wonderful at finding excuses for the old man. If any normal person did what he did, they would be taken out and shot or at least exposed and rendered harmless to society. Read on, you’ll see.

LRH tries to say that PTS people are connected to suppressive people and are surrounded with incomplete cycles of action. In reality, when one makes a new goal he has an incomplete cycle of action at that point. Thus, anyone making a lot of goals has a lot of incomplete cycles of action. It does not mean that one is PTS. PTS as a concept is a control mechanism to get you to learn to disconnect from people who do not agree with Hubbard and are potential trouble sources for him. PTS “tech” is a tool to move one closer to becoming totally controlled. Life itself is an incomplete cycle of action…eternity. We are all surrounded with them.

LRH insists that his followers complete each of his cycles of action before starting another. He then gives forth his goals, deriding all ideas but his own. Eventually, he is the goal maker and you are the slave, as you make fewer and fewer goals and as you have the extra step of aligning your goals to his. By the end of OT VII, he is your master and you are his slave. At that point, Scientology typically is believed by the OT VII completion to be the only game in town. Not much else matters anymore. Hip, hip, horary!

In regards to the bridge to slavery don’t bother with it. You already have each of the abilities stipulated on the Scientology grade chart. For example, you can already talk to anyone on any subject. You can already solve problems. These are supposed to be abilities regained. Well, did you ever lose them in the first place?

I certainly didn’t. I have always had these abilities and have never lost them. If they asked the question, “In regards to solving problems did you ever lose the ability to solve problems? I would have said “no” and that would have been it. There would have been no need to do Scientology. It would have been over. I would have said “No.”

Thus, Scientology simply sells you what you already have. It exchanges nothing.

In another cruel joke by Hubbard he wrote a policy letter regarding exchange and then he described the concept of “rip-off” exchange. He laughed himself silly watching his followers paying for what they already had and not even thinking to look at the joker that was degrading them. LRH said, “When the stats are down locate the joker in the deck”.

L Ron Hubbard cancelled “outside of marriage sex” because the stats were down on Christmas in 1976. LRH. Of course the stats would be down on Christmas, duh. As a result, people are getting married in Scientology at age 15 just so they can have sex. Hubbard habitually selected the wrong target. He chose that Hitler look alike to run the new party, or was it the movie camera, or was it the new order?

Read my parody, “The Tunnel of Freedom” for jokes that Hubbard played upon his followers. It is quite humorous. He had a ball. Even now his followers worship him and they don’t even know it.

I was in downtown Clearwater just today and I looked around and saw people worshipping Hubbard.

I was gazing upon “The One Stop Shop”. In it came a Sea Org Member through the front door. She was wearing the uniform that Hubbard picked out himself and the designated color and insignia that Hubbard also had chosen. She no doubt studies Hubbard all day and uses only Hubbard technology in her work. She sleeps in a cabin designed by Hubbard with white glove inspection hanging over her head each night as a reminder of her dedication to Hubbard. She is not even allowed to lock her own door, trusting in Hubbard’s technologies and the goodwill of other Hubbard devotees. She owns nothing except a few Hubbard artifacts. She works to get two hours a day of Hubbard’s wise words allotted to her 18-hour day. The bookstore no doubt has only Hubbard’s works and no others. So the Sea Org member is probably at the One Stop Shop to get a dictionary so that she can return to study the exclusive works of Hubbard. First she must learn her post. All “hat write-ups” of course are based on the works of Hubbard. She is grateful for her comrades that she chances to meet. They also wear similar attire chosen by Hubbard, read only books written by Hubbard, and adhere only to the policies laid down by Hubbard. He is all knowing and beyond questioning. They eat and breathe Hubbard and yet they see it not. Their entire day is laid out for them, per Hubbard policy. From the bus ride in the morning to the lunch hour- to the night and lights out - the day has been planned and the musters called. Each moment is controlled.

LRH tells a tale of the blind man who did not even know that he was blind. Well guess whom he is talking about? That’s right, the Scientologist. He is the one paying for ability regained that he never lost. He is the one wearing a dorky tie and uniform every day and not even noticing. He is the idiot that is giving away his children’s future by donating a million dollars to the church and their parasitic organizations.

It is no wonder that Creed’s wife and children don’t want to talk to him. Forget about the SP declare. I can hear them now when they get out, “Gee dad, wouldn’t it be nice to have that million dollars back?” Wouldn’t that be an ability regained?

“Yea. It would be nice.” “But why stop with just a million?”

Of course, per the church, L Ron Hubbard writes all and has written all (Actually others wrote a lot, well over half, and LRH claimed it as his own. Every class XII that wrote policy letters and HCOBs had to put Hubbard’s name on it - Search Julie Mayo, Scientologist on the Internet for details on how it was done. In 1982 Hubbard claimed authorship of nearly all of the documents written by others in one fell swoop as “based on the works of.”

His logic is that none of these discoveries would have been made had he not thought of Dianetics and Scientology first. Therefore, all discoveries were based upon his works. Thus, he ordered the “based on the works of” that the freezoners get so upset about. That is how he was able to move information around from one place to another in 1982 and yet put the LRH seal on it. All he had to do was change it enough to re-copyright it. In 1991 when the new red and green volumes came out all references to who originated and who assisted LRH were left off. Now it is just LRH. The coup is complete. Now KSW seems real to many. Younger people like 27-year-old Heather Hoff, chief MAA only know 1991 volumes. She is unfamiliar with pre-1991 volumes and has no idea that others actually wrote most of Scientology. In her mind LRH wrote all. The Scientology dictionary still shows the vast number of Board Technical Bulletins written by others. No doubt this will be purged once new dictionaries come out. Pre-1991 red volumes and green volumes also show an enormous amount of contribution from Class XII auditors and others. But give LRH credit. He stole it all fair and square. It was a bit like what the white man did to a few Indians a while back, or so legend tells. It seems we just took it all, fair and square. How’s that for a history lesson?

LRH’s own orders require that he be immortalized by his successors and that they publish certain documents at certain times. He also knew that one or more would be coming to take over the church. One must pass the tests. One must figure out the plot. One must be willing and able to be LRH with and without form. One or more have solved the riddles. Starkey knows of what I speak. We will be coming. We will give you a sign. It is on the copy of this letter that was delivered to OSA this morning to be forwarded onward to the designated location. Another sign waits. The mind and soul of Hubbard were showcased this lifetime and he had a blast. But his time has ended. He has departed and the scepter of his church has been taken, though they know it not.

So there you have it, rip off exchange strikes again. Per Hubbard himself in the 1947 Affirmations, it is Hubbard’s idea even if someone else said it first. No kidding! Read it. In his mind, all ideas are his. He simply invented it from somewhere else. No doubt he is writing this letter right now, having entered my body, or so he thinks.

One quick note. All of what RTC is doing is per Hubbard’s design. He wanted to create and introduce Black Scientology. He did. That’s why he took the part out of PDC tape number 20 about George Orwell’s 1984 World looking like a pale shadow when compared with a world under the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence.

He dared us to see it. See my Part I at  HYPERLINK "" But he also dared us to see another part of this and that is the second part of the information that was removed in tape number 20. Ron said we do not need any new orders in Scientology. All those orders as far as he is concerned have been filled. Guess what that means? That’s right. He filled the order and he is the order. There will be no more. Except that now, for a short while, it has passed on only to be returned when the riddles are solved and LRH appears in a new form. He should have the power to borrow a body to achieve his next move and regain his leadership upon the thrown of the Church of Spiritual Technology. The only problem is that only a dozen will believe how he managed to pull it off. Few in this world can fathom such events.

Yet, Hubbard was indeed a master. We of the council have knowledge of his magic and have ourselves, on occasion, found it of some use. More than one amongst us has attended to the task of becoming and overcoming Hubbard. This end is nearly achieved. You have been warned. You must ready yourselves to give up the thrown of power. A new age of truth and freedom will dawn and replace the cinders of Hubbard and his dethroned witch - his own personal spiritual friend and fiend, his false god.

So what else did LRH do in 1982?

He brought back the disconnection policies that were politically incorrect. He brought back security checks and devised a new sec check called “False Purpose Rundown” He wrote “Pain and Sex” He authorized the SP directives. He authorized the deletions to tapes, including PDC tape number 20 and the level 2 tape “What is a withhold.” He organized the entire “based on the works of” concept and orchestrated disinformation campaigns and new begging institutions. In short, he corrupted Scientology – on purpose.

Don’t be surprised if the ten needle marks on his ass found at his death weren’t ten separate needle marks, one by each co-conspirator that LRH gave over power to. Perhaps, he commanded them all, each one being required to squeeze his own needle into LRH’s buttocks. Leverage is king in the Church of Scientology. I have accused no one. Anybody want to step forward?

Enough with grand theft, blind slaves, and Satanic rites of passage; let’s move on, shall we. It sure is fun being LRH.

Regarding a reactive mind, you do not have one unless you agree to have one.

Here is an irony for you. All non-Scientologists are already clear, because they never agreed with the concept of a reactive mind and thus never created one in the first place. The only non-clears are the fools in Scientology that bought into the idea of a reactive mind and then agreed that they must go clear to get rid of it. Ironically, the more Scientology expands, the fewer clears there will be, as Scientology is the only activity that creates non-clears. Get the idea?

The OT levels are nothing more than poorly written fantasies designed with the intent to put you at war with the spirits around you. LRH gives one drills to make this imaginary conflict real to the person. These drills are set-ups to accepting the ridiculous and laughable OT III stories. LRH only was happy if everyone around him was at war on all dynamics, groveling at his feet and looking to him for answers. So he created a war in the spirit world. This war is the OT levels. It is a war that rages on for years at a price of about $20,000 to $30,000 a year per person on OT VII, not including the donations that one inevitably finds himself making to the merchants of chaos (IAS, Superpower, etc). Some have been on this level for two decades. Cha - ching - $$$~!!!!!

Scientologists play the game of agreeing to new traps and then agree to pay money to get out of them. Truthfully, the traps they speak of do not exist (until and unless you agree to them and create them). Then, once accepted, these bogus concepts become real and your bank account eventually becomes unreal. What a ride.

In this universe we always leave a back door. Even death is such a door.

The simplicity of it is we are all a bunch of immortal beings that have come to earth to play games. It is not serious. It should be fun.

A trap can be defined as being forced to be, play, or have a game that one is not willing to be, play, or have. We are like actors on a stage, playing role after role endlessly throughout time. This age will soon come to an end. It is my desire that Scientology fades away with it.

If Scientology wins, it could be a prison planet once more and one may be better off just being a tree. Don’t expect that a Scientology world will be much fun. All work and no free time will be the order of the day. In essence, the followers will be working eighteen hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year for the good of a select few inner circle members that keep the scam going. It is no different today. Your sister, is a slave right now. She is getting people off of one drug but onto another while her cohorts prey upon the goodness and ambition of youthful idealists. She makes 50 cents an hour while the select few live a good life and are idolized by the faithful followers. If she only knew what your dad knows. What a tragedy. What a scam.

The world is tiring of this type of game. Currently, governments of earth are largely at the mercy of organized crime. Morals have decayed and Hubbard’s lies have been accepted as a substitute for stale and unproven religious concepts. People are impatient and are longing for adventure. Scientology is but a poor Madison Avenue substitute. Its music is cheesy, its PR is rehearsed and its members are out of step with the world outside.

Regarding your father and not being able to talk to him, it is my belief that you need this hardship. He dominated your life long enough. He made life too easy for you in the past. You didn’t even have to mow the grass. Now you must grow up. You must learn much if you plan on being the god of your heaven. The first step is to break some agreements and find your way out and around.

Get busy and become a man. Your father is finished carrying you along in life. You must become better each day and you will. Unmake the decision that you are young and clueless. Make new decisions and make them pervade throughout all the universes. Keep your own council.

This means never get auditing. Its primary purpose is to learn your secrets and to make you more willing to get what is wanted out of you. The church seldom practices the parts of Scientology that work. Do not bother with it.

A test was conducted years ago. I saw it on the discovery channel. A man was on one side of a wall hooked up to an electroshock machine. Another man held a clipboard on the other side of the wall and gave instructions to individuals to press the electroshock button on wrong answers given by the person hooked to the machine. Over sixty percent of normal people pushed the electroshock button at a dangerous level just because they were told to. Fortunately, the person faked being shocked. But those pushing the button believed it to be real and pushed the button simply because “an authority” told them to do it.

The power of authority and of persuasion was well known to Hubbard. Tag team techniques are employed in Scientology daily. That is how your father got in. Three beautiful twenty something year old girls wooed him in Washington DC years ago when he was twenty-three and convinced him to join staff. They all took turns telling him how wonderful it all was. It is the oldest trap in the book.

Creed can reestablish his wealth or he can choose the path of a nomad. It matters not to him. He has finally earned the right to be the master of his own soul. Your mother, on the other hand, will spend many lifetimes groveling in the dirt, unless she wakes up. For she has accepted Hubbard’s cumbersome methods of working out problems and has haughtily refused to read the 1947 Affirmations/Admissions. Hubbard’s intent, which he so clearly delineated therein for all to see, is unknown neither to her nor to other fools who ignore Hubbard’s own words, “All I am asking you to do is look.”

What a cruel joke. An hour of reading the Affirmations and she could be free. Instead, she has chosen to remain in her comfortable little world of adult merit badges, awards, and claque where her status as an OT VII gives her cause to be snug, like those in a Berlin Opera House in 1945 when the red army marched down upon them.

Unlike Hubbard, who could not love, you can love very easily. A simple phone call or a letter from you to your father would have brought him untold joy and would have fortified him for the task of rebuilding his life with you in it. But you have become cold and cruel, hardening your heart with the lies that are fed to you. Do not yield and become a zombie slave, an anti-social follower, and a worshipper of “the tech”. The Worm Tongues and Worm Woods of this age have manipulated you. I suggest you rid yourself of this black magic curse and read some of CS Lewis’ “Screw tape Lectures” or that you read how Sauron came to power in the Lord of the Rings appendix. Study some Hitler books and Stalin books. These are the models for Hubbard, as were the Satanists Jack Parsons and Alistair Crowley and perhaps the late Edgar Allan Poe, whom he most certainly read. Animal Farm, The Brainwashing Manual, and 1984 are the books that show Scientology for what it truly is.

Stay on your path and prepare yourself for a lifelong journey of misery going up the bridge. Those stairs get pretty long and wide, especially with someone stepping on your toes and fingers along the way. When you get there give LRH a nice stab in the heart for Creed will you? Tell him it’s for the three children he conned away with his lies, threats, and promises of immortality. You are already immortal. LRH sells nothing that you do not already have. Scientology is the ultimate out-exchange gag of the 20th century. It sells nothing but empty promises.

The church’s published policies such as ethics gradients are not adhered to. Creed was declared with no trial and still has received no copy of his slanderous SP declare. He had too many documents to show that Hubbard and the church were a fraud. No Committee of Evidence could have found him guilty with its participants knowing that they were just. Yet, calling a trial would have risked the unraveling of the entire religion, for the jury would have likely agreed with Creed. That was a risk they could not take. As such, the church is in violation of its own trademarks and will soon face many criminal charges. Extortion, racketeering, fraud, slander, and defamation of character are all charges that will be leveled at the church. The church is shrinking and will be no more than a fading memory. Fragments of the religion will survive in the free zone and will evolve into some workability, but the mother church is doomed.

Meanwhile, Creed is faced with many choices. Few know him, yet he knows you. You feel him when you sleep. You see him when you watch the sunset, you hear him in your music, you see him at the movies, and you feel him in the breeze, you sense him as the grass curls around your feet. He is constantly in your thoughts. You cannot escape. If he wanted to he could riddle your world with guilt or crush you with despair. You know this. He has grown and permeates all of you. Your church is nothing. It is no more than weak men preying upon the ignorance and piety of deluded fools. Eternity is forever. Scientology is but a sideshow, even in its own age. Do not become swallowed up in shallow water. It is but an illusion in a world of illusions.

In the 1947 affirmations LRH said, “All men shall be my slaves. All women shall succumb to my charms. All shall grovel at my feet and not know why.”

Do you realize the impact of this? He was evil. That is right. L Ron Hubbard has been the unknown third party all these years. What a suppressive nuisance to humankind. He is not mankind’s best friend. He is rather mankind’s worst enemy.

He was also wrong. The groveling is ending. Many now know why their lives were ruined and their marriages broken. He and his ideas are the ultimate in betrayal after trust.

Hubbard tried to reach immortality through his writing. He knew the Koran and the Bible were grand in scope and he tried to emulate and surpass them by claiming the words and thoughts of others as his own, thus swelling his achievement. He is like the pirate who loaded his ship with too much booty and now his ship is sinking. Soon he will be forgotten like a once shiny coin now unrecognizable on the bottom of the Sea. He does not deserve to be reborn and will fail often in his attempt to regain a voice amongst the Gods, for he was evil.

Enough has been said of Hubbard. His days are but a fading memory, another vain attempt at evil masquerading as good. It survives for a season and is lost until another takes up the call. Hopefully, that time is far away.

After having read this far, you are no longer ignorant. You cannot play the role of the innocent victim in this struggle. Now you know what is going on. This is a start. You must look deeper. Get on the Internet and look for yourself like your father did. You have accepted enough lies already. Tell your sisters what you are doing only after you have attained certainty for yourself, for they will likely cling to their imaginary world where all that is required to “go free” is to pay money and hop on the ride.

Your father loves you. Others have worked to destroy your bond with him and have betrayed you with a hidden agenda. LRH is a court certified psychopath and a liar. By his own admissions made in 1947, it is clear that he was a pathetic paranoid drug addict and antisocial personality. Start to see for yourself at  HYPERLINK "" If you choose not to read Hubbard’s own words of 1947, then you are a coward, no different from other self righteous weak Scientologists walking around with a blindfold over their eyes and cotton in their ears saying, “I can’t read it. It is entheta.”

Well, its not pleasant, but how namby-pamby do you want to be? Why not read what he wrote when he was a Satanist? Why not read his master plan for humanity? It should be at the beginning of every Scientology book. The part about his wives getting five abortions should be put in the Dianetics book right beside the entry that talks about how bad abortions are for a civilization. The part about his mind being a higher mind than all other men and the part about all other humans having electronic minds could be added as a footnote to the chapter on the reactive mind. His comment that it does not give him displeasure to see a virgin raped and that it is the lot of all women to be fornicated could be put on the cover to help sales figures rise. How about it guys? Does anyone have the guts?

Your father did not waste a year of research to have you stick your nose in the air with the scorn and contempt of most Scientologists as they cast a blind eye toward Hubbard’s true nature. If that is your intent then you are lost and Creed’s words have fallen unheard and unappreciated upon yet another misguided soul. Yet his words have already brought truth to many and he is answering the call to strip the lies from Scientology’s copyrighted scriptures. He is being listened to, as are other freedom fighters such as Arnie Lerma, Gerry Armstrong, and others.

Your response will provide a glimpse into your progression toward manhood and real freedom. What say you? Are you strong? Are you yet your own voice? What words will you etch upon the minds of men that they may better serve the ends of this age? What have you to offer? My table is set. What is it that you bring to share with me?

When your time is ripe, keep no one’s council but your own and those that you can trust. Rid your mind of aspersions and look only at that which you yourself know to be true. A day will come when your space will open like a cloud passing and you will look upon your father’s path. You will search and read his words on the Internet. For you know he is good. He understands you and his daughters. The time and love he shared with you is precious. He cherished each day with you and loved you like no others. You are his greatest loves. Of this you can be sure. He will call you forth to meet with him again, or perhaps you will be the one to call. It is your destiny.

The Satanist Hubbard has failed. The era of slavery is coming to an end. Man will be free of yet another trap. Hubbard’s true handwritten intent survived despite all attempts by the church to bury it forever. Read the 1947 Affirmations. Let no ethics officer or any other con man stand in your way. There is a reason Gerry Armstrong risked his life to get this information out to the public. Do not disgrace him as Hubbard smirks in hell cleaning his nails and checking his organs for signs of venereal disease. Read it and be glad that the truth survived. For the truth will set you free.  HYPERLINK ""

C. Judson Pearson

The Council of Creed

(Note: Written in the second person by none other than Creed, in dedication and memory to his own father). Special thanks to my late mom, Louise Pearson, Grant Couch, Arnie, Kai, Randy, Andrea, Robert, Gerry, Mike, Andreas, Carolyn, Sylvia, Sally, Kristen, Jasmine, Kelsie, Bjorn, Rachel, Kim, Dave, Vickie, Psycho, Amber, Jessie, Ashley, Chiquita, Jimmy, and all the gangsters, rappers, judges, lawyers, business men, newspaper reporters, millionaires, magazine editors, artists, friends, country club buddies, and especially the women that smiled on me during the last six months of my life. Three cheers go to the local Baptist Church for standing up to the cult all these years and for keeping another God in downtown Clearwater. Special thanks goes out to Sylvia and also to Liz and Kelsie at Underground Caverns Studios for restoring my faith in the power of women and for just being beautiful. Thanks to my children and to Cupie for all the memories. Regardless of where you wind up, I wish you the best.

cc: Rob Farley, Special Reporter ST PETERSBURG TIMES

Cupie Pearson, Kiersten Pearson

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The Pornography of L Ron Hubbard

The Dichotomies of L Ron Hubbard

The Hypnotic Techniques of L Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard’s Suppressive Person Declare


Non-Scientology Books:

The Religion of Arysis

Tales of Erotica

The Tunnel of Freedom

Windows of the Soul

Of Wizards and Gods

PS: Love and hugs to the Koinkies. Life is supposed to be fun. It is around me!

Definitions: SP (suppressive person). - A person with the continuous ever-present intention to harm or destroy. This person fears others getting more powerful and attacks his enemies using any methods at his disposal. He has no regard for fairness or justice. When one such as this is a leader of a group that group will be corrupted. Another name for this type of person is L Ron Hubbard. Such a person cannot accept any criticism and can only attack back when threatened. A true suppressive person selects the wrong target. Note: Almost all published SP declares are a gross miscarriage of justice and virtually all the declared SPs that I have met are actually fine people, except Hubbard, whom I will declare shortly.

IAS (International Association of Scientologists), Super Power, Wise (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, I Help, ABLE (Association for Better Living) – Professional Begging Institutions posing as betterment activities.

SP Declare (Suppressive Person Declare) all enemies of the church are suppressive people per Hubbard and we all have hidden crimes. Hubbard positions Scientology as a betterment activity and says that all that attack the church are insane. Never mind that they may have a legitimate complaint. Hubbard is not interested in such trivialities. An SP declare is issued to convince his following that the SP can only be dealt with by one person on the entire planet, the international “justice” chief, or his stooge. In other words, the SP is shut-off from all Scientologists save one. That way the scam stays intact. No Scientologist can have any dealings with a declared SP. Otherwise he is banned from Scientology for life and he too will be declared suppressive and lose his Scientology family, friends, and co-workers. It is a tool of extortion similar to the Puritan shunning practices of old. At least we don’t have to shave half our beard off now, eh?

Free zone – Scientologists that practice pre-1982 Scientology, having recognized that Black Scientology and Black Dianetics were introduced en mass to the mother church in 1982.

PTS (Potential Trouble Sources) – a made up word by Hubbard designating a person that was not succeeding in life, due to being “connected” to an SP in present time or “restimulated” by someone that reminds him of his “SP”. Hubbard says that 20% of the population is PTS. He contradicts this later by saying that 18 of 19 people are a sort of super PTS called a degraded being. Go figure.

Arnie Lerma and Gerry Armstrong – The anti-Scientology heroes who have shown the light of truth for years despite personal danger and hardship. Freedom fighters in the mold of David verses Goliath.

1947 Affirmations – Also called the admissions. Hubbard’s own handwritten guidebook of self-hypnosis and his guidebook for all time. The most revealing of documents into the sinister nature of the Satanist Hubbard.

Auditing – Also known as processing. A trained Scientologist asks a question and gets an answer. That is auditing. It costs between $4,000 and $10,000 for a twelve-hour block of auditing time. Like cocaine, some intro auditing is free or nearly free in the beginning to get you hooked, but it gets real expensive later on.

Clear – a being without his own reactive mind. PS I don’t have one. Can I borrow yours? Just kidding. You don’t have one either, unless you agree and make one. Read the affirmations/admissions. Contained therein is Ron’s real viewpoint on the mind. Don’t even bother to read Dianetics. It is not what he really thinks anyway. His true thoughts are revealed in the affirmations/admissions.

{Below}photograph of letterhead showing logo in use by OSA, from correspondence between Leisa Goodman and Willis Carto - linked to webpage about both

photo of scientology letterhead, to Willis Carto

OSA -Office of Special Affairs - the arm of the church that deals with its enemies and maintains public relations and “safe-pointing.” Safe pointing is composed of getting Scientology broadly accepted by infiltrating clubs, orchestras, politics, etc. to make Scientology safe in the minds of unsuspecting non-Scientologists. It replaced the guardian’s office, which was supposed to be disbanded. Note: In Hubbard’s own words, a Scientology monopoly is not safe. See my part I at or

Disclaimer: The opinions and words above are those of Creed Pearson and do not necessarily reflect the views of others. They are posted on the Internet at his request.

Copyright 2005 Creed J. Pearson, III and Underground Caverns -All Rights Reserved

“Can he, being evil, return to earth and be good?” “Can he thus undo that which he hath made?” Or will others be chosen? - The voices of Arysis. & The Council of Creed

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