NEW! Quotes from Marty Rathbun's letter to Tom Cruise's attorney:

"The best evidence of that perjury is that in 2001 through 2003 Miscavige personally assigned me as Inspector General RTC - the second highest ecclessiastical position in the religion - to coordinate Tom’s divorce from Nicole and to serve as his auditor."

"Dozens of former Church members have turned to me livid about Tom’s continuing public support for Miscavige. I have dissuaded each and every one of them from attacking Tom publicly. I have also counseled people who were abused by Tom personally - in matters that eerily resemble the behavior of Miscavige - to give Tom the time to get educated and do the right thing which I have convinced them he ultimately will do." Read the letters HERE

Bill Maher whacks Tom Cruise LINK to video

From Oct 8th 2008

The Angry Schoolmaster
Potter's Harris Rants Against Cruise

November 8, 2001 - Don't confuse cantankerous Irish actor Richard Harris with the kind school headmaster he plays in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone or the wise emperor he played in Gladiator.

While in London for the premiere of the much-anticipated first Potter film, in which he plays Dumbledore, the 71-year-old actor lashed out at the celebrities who usually attend such events.

The actor, whose heyday included roles in Camelot, Hawaii and A Man Called Horse, then got personal: "Tom Cruise is a midget, and he has eight bodyguards, all 6' 10", which makes him even more diminutive. It's an absolute joke. Actors are unimportant."

"His whole behavior is so shocking. It's inappropriate and vulgar and absolutely unacceptable to use your private life to sell anything commercially, but I think it's kind of a sickness." Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall again made a comment regarding Tom Cruise Oct 8th 2008: "Tom Cruise is a maniac. I can't understand the way he conducts his life." LINK

"Contrary to what most think, Cruise does not make a move without the approval of his handler. He can't wipe his own rear end without first getting permission from those who have control over him. Even his attorney Burt Fields has his hands tied.
Rest assured, the Scientology makes all decision having to do with Cruise's personal and professional life.
Short of kidnapping him and deprogramming him, like an addict riddled with cocaine, there is no hope. Paul Barresi a Pi who worked for Anthony Pellicano, Aug 7, 2008

On screen, (Tom Cruise) he rants evangelically about Scientologists 'being the only ones who can really help', and laughs maniacally about the 'SPs' (Scientology jargon: 'suppressive persons') who supposedly hold Scientology back from its greatness. To the outsider, he looks clearly insane. Telegraph UK 15 Feb 08

Tom Cruise is Goebbels of Scientology says German Historian LINK

Tom Cruise in Valkyrie - Why scientology chose this part for Tom Cruise. LINK

EXCLUSIVE Sky News Video Footage - re Tom Cruise with leaked cruise interview and commentary by THIS webmaster in part 3!!


Jerry Maguire (aka Tom Cruise) in Hitler Murder Attempt

Friday , November 16, 2007

By Roger Friedman

Jerry Maguire tried to kill Adolf Hitler? Or was it Joel from "Risky Business"? The first trailer is out from the Tom Cruise movie “Valkyrie” and it’s a doozy. This misguided attempt by Cruise to win fans for Scientology in Germany by playing a local hero has got to be the single worst idea in modern movie history. As I’ve said before, the tag line should be: “You had me at Achtung.”

Even though this is not “Springtime for Hitler,” the trailer is so awful and so indicative of what’s to come, you can only imagine Mel Brooks popping up in it.

Cruise wears an eye patch and a Nazi uniform, but speaks with the same flat, unaffected American accent that places him somewhere between Redondo Beach and Johnny Rockets. It’s absolutely hysterical to hear and see a boyish Nazi with blazing white perfect teeth and that voice announce, “We must kill Hitler.”

The accent is only part of the problem, but it’s a big part. Cruise apparently didn’t even try for a German sound to play Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. It’s as if Meryl Streep wandered into “Sophie’s Choice” sounding like a Valley Girl.

If this was the way he thought he’d get to the hearts and minds of Germans, maybe he should get some new marketing advice. When the fans in that country see this, even Brunhilde won’t be able to help him!


Scientology Suicide:

Letter to Tom Cruise tells of the heart wrenching experience of a 6 year old boy struggling to come to terms with the suicide of his father. The boy, nicknamed Picasso blames actor and devoted scientologist Tom Cruise for the untimely death of his dad. Together the child and his therapist work through a series of dark and disturbing psychoanalytical sessions so as to uncover the reasoning behind Picasso's bizarre claim. Gerschweyn's highly controversial first single "Letter to Tom Cruise" sports a quirky music video which presents Picasso's "pathology" in the form of drawings done during psychoanalyses and is set to cement the singer as one of our times most important artists" Link to Youtube

Cruise's fury at Morton

FORMER tabloid royal reporter Andrew Morton - author of revealing books on Princess Diana, Monica Lewinsky and Madonna - has run into serious trouble with his latest subject, Hollywood star Tom Cruise.

Dewsbury-born Morton, 54, says he has been forced to sell his flat in London and go "underground" because of aggressive pressure to drop the biography from Cruise's associates in the Church of Scientology.

"I have received threats from the Scientologists and things have become pretty heavy - to the extent that it's almost more than my lawyers can handle," Morton tells me.

"I've sold my flat and I'm not telling anyone where I'm moving to. I intend to disappear for a while."

Morton, who moved back to London two years ago after a long stay in America, turned up at a Soho party held by photographer Harriet Warren, who last year married former jailbird Lord Brocket. Even before he had written one word of his proposed book on Cruise, Morton was warned that members of the actor's family and friends had been instructed not to speak to him about the notoriously secretive star.

Cruise was said to be furious to learn that Morton was investigating his love life, the rumours about his sexuality and his involvement with Scientology. The cult was founded by sci-fi author L Ron Hubbard in 1954 and holds that humans are descended from an exiled race of aliens called Thetans.

Similar attempts to reveal the extent of Cruise's links with Scientology have been abandoned by American journalists after heavy- handed warnings from the cult, whose Hollywood members include John Travolta and Lisa Marie Presley.

Earlier this year Scientologists tried to get a BBC documentary scrapped amid claims of bias by presenter John Sweeney. Panorama spent six months investigating the religion's aggressive fundraising methods and accusations that it encouraged members to distance themselves from their families.

Cruise has always been sensitive about criticism over his involvement with the movement, to which he gives considerable financial support. He also insisted actress Katie Holmes, join the religion before they married last year. Compared to Morton's success with his first Diana book (from which he made millions thanks to the Princess's collaboration) his project on Cruise is proving far more problematic. When Morton was in Toronto to meet sources who knew Cruise from when he filmed Cocktail in the city, he was overheard complaining that, compared with the Church of Scientology "reporting on the Royal Family was a walk in Hyde Park".

Note by this webmaster, threats and quasi-legal color of law harrasment are a normal day when litigating with Scientology.One lawyer in my case, said they had NEVER expereinced anything like it. Judges have stated they have never seenanything quite like it. You have not been in litigation until you have litigated with scientology. And I am a survivor of that litigation. So what MR Morton describes, I believe and understand what he is going through, HERE is a page covering just SOME of the incidents that I have become aware of over the years and remembered to web... See our Persecution pages for more examples

As a survivor of 1,740,000 of Scientology's best litigation, for posting the supposed trade secreted (We beat them on that claim Dec 5 1996) and copyright (they moved for the minimum statutory fine of $2500, because they were terrified of a public trial about these materials) - The describe the same materials as "ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY" that included the story of Xenu that you watched on South Park's In The Closet Episode about Scientology and Tom Cruise in the fall of 2005 MORE HERE

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tommy Boy, Unauthorized

It's coming! It's coming! Finally, after more than a year delay, and months of speculation as to whether or not Tommy Boy and his Scieno goons somehow got to dirt-disher Andrew Morton, Amazon has Morton's long-awaited and sure-to-send-Camp-Cruise-into-spasms-of-fright- very unauthorized biography on pre-order! Due to be released on January 15 (can barely stand the wait), St. Martin's Press is hyping that Morton "uncovers the true story of the biggest celebrity of our age". I don't hold my breath that Morton will include copies of the beard contracts that Nicole and Zombie Bride signed, but I do think Morton will write about all types of oddities that Tommy Boy has. Which will be fun reading in and of itself.

But the real reason I am waiting for this book is to see Tommy Boy lose it. Kick in to full on diva behavior. Jump on his Huffy bike and ride all over Andrew Morton. After all, Morton is attempting to piss all over his oh-so-hetero parade. And I cannot wait for Andrew Morton, who is obviously much more intelligent than Tommy Boy, more articulate and probably a lot quicker on his feet, to give the Cruister a proper British smackdown. Matt Lauer was considerate when Tommy Boy was attempting his Scieno-voo-doo mind control on him, but my gut tells me that Andrew Morton can hold his own and will not hesitate to put the pint-sized psychiatry loathing loony in his proper place. CAN'T. WAIT.

In case you feel even a shred of sympathy for the Cruister, don't forget Tommy Boy is the superstar who showed up, all smiles, at the Packer funeral in Australia with Zombie Bride, and who allegedly couldn't refrain from partaking in some seriously bad-taste PDA during the service. The superstar who showed up, all smiles, at Princess Diana's funeral in London. Let's see how long he smiles during his own funeral.

Above, Image from a video at a party thrown by Scientology Leader David Miscavige for his pal Tom Cruise. The image captures from the video have NOT been manipulated in any way. The source for this image claimed that Mr. Miscavige spent $300,000 for his pal's birthday party out of Scientology's deep pockets.

Lions for Lambs - These reviews may get as good as Battlefield Earth..I had the inescapable feeling that this film ought to come with a warning that it has a lot in common with a NASA wind tunnel. Jules Brenner Cinema Signals

The filmmakers must have imagined sparky, engaging conversation between these duos similar to a high-speed tennis bout between skillful pros; what emerges is more comparable to a lazy afternoon table-tennis knockabout in an old people’s home. Dave Calhoun Time Out

If your idea of a good time at the movies is watching paper-thin characters lob ideological grenades at one another, this is your dream date. Robert W. Butler Kansas City Star

Robert Redford (who also directed), Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep might just as well have appeared on-screen for a couple of minutes with signs that said, 'War is bad,' and been done with it. Saves everyone the cost of a ticket. Bill Goodykoontz Arizona Republic

Redford and Carnahan would like us to ponder our role in their fate. And maybe we would, if the lecture weren't so dull and self-satisfied. Carina Chocano Los Angeles Times

Above: A very british Spoof on Tom Cruise

The new tom cruise bobble head doll

Friday, Sept 28, 2007 Tom Cruise and David Miscavige inside - Exclusive Photos for YOU:
OK for you to use on your blogs as long as link to Exposing the CON stays visible.
Link this image to http://www.LERMANET.COM/top20.html and you can use my bandwith to serve the image, what-a-deal?
This offer applies to all images on Exposing the CON of Scientology.

More Tom Sept 12 2007 HERE

Why this webmaster does not consider Tom's New movie playing a nazi to be a laughing matter LINK

Tom Cruise is Dangerous and Irresponsible - The Journal of Clinical Investigation LINK

While Tom Cruise is hustling New York investment houses for 100 million dollars, here is a never before on the net lawsuit LINK regarding L Ron Hubbard's screenplay Revolt In The Stars, that also contained the story of Xenu and the space aliens..

Help me out here folks, David Miscavige LINK is going on the honeymoon? What were they thinking?

Is this article related in any way? "Tom Cruise IS GAY"

Wedding a 'Scientology stunt'
By Fiona Hudson in London
November 21, 2006

THE fairytale Italian wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has been
branded a stunt after the pair admitted they got hitched days before
the celebrity bash.

Critics labelled the lavish ceremony a sham intended to promote the
Church of Scientology.

Bracciano Mayor Patrizia Riccioni is considering taking back the
honorary citizenship she offered the couple before they wed because the
small village was so offended by the behaviour of Mr and Mrs Cruise.

"It would have been nice for them to stop and wave," she said.

A Catholic priest in the village, Father Nicola Fiorentini, said the
town felt insulted.

"It wasn't a wedding at all. It was just for publicity," he said.

The bride and groom are believed to be honeymooning in the Maldives -
joined by best man David Miscavige, who is the head of Scientology in
the US.
Link to Beatings by David Miscavige
It has emerged a Scientology adviser sat at every table during the
reception at the Odescalchi Castle to answer questions guests had about
the unusual ceremony.

A more puzzling question has popped up in the wake of the release of
the wedding photo - how is it that it appears to show Cruise, 44,
looking taller than his third wife? In most photos before the wedding,
Holmes appears to be taller than the Mission Impossible star.

The happy couple were seen boarding a plane about 6am (Rome time) after
the wedding, sent off by wedding guests looking tipsy and still dressed
in their formal attire.

Jennifer Lopez reportedly ordered 12 pizzas at her hotel after the

Scientologist Charles Manson was informed that
Scientologist Charles Manson
was NOT able to attend the Wedding
or the Honeymoon LINK

Scientology did not "WORK" for tom cruise

August 22nd

Tom Cruise Canned by Paramount!

Now maybe this will provide for tom cruise
the shock therapy necessary
to make him wake up from the scientology trance

Oftimes a shock such as this [LINK] wakes people up enough to leave scientology, and then
they start really doing some research to
find out what happenned to them [LINK]

and then comes the lawsuit.

What Tom Cruise deperately needs is a deprogrammer, I sent a letter to Viacom and Paramount Execs offerring to deprogram Tom Cruise back on April 6th, Letter is HERE

August 9th - Tom Cruise has joined the ranks of the unemployed. The Hollywood studio that bankrolls his films is not backing any more Cruise movies until he agrees to a significant paycut.LINK to UK Sunday Times

July 19th 2006 - Southpark's In The Closet Segment about tom cruise - The Story of XENU at the end was REAL! PROOF HERE

Ted Casablanca is today reporting monster news that Paramount execs will not be renewing Tom Cruise's contract with Paramount. This is absolutely HUGE NEWS and confirms that the Tom Cruise era has ended in Hollywood

Journal of Clinical Investigation slams Tom Cruise

20 May - Veteran 60 minutes newsanchor Mike Wallace SLAMS Tom Cruise


Veteran US TV newsman MIKE WALLACE has slammed actor TOM CRUISE for campaigning against anti-depressants and psychiatry, insisting he has no idea what he's talking about.

The 60 MINUTES host, who has long suffered from crippling depression, claims Cruise can't credibly speak about the issue, because he hasn't experienced it. As a devout Scientologist, the actor doesn't believe in medication or counselling to treat depression.

Wallace says, "Tom simply does not know what he is talking about. Scientology is a different thing and God bless him. "But he doesn't know his tail from third base about depression. Simple as that." The newsman recently admitted that he attempted to take his own life two decades ago and claims he has gone public about his suicide attempt in order to help others.

He adds, "I had never come clean about the suicide business and I thought to myself, 'Yeah, look, I've had 20 extraordinary years since that episode.'" 20/05/2006 10:03 Link to Original Article

Read all about it! HERE - Did Paramount Believe Scientology's LIES??

"It's important we not have Tom Cruise or John Travolta setting foreign policy in this country."--Rep. Doug Bereuter (R.-Neb.), in a 1997 speech about celebrities protesting Germany's policies about Scientology.
(Germany considers Scientology a threat to Democracy)

WATCH - The Southpark In The Closet Episode, containing the same stuff I was sued for posting to the internet ten years ago - HERE at bottom of this page - warning: 30 megs

Xenu meets TOM CRUISE - click Watch this movie

Ok, there is no way to track, all the media on Tom Cruise and now, Katie Holmes... but if you havent seen this movie.. It is a parody of the tom cruise episode on Oprah, it is hysterically funny..."Tom Cruise Killing Oprah"

if you want to read ONE Magazine article that will scare the hell out of you, from LIFE MAGAZINE about Scientology, read THIS ONE, and, a big THANK YOU to TOM CRUISE, for helping to get the word out about Scientology's true nature.

June Webstats: Webstats going way up thanks to Tom Cruise 's meltdown on Oprah

(NEW) SEARCH this site

Image of Tom Cruise saluting scientology's 'leader' David Miscavige at a IAS (International Association of Scientologists) love-fest

Check this tidbit out:

The part which really made my jaw drop was what he disclosed here: "Tom Cruise became psychotic during a secret Scientology initiation in which one is told that rather than being one person, one is composed of thousands of aliens from all over the universe fighting for control of your body. After completing this initiation, known as OT III, Tom appeared sickly with black circles under his eyes and pasty skin. He said he wanted to be away from Scientology for good. He just wanted to go back to Hollywood and his home and be left alone by Scientology. This would not happen; David Miscavige ordered Cruise could not be let go. Scientology worked on Cruise day and night until he finally returned to Scientology."

NEW COURT DOCUMENT - An Appellate brief from a defamation case that was started when they were a couple in 1998" align="middle">

Above: Image of Tom Cruise saluting scientology's 'leader' David Miscavige at a IAS (International Association of Scientologists) love-fest

NEW COURT DOCUMENT - An Appellate brief from a defamation case that was started when they were a couple in 1998


(2) NICOLE KIDMAN Respondents


Editor Note: This Entire Document in .rtf form is HERE

Two excerpts ( for your tittilation, the linked document is a long read )

"The plaintiffs set out the whole of this article in the Statement of Claim. It is in the following terms:

"‘Nicole bans brickies from eyeing her up’ said the papers last year. Not much of a story, really: the Cruises had the builders in to do a little work on their LA mansion and Nicole ordered the hapless hodwielders to turn and face the wall as she passed. Quite natural, of course; you and I would do the same thing. They were brickies, after all, so they ought to be facing the wall. Probably that was the only way the poor girl could get any work out of them. But it was just too good a story to miss.

Ever since she burst upon the scene in the timeless Aussie epic BMX Bandits, an electro-permed proto-Kylie (below), people have wanted to know the inside story. Her flawless looks and lustrous hair are perhaps a provocation to gnarled pressmen at the opposite end of the aesthetic spectrum. Nicole, poor girl, has always made good copy.

Since she married bimbo hunk Tom Cruise and the couple inaugurated themselves as Hollywood royalty - not difficult when the competition is led by Bruce ‘n’ Demi - there has been a persistent trickle of speculation. Their failure to produce offspring (like everyone else in uptown LA, they adopted some poor children) set Hollywood tongues wagging. He was gay, they said; he was impotent; she was gay. The whole marriage thing was no more than a business arrangement, they sniggered, and, most sinister of all, the wedding had been ordered by the Church of Scientology, which was keen to establish the couple as a beacon of clean living and an example to the young.

Scientology has become the religion of choice in A-list Hollywood, and the Cruises are very keen on it. The only one of the world’s major faiths whose founder is called Ron, its adherents include such models of continence and rectitude as Lisa Marie Presley and Kirstie Alley.

The most famously devoted of L Ron Hubbard’s disciples is, of course, John Travolta. Only last month the porky jiver was up before a US congressional hearing to complain that the Germans had been beastly to his fellow Hubbard-lovers. Tom and Nicole won’t talk about their faith, of course. In fact, they won’t talk about their private life at all. Loftily outraged by the tittle-tattle, they have clammed up. That, sadly, is always the green light for gossips. Refusing to dignify most of the insinuations with a denial, Cruise made a furious exception for suggestions that he is infertile. No one accuses Top Gun of firing blanks. Cruise launched a £40m lawsuit, his lawyer resonantly declaring that ‘Tom Cruise is not sterile. He has normal sperm.’ The public was greatly reassured.

The Scientology connection might give the couple an opportunity to hit back at those who feed the public’s curiosity. ‘Truth and Accuracy in the Media’, a scientologist organisation dedicated to slapping journalistic wrists, has been surpassed, if recent reports are correct, by the efforts of three unnamed movie stars to dig the dirt on newspaper editors by hiring their own team of investigators. Any suggestions that a pocket-sized action man and his towering Australian escort might have had a hand in this are, of course, malicious rumour.

So is any of it true? Is Nicole really a head taller than Tom? There’s one way to find out. Scientologists’ favourite trick is to wire themselves up to an ‘E-meter’, a device rather like a lie detector, invented by L Ron Hubbard (who else?). This contraption promises to reveal whether the subject is suppressing emotions. When the needle flickers, he or she is invited to talk about what dark secret is producing the charge. One day, perhaps, Tom and Nicole will wire themselves up and invite the gentlemen of the press along to watch.”

Another Excerpt:


a. The Church of Scientology was founded in the 1950s by a highly eccentric American science-fiction writer called L Ron Hubbard.

b. Its belief-system is the ridiculous one, that human beings are in fact immortal aliens called Thetans, that the object of human existence is to become “clear” (ie to free the Thetan within you from the influence of evil Engrams), and that the way to rid oneself of Engrams is to submit yourself to the control of the Church of Scientology and use a lie-detector-like device called an E-Meter regularly.

c. It is in fact a sinister cult, whose leaders (from L Ron Hubbard on) have enriched themselves by duping people into accepting its belief-system and then charging them extortionate fees for use of the E-Meter and other quack “therapies”.

d. People recruited by the Church of Scientology are at grave risk of being brain-washed into abandoning their families and careers, and submitting themselves to financial exploitation and psychological damage at the church’s hands.

e. Those who seek to oppose the Church of Scientology or reveal the truth about its beliefs and activities are subjected to legal and extra-legal harassment by it pursuant to its conscious policy.

f. Meanwhile, in order to advance Scientology and conceal its true nature, it is the conscious policy of the leaders of the Church, to recruit famous people such as the Plaintiffs and other Hollywood film-stars, and put them forward as the acceptable face of Scientology and thus secure new converts.

g. The Plaintiffs are to be pitied for having themselves fallen into the hands of the Church of Scientology. They have lent their public reputations to the Church, and have supported the Church and its dangerous work with large donations while submitting their own lives to its harmful guidance.

So far as necessary the Defendants will rely on sections 5 and 6 of the Defamation Act 1952.

8. Paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Statement of Claim are denied in every respect. The Defendants’ case as to the real meaning the intention of the words complained of is as set out above. In the premises, it is denied that the Plaintiffs are entitled to an apology. The Defendants will refer to their legal adviser’s letter of 4 November 1997, and will contend that its tone is a courteous and reasonable one, (especially by comparison with that of the Plaintiffs’ letter before action of 28 October 1997). Insofar as the words complained of have an insulting or mocking tone or language, such were directed at the Church of Scientology and the Plaintiffs’ membership of and support for it, matters of which the Plaintiffs have chosen not to complain, and in respect of which they cannot recover damages or aggravated damages."

Feb 2005:

From Mike Walker's "All the Gossip" column from the February 21, 2005
issue of "The National Enquirer"

"GREETINGS FROM MY PLANET! No one in Hollywood can deny Tom Cruise is a bona fide nice guy--but always look out for a Scientology hook in the bait. On his flicks, Tom insists on extras like coffee trucks for the crew, and faces lit up as he began filming "War of the Worlds" and announced: FREE MASSAGES FOR EVERYONE! The thrill subsided somewhat when crew members climbed on massage tables--then heard masseuses crooning Scientology propaganda and pushing L. Ron Hubbard books for sale. "

Tom Cruise makes top 50 list of undesirables

39. Tom Cruise

Crimes: Inexplicable stardom. In a just world, Brendan Fraser would get an Oscar before this carbon copy of every other rich asshole cokehead with a fast car. Consistently influential in casting women in his movie for the sole purpose of nailing them. Extremely convincing when he plays an ambitious, superficial prick.

Smoking Gun: Always plays an ambitious, superficial prick.

Punishment: Caught in the act with Vin Diesel.

UPDATE Jan 2005:

(CBS/AP) Detectives are investigating an electronic listening device that was allegedly planted outside Nicole Kidman's Sydney mansion, police said.

The device was found in a garden bed near a security car that was monitoring Kidman's home from the street, chief bodyguard Neil McMaster told Sydney's The Daily Telegraph for its Tuesday edition.

He said he believed the device was intended to intercept conversations among the actress and her bodyguards.

Police have released closed circuit video footage showing a man crossing the street near where the security men gather.

Click CBS/AP Link above for rest of this story, - Scientology has prior conviction for using bugging devices

Jan 28th 2004 Golden Globe Awards snit

"Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: models of post-divorce decorum. Don't believe it, the London Mirror reports. The couple had a sharp - and revealing - row after sunday's Golden Globe awards, it says.

Trouble flared just as guests were leaving a bash at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills. Cold Mountain star Kidman, who lost out to Charlize Theron in the best-actress category, marched up to Cruise and snapped, 'Can you please stop sending me those stupid (bleeping) text messages?!'

Startled Cruise, who also missed out on a gong for his perfomance in The Last Samurai, hissed, 'Not here, Nicole!'

'It's not every day you get the biggest names in Hollywood bickering like teenagers,' an onlooker tells the Mirror.

Arizona Republic 1/28/04


A call from a friend in England informed me that a BBC entertainment report 10 April 01
quoted a friend of Nicole Kidman who reported that Nicole related to her that
"Scientology is evil.' Nicole is reported to have said that "she absolutely
will not have her children anywhere near scientology." And that " Tom believes
L. Ron Hubbard's teachings that all humans have invisible alien spirits
attached to them and they are the cause of human problems." Nicole said that
"she could not get Tom to see that these beliefs were demented and a bunch of
crap." According to the friend, Nicole is afraid that Tom will try and
indoctrinate their children with these insane beliefs.

Tuesday February 13, 2001

Been there, done that: Scientology
BY ALICE GODFREY London Times 4 March 01

'When Andrew's personality changed I was alert to it'

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, who belong to the Scientologists, are
divorcing. Reports have suggested that the break-up of their marriage
may have occurred because of the growing religious chasm between them;
that they disagreed over the extent to which Scientology should govern
their family
. Scientology was refused the status of a religion in
Britain by the Charity Commissioners, which decided that it did not
benefit the public.

In July 1984, Judge Latey, giving judgment in open court after a
private hearing, described the cult in the High Court as "corrupt" and
"both immoral and socially obnoxious". Judge Latey ordered a
Scientologist father to hand over his ten-year-old son and
eight-year-old daughter to their mother, who had fought for almost six
years to be reunited with them after she broke away from the cult....."

Regent Digital News - "The most likely source of marital difficulty, say Scientology-watchers, probably centers on the relationship between Kidman and her parents in Australia, who work in the mental health field – a profession Hubbard was determined to stamp out. He regularly attacked psychiatry as a “criminal” profession, arguing that only his methods could correct aberrations and relieve mental and emotional difficulties. Anyone in Scientology having regular contact with those involved with conventional mental health work are labeled “potential trouble sources” -- and strongly pressured to break such ties. As Kidman refused to do so, this would put real pressures on her Scientology spouse to sever his own links with her."

NY POST online

"PERHAPS MORE shocking than the announcement of the "amicable"
separation of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman on Monday, is the almost
unseemly - and some might say ungentlemanly- haste at which Tom filed
for divorce on Wednesday. Obviously, he wants out. I've heard that this
is really just part of his Scientology background - putting unhappy
matters to rest and getting them in the past as swiftly as possible."


Excerpt: from Tom Cruise and His Gatekeeper

By the late 1990s, negative articles about Cruise, like the one
in McCall’s or fact-filled ones like Stephanie Mansfield’s, were a
rarity. Kingsley had succeeded in intimidating the entertainment press
so thoroughly that it was willing to publish increasingly implausible
celebrations of the actor’s good deeds.

In 1996, around the time “Mission Impossible” was being released,
Cruise was being depicted in the media as a real-life action hero for a
series of heroic rescues: he had saved the life of a boy being crushed
by his throng of fans and paparazzi, he had come to the aid of a woman
who had been hit by a car. In August, Cruise made headlines for saving
the lives of a French family whose yacht exploded off the Isle of
Capri. Articles and TV segments around the world applauded the actor’s
bravery: “No Mission Impossible” declared one newspaper. “Tom
Terrific,” proclaimed People magazine. The only problem was — it never
happened. While there was an accident, neither Cruise nor anyone on his
yacht participated in the rescue in any way, according to a spokesman
for the coast guard in Capri, which rescued the family and brought it
to safety on the yacht on which the star was sailing. Cruise, according
to the coast guard spokesman, never lifted a finger in the actual
rescue, The star did, however, visit the victims in the hospital.

When questioned about the story, Kingsley at first praised Cruise’s
heroics and courage. “If I’m ever in danger,” she said, “I hope Tom
Cruise is around!” When pressed for a specific description of Cruise’s
heroism, however, she got vague. And when presented with the coast
guard’s official version of events, Kingsley backed off.

“The press made up the story!” she declared angrily. “They got it
wrong!” And then she added triumphantly: “They always do.”

Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop appears Monday through Thursday in
MSNBC Living.

[ Note : "“The press made up the story!” she declared angrily. “They got it
wrong!” And then she added triumphantly: “They always do.”" is (c) L Ron Hubbard cosmology

full article here: THE TIMES UK

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 08 2001     Dean Sewell/AP

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise plan to share custody of their children,
Connor, 6, and Isabella, 8

Cruise files for divorce after war of religion


"Kidman, a Roman Catholic, is said to be increasingly angry that
Scientology, an organisation started by L. Ron Hubbard, the writer, is
winning the battle. Cruise is intractably dedicated to the
organisation, which believes that in the past billions of surplus
beings from other planets were herded to earth and slaughtered by an
evil alien called Xenu. These dead beings are supposed to haunt us and
are the cause of all ills.

Scientology has been refused the status of a religion in Britain by
the Charity Commissioners, which decided that it did not benefit the
public. "


Cruise, Kidman: Scientology split?

        Feb. 6 — Was Scientology an issue in the split between
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? The celebrity couple are two of the
world’s highest-profile followers of the controversial religion, but
several sources say that Kidman was a less devout member of the church
than Cruise — and they say that was one of the issues that contributed
to the split.


ANANOVA  Scientology could be behind Tom and Nicole's split
A rift over scientology could be the reason for Tom Cruise and Nicole
Kidman's break-up.

That's the verdict of leading American gossip columnist Jeannette Walls.
The couple are both scientologists but Walls says one source who knows
them believes the degree to which they raise their children as
scientologists became "a major issue".

Cruise Split Dissected

Empire UK ONline

As the shockwaves from Hollywood's biggest break-up this year continue
to reverberate across the world's media, a source close to Tom Cruise
and Nicole Kidman has stated that conflicting religious beliefs was
responsible for their split.
"I was raised a Catholic and a big part of me is still a Catholic
girl," Kidman told Newsweek in 1998. Cruise, of course, is a dedicated
Scientologist and the degree to which their adopted children were
raised in the controversial religion had apparently become "a major
issue," a friend of the couple told Jeanette Walls on the NBC News
"Nicole has been saying things that clearly indicate she's not one
hundred per cent dedicated to [Scientology]," another source is quoted
as saying. When Kidman was interviewed by Sue Lawley on Radio 4's
Desert Island Discs last year, she was asked whether she thought
Scientology would help her survive being stranded on an island. Her
response was a curt "No." When pressed she explained: "Catholicism will
keep me going. I'm a Catholic girl. It will always stay with you."
Click here to read the statement issued by the couple's publicist.


New York Post
Wednesday,February 7,2001

"SUPERSTAR Scientologist Tom Cruise tried desperately to save his marriage
to Nicole Kidman by undergoing bizarre and grueling counseling with a
senior Hollywood member of the church, insiders say.

But there was nothing Scientology could do to solve the central issue
between the two. Kidman, 34, is disenchanted with the controversial
religion and wants their two children raised as Catholics."

"BUT no amount of counseling could resolve the fact that Kidman did not
want the couple's adopted children, Isabella, 8, and Connor, 6, to be
raised as Scientologists.

According to MSNBC's Jeanette Walls, Nicole had indicated to friends that
she was not as dedicated to Scientology as her husband and that raising
the children in Scientology had become "a major issue.""

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HOWARD STERN SHOW 7 Feb 01 "At the beginning of his show today, Howard started talking about the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman breakup, how, according to the news reports, Scientology was supposed to be part of the reason why they split up (Nicole wasn't as involved with it as Tom). Howard said something like "Well, Nicole has a few more brain cells in her head and didn't
fall for all that crap--not that being a Catholic is that great!"; then Robin Quivers said she thought Nicole seemed to be very smart, and Howard said something like "Yeah, then she hooks up with that dummy!". Then Howard mentioned Tom and Nicole's two kids and sharing custody and he said something like, "Yeah, save those kids from e-meters--e-meters and clay tables!"


Wife who tired of Cruise control
by Daniel Jeffreys, Daily Mail, in New York

"Kidman admitted three years ago that she was only a fringe member of
the church.

'I believe in a bit of Scientology, Catholicism, Judaism and the
Eastern philosophies. I take a bit of each. I'm a hybrid,' she said.

'I would never have married Tom if he had insisted I become an
out-and-out Scientologist.

'That would've been forcing me to do something I didn't want to do. He
and I allow ourselves to be who we are.'

Friends of Cruise say that attitude did not sit well with Scientology
leaders, who demand absolute dedication.

'Tom takes his religion very seriously,' said a producer who worked
with Cruise on Mission: Impossible.

'It would not have been easy for him to see Nicole treat Scientology
like just one more dish in a religious smorgasbord.' That is just what
Kidman discovered when she was at a party with Cruise and Mel Gibson.
The Australian actor began to tease Cruise about his religion.

'Tom lost his cool completely, ' said an actor who was present.

'Unfortunately, Mel couldn't stop laughing at his own joke and this
made it worse.'

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The Age,  Melbourne Australia

Tongues wag in Tinseltown over Kidman Cruise
By DOUG CONWAY, Senior Correspondent

Source: SMH|Published: Wednesday February 7, 5:28 PM

Showbiz websites suggested a major issue between Kidman and Cruise was
Scientology, L.Ron Hubbard's spiritual movement which a British judge
once called "immoral, socially obnoxious and based on lies and

Reports said the couple disagreed over the degree to which they should
raise their two adopted children as Scientologists.

Cruise renounced Catholicism in 1990, the year he married Kidman, and
joined the Church of Scientology, which later helped arrange the

Kidman joined as well, but said two years ago she was a "mishmash" of

"There's a little Buddhism, a little Scientology," she told an
interviewer. "I was raised Catholic and a big part of me is still a
Catholic girl."

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Wednesday, February 7,2001


LOSING HER RELIGION: Insiders say the marriage of Tom Cruise and
Nicole Kidman (above) fell apart because she became disenchanted with
L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology and wanted their kids, Isabella
and Connor, raised Catholic. - AP

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