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Picture of a scowling L Ron Hubbard right after he had been caught lying about how many wives he had on a BBC Documentary - Link to page 2 of L Ron Hubbard's Tour of Lerma's webpages
"He legalized robbery, called it belief
...invented memories.....
then burned all the books"
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L Ron Hubbard - The KING of CONS! - Page One

When I was first exposed to Scientology, I was perhaps 15 or 16. My mother was involved and for a while, had even become the director of the Evening and Weekends "Foundation" Scientology Organization in Washington DC.

I had thought Hubbard and Scientology was junk.. as I had great grades in Science and Math, and a very high aptitude for things called abstract reasoning, spatial relations, science, math and art...

Based upon the arguments that Hubbard was a Navy War Hero... and a Nuclear Physicist { I have the dustjacket from a copy of All About Radiation by "L Ron Hubbard from 1966)... and being such a believer in the scientific method.... and Nuclear Physics being SUCH a hot topic in the "Duck and Cover" era I grew up in....

But who was I to question a Nuclear Physicist?

I was intrigued by the implication that SCIENtology had something to do with SCIENCE, however:.


Based upon the claim that Hubbard was a Nuclear Physicist -


Based upon the claim that Hubbard was a Navy War Hero...

* THIS WAS AND IS a lie, see:

I left High School a few months before graduating and embarked upon a career with Scientology.....

Only to leave in approximately 1977, after a situation profound enough to cause me to suspend my belief ensued.. See
search text for Suzette Hubbard

And why are there not more people speaking out? Read The Scientology Matrix

I present Joe Cisar M.A.'s labor of love, the scans of all 600 pages of the previously almost impossible to find, Official copy of the US Navy's files on Lafayette Ronald Hubbard:


You are provided 4 views of this material

the index page is a linked summary

There is also a chronological order

A sorted by subject and date

and an original order as received

A complete TEXT transcript of the Navy Board of Investigation is here

A copy of Hubbard's grades from college are in his navy record, they are here :

A copy of Hubbard's Death Certificate is here

A copy of Barbara Graham's Ron the WAR ZERO flyer is available here:

A Word document in .RTF format, designed as a tri-fold self mailer
An text htm version

The last two files are there in case YOU are motivated to mail or hand out some flyers to help us expose the FRAUD of L Ron Hubbard and the organization, that in every way, continues to emulate him.


Arnaldo Lerma

NOTE: The images provided are fully compressed .jpg format, if anyone wants the uncompressed files, please contact me. In some cases, files were cropped and rotated, but no information was deleted. A copy of this 350 meg CD ROM version of this Website will be shortly available. Contact for details.

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